Does someone believe in soul ties

At this point we want you to go a little deeper into the important topic of “loosening soul ties and unhealthy relationships”. Because this is not a favorite sermon topic, many people know too little or no knowledge about it. During his time on earth, Jesus broke innumerable bonds that held people captive.

You may now be wondering what kind of ties these are supposed to be. Good question! We subconsciously enter into a lot more bonds than we think. Now let's go a little deeper.

It is incredibly important that you break free of any emotional bondage that you may have entered into due to unholy connections. For example, this could be sex that you had with someone, but it doesn't have to have gotten that far. Even touches that were not willed by God can create bonds. On an emotional level, too, unhealthy bonds between people are possible that will not pass without a trace, even if you no longer maintain contact with this person. Often times, subconscious ties affect your behavior and thinking. An example of an unhealthy, emotional bond is when you open yourself too much in a relationship and reveal things about yourself that do not correspond to the level of trust and commitment in your relationship.


To get a better idea of ​​the whole thing, the following comparison might help you. Imagine gluing two pages of paper together by applying glue over a large area and pressing them together. If you now want to separate these pages again, then it inevitably leads to two scraps remaining, with parts of one side sticking to the other, then missing there and vice versa. It is the same in the spiritual with ties. With every bond that you enter into, you give something from your soul (your thinking, will and emotions) and carry something from the other person. That is why one speaks of soul ties.

Relationships with porn actresses:

Even when consuming pornography, bonds with the performers develop, which have to be separated. The separation can look different: Separate yourself consciously from performers with whom you have specifically built a bond through repeated consumption. You can summarize all other ties to performers in another separation prayer.

Emotional attachments:

In a healthy relationship where trust and commitment are matched, this kind of intimacy and devotion is even necessary. However, if you have entered into a connection with someone that went far beyond your obligation and now binds you to this person in an unhealthy manner, then it is important to return these shares and to reclaim, which can be done with a prayer. You feel like your own soul is scattered - and that's exactly what it is. But you can and should bring them back to you and let God heal them.


Bring each and every one of these connections before God and say this prayer with me:

(This prayer is a suggested formulation. It does not have to be prayed in exactly the same way.)