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Somehow she found out about you which does ______________ mean, she is suspicious of Darwyn.
איכשהו היא שמעה עלייך, מה שאומר שהיא חושדת בדרווין.
which does ______________ mean, You have to listen carefully to me both of you.
And worked there which does ______________ mean...
וזה המקום שבו ד"ר מזומנים עבד, כלומר...
Mrs. Loving, which does ______________ mean that for your family?
But which does ______________ mean that for a Berber?
And House don't take on easy cases which does ______________ mean, it's not TTP.
והאוס לא לוקח תיקים קלים, מה שאומר שזה לא טרומבוציטופניה טרומבוזית,
And now she's taking you which does ______________ mean...
That's great, which does ______________ mean, you can eat something.
I work outside the system which does ______________ mean, I need effective disguise.
אני לעבוד מחוץ למערכת, מה שאומר שאני צריך כיסוי אפקטיבי.
You are married to lily which does ______________ mean.
No fever, which does ______________ mean, it's not tularemia.
Yes, which does ______________ meanthat he had to touch it.
You hallucinate which does ______________ meanthat the test does not work.
אתה הוזה, מה שאומר שהבדיקה שלנו לא עובד.
Yes, which does ______________ mean, no more questions.
You are married to lily which does ______________ mean.
The alternative would be exile, which does ______________ mean, the last five months have been in vain.
האלטרנטיבה היא גלות, מה שאומר שעבר חמישה חודשים היו לחינם.
Correct, which does ______________ meanthat you have to be there.
I bend right which does ______________ mean, I bite your ...
Logan won which does ______________ meanthat he's not going anywhere.
But the guards of the republic are chasing you which does ______________ mean...
אבל משמר הרפובליקה רודף אחריך, מה שאומר...
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