Are there two gods perfection and chaos

Divine world of Midkemia

SurnamedomaindescriptionAbrem-Sevlawis one of the seven higher gods of MidkemiasArch IndarperfectionThe selfless; the perfect; Deity all goodAstalonordern / ABan-aththeftBan-Ath is sometimes also called by seafarers.DalaDefense of the weakn / ADrusalacureDrusala is one of the lost gods of Midkemia. It is represented by Dala (or Sung - depending on the source).EorisSea, seafaringEoris is one of the lost gods of Midkemia. Kilian is currently co-managing his domain.Ev-Demn / Aone of the seven higher gods of Midkemias.Graffn / AOne of the seven higher gods of Midkemias.Guis-wa(forbidden) knowledgethis lower god Midkemias is also worshiped under the name Fimbulstran. He's on the side of chaos.Helbinorn / Aone of the seven higher gods of Midkemias.IsandadanceIsanda is dead (as dead as a god can be ..)IshapcompensationSupreme god of Midkemias. The one "who stands above all". Always seek the balance between the powers. He created a total of one hundred gods, but only a few survived the Chaos WarsKa-hoolirevengeeven if vengeance is the domain of Ka-hooli, he is one of the "good" gods.KilianNature, loveAlthough Kilian is the god of love, he is considered "neutral" within the pantheon in the fight against chaos. Lims-Kragmadeath"the one who can wait". Goddess of death and judge of souls. even the most powerful on Midkemia (even Pug) will sooner or later face her to hear her verdict. Other names of this goddess are Zandros and Khali-Shi.MythicalchaosThe blind god Mythar ruled at the beginning with the likewise blind Rathar. Together they embodied order and chaos.Nalarthe evilto pronounce the name Nalar is to call him. Therefore this god is only called "the nameless". He is the embodiment of all evil.Onan-ka-tithwarthe dead half of Tith-Onan-ka.PrandurFire"the last thing a Prandur priest has to fear is fire" (quote from a Prandur priest after walking unharmed through a burning house).RatharorderA blind goddess who, together with Mythar, embodies order and chaos. Rathar gives power (energy?), Mythar takes it. Ruthialuckthe chaotic and moody goddess of luck.SarigmagicSarig is a sleeping (or lost) god. "Macros the Black" tried to revive him with his own essence (i.e. to become Sarig himself), but was prevented from doing so by Pug.SyllableharvestSilban is also called "the earth mother". Above all, she is appealed to for a good harvest. Dreamless sleep is also part of their domain.Sungpurityn / ATith-Onan-KawarTith ("the merry warrior") and Onan-Ka ("the battle leader") were originally two independent deities. They were both mortally wounded in the course of the Chaos Wars. They survived by combining their remaining essence and creating a new being, the god of war with the two faces.Wodar hospiceKnowledgea sleeping god.