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Cool toys for teenagers: 60 gifts for 14 year old boys

Technology for boys - these are the most popular gadgets

Technology plays a big role in boys as young as 14 years old. On the one hand, game consoles, smartphones and other technical gadgets are very popular with young people. On the other hand, there is also great fascination with programming, so robots as toys for boys, for example, are always a good gift idea. But other technical gifts related to vehicles, such as remote-controlled cars, create great enthusiasm when it comes to birthday gifts for 14-year-old boys.

Board games from 14 years

Whoever claims that teenagers are automatically too cool to play games has no idea. For example, boys love to play board games. And in some cases with your own family. There are a variety of games for 14 year old boys that are primarily fun, but in some cases even impart new knowledge. Strategic games are particularly popular with young people. But classic card games can also score points.

Sporty on the go: cool toys

Mainly in motion could be the motto of some young people. Sports play a big role in teenage years, which is why sports toys are great birthday gifts for 14-year-old boys. Football is of course right at the top of the popularity scale. After all, this sport is practiced by a large number of guys. Other sports equipment is also suitable as a gift for 14-year-old boys. At this age, you are welcome to go fast and action-packed!

These are the TOP gifts for 14 year old boys

What does a 14 year old boy want? These cool toys could make the perfect gift for teenage boys. Either way, the best toys for teenagers are included!

Spalding NBA Silver Basketball

Young basketball fans will simply love this toy: the NBA basketball. This was made of high-end leather, which ensures a quality ball feeling. In addition, excellent playing characteristics and excellent grip are possible with the basketball. Indoor or outdoor, the ball is great for throwing baskets. Ideal for sports with friends or family. And of course ideally suited as a small gift for 14-year-old boys.

  • different sizes possible
  • High-end composite leather
  • excellent playing characteristics

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Guinness World Records 2019

The bestseller among record books, the Guinness World Records Book 2019, offers the latest records as well as the popular record classics. Including records such as the highest basketball throw or the longest slackline walk over water. In addition, there are five record attempts to imitate at home and a "Meet the Tinkerer" feature, which provides a lot of background stories. All in all, a book with lots of incredible facts and spectacular photo material.

  • 1000 new records
  • “Meet the tinkerer” features
  • Record attempts to imitate

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Holy Stone drone

With the drone from Holy Stone a flight time of 18 minutes can be achieved. This is mainly due to the built-in high-performance battery. The longer flight experience can also be recorded with the latest generation of WiFi HD cameras. This offers a viewing angle of 120 degrees and can be swiveled by 75 degrees. This way, fantastic recordings are possible. Thanks to the powerful GPS, the drone will automatically find its way back to its starting point.

  • 18 minutes flight time
  • HD camera
  • with GPS mode

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Signes Grimalt Lava Lamp

There is a lot of retro charm with the Lava lamp by Signes Grimalt. The two liquids in the lamp move in a rhythmic way and present soft shapes. The spectacle is almost mesmerizing. The lamp emits a pleasant ambient light. Ideal as a gift for 14 year old boys, whether for a birthday or Christmas. The classic from the hippie era is still a modern eye-catcher today.

  • available in many colors
  • pleasant light
  • calming effect

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Pegasus Games Azul

Azulejos are the name given to the white and blue ceramic tiles. And that is exactly what the family game Azul by Pagasus Spiele is all about. In this parlor game, the player has to choose a tile of one color from one of the manufactory tiles or from the central offer. With these tiles it is now necessary to gradually fill the pattern rows. The players receive points for skillfully tiling the palace wall.

  • for 2 to 4 players
  • from 8 years
  • Playing time: 30 to 45 minutes

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