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Recognition of exams and certificates

National and international

Frequently asked questions are:

  • What can I do professionally with my school report?
  • What permissions are associated with my exam?
  • To what extent is my examination certificate recognized abroad?

The solution requires an answer to the question: What do I want my training to be recognized for?

  • For admission to further training?
  • For starting a business?
  • For salary grading?

As can already be seen from the questions, it is a very broad topic.

  1. Recognition of a school leaving certificate for starting a business
  2. Recognition of foreign training in Austria - Recognition of Austrian training abroad
  3. Recognition of foreign degrees in Austria - recognition of Austrian degrees abroad

1. Recognition of a school leaving certificate for starting a business

For many commercial activities you need a so-called certificate of competence, i.e. formal training. There is a trade access ordinance for every trade with a certificate of proficiency.

The Trade Access Ordinance specifies the training with which a trade license for a specific trade can be obtained. For almost all businesses, school-based training in combination with practical periods for business access is provided.

The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy has issued a decree that specifies which school leaving certificates are relevant for which trade for trade access.

School-based training is also used as a replacement for the Entrepreneurship examination intended.

School training can also do the Instructor Exam replace.

Also the Master's and qualification examinations, which have been in force since February 1, 2004, stipulate that certain school leavers take a smaller number of examinations in order to obtain an overall certificate for the master craftsman examination and thus the master’s title. Which school leavers module 3 - written examination of a master craftsman's examination - will be replaced can be found in the left column of the decree.

You will find contacts for these topics in the state guilds as well as the legal departments of the state chambers and the master craftsman's examination offices.

2. Recognition of Austrian training abroad for self-employed activities in Austria - recognition of foreign training

a) Recognition of Austrian training abroad

You can obtain information about the recognition of Austrian training and practical periods for setting up a company in another EU member state from the Foreign Trade Center of the WKO of the member state in which you want to set up your company.

The EU has provided a uniform form for the mutual recognition of training courses and practical periods for self-employed work in the commercial sector. This form must be submitted to the (trade) authority in the Member State of establishment. In Austria, the district administrative authorities have to issue this form to an entrepreneur.

The Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location (BMDW) as an authority offers a form for professional recognition for the branch office and a form for professional recognition for cross-border work from an EU member state.

There are also EU recognition guidelines for the liberal professions, such as doctors, lawyers, psychotherapists and psychologists, etc. You can obtain more detailed information from the legal interest groups for these professional groups that are not organized in the Chamber of Commerce.

The European Commission has launched a new internet portal: "Your Europe - Your Opportunity". On this, companies can easily obtain information if they want to do business in other EU member states. This page provides practical information in several languages ​​and e-government for companies looking for business opportunities in another EU Member State.

b) Recognition of foreign training in Austria

The EU regulations on settlement and freedom of movement stipulate that the member states must ensure these basic freedoms for self-employed activities. Citizens of the member states must have access to commercial activity in Austria under the same conditions as Austrians.

This is why there are numerous EU recognition directives for the craft and commercial sectors.

With the EU / EEA Recognition Ordinance, Austria has ensured that EU nationals are treated equally with their own nationals.

You can find more information on the use of the freedom to provide services and the freedom of establishment in the leaflets and documents linked below.

There is a bilateral agreement between Germany and Austria on the equality of master craftsman examinations. The Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location is responsible for the official handling.

The following bilateral agreements are currently in place on the equality of final apprenticeship exams:

  • Austria and Hungary,
  • Austria and South Tyrol and
  • Austria and Germany

Vocational training completed abroad can, upon application by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth, be treated as equivalent to a relevant final apprenticeship examination.

The Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) is responsible for the Nostrification (Recognition) from school education completed in another EU member state and gives the following information:

"The nostrification of foreign certificates is based on a comparison of the exams taken and the lessons attended on the basis of the Austrian curriculum. The basic requirement for the nostrification is the main residence in Austria.

If individual subjects or subject areas do not appear to be adequately proven, corresponding additional examinations must be prescribed.

An application for nostrification of foreign certificates can only be approached if it is about certificates from foreign schools whose status corresponds to that of an Austrian public school or school with public law.

If the state recognition of the school in question abroad is not clearly evident from the certificate, appropriate evidence must be provided by the local school authority.

Nostrification is only possible for certificates on which the graded subjects appear. School attendance confirmations cannot be nostrified. " 

Contact person in the BMBWF for the nostrification
  • of school-leaving qualifications for apprenticeships, vocational schools (school-based training)