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DIN EN IEC 60794-4 VDE 0888-111-1:2019-10

This part of IEC 60794 covers cable construction, test methods, optical, mechanical, environmental and electrical requirements for fiber optic aerial cables and cable elements intended for use with power lines as high bandwidth transport media for optical communication and control signals; including OPGW (fiber optic ground wire), OPPC (fiber optic phase conductor), MASS (metallic self-supporting fiber optic cable; en: metallic aerial self-supported cable), ADSS (fully dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable ; en: all-dielectric self-supporting cable) and fastened fiber optic cables (OPAC; en: optical attached cable).
This standard excludes the use of fiber optic cables in telephone power poles.
The standard thus offers investment security for manufacturers and users and provides test laboratories and manufacturers with defined information on testing.
Responsible is the DKE / UK 412.6 "Fiber optics and fiber optic cables" of the DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies in DIN and VDE.

This standard document is a replacement for:
DIN EN 60794-4 VDE 0888-111-1:2004-05

Compared to DIN EN 60794-4 (VDE 0888-111-1): 2004-05, the following changes have been made:
a) The specification has been unified by reference to IEC 60794-1-1;
b) the classification as type test or routine test has been deleted;
c) the test "kinking for cables" has been deleted;
d) for the test "creep for ADSS" reference is made to IEC 60794-4-20.

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