Who was Roe in Roe against Wade

What does the catchphrase 'Roe v. Calf'?

As in the American election campaigns of recent years, the issue of 'abortion' flared up again in the USA a few months ago: voters want to know how the respective candidates feel about the right to abortion. Are you for or against 'Roe versus Wade'?

'Jane Roe' was the pseudonym of a young woman who filed a lawsuit against the Texan prohibition on abortion in 1970. Henry Wade was her 'opponent' as the Dallas District Attorney.

Abortion was illegal in most states in the United States, but there was widespread movement to overturn this ban. She was looking for a willing couple or an individual who would act as a representative for all other pregnant women in court. In order to make this 'substitute function' visible, the pseudonym 'Jane Roe' was chosen, which roughly corresponds to our 'Erika Muster'.

The class action lawsuit against the Texas state abortion ban was eventually referred to the US Supreme Court. He ruled on January 22, 1973 that Texas state abortion laws violated the right of women to choose whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy. He decided: Statutory abortion prohibitions and prohibitions are not at all in the first trimester of pregnancy, only possible to a limited extent in the second trimester and permissible in the third trimester as long as the life or health of the pregnant woman is not at stake.

The verdict didn't just affect Texas. Most of the state and federal government's laws governing abortion at the time, according to this decision, violated women's rights to privacy.

In the 30 years since the verdict, the pendulum has moved back in around half of all US states: Bureaucratic and / or legal hurdles have made access to the abortion much more difficult.