What does an old soul do

Soul age: this is how you can tell if you are an old soul

You have been on earth for millennia, have many human lives behind you and shine with wisdom and a special charisma. Who are old souls and what are they?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you don't really belong anywhere and that you see things more clearly than others? Do you have a lot of love to give, but also like to be alone? Perhaps then you are an old soul. Since you've seen a lot and developed a deeper understanding of the world, you don't care about superficialities. What does it mean to be an old soul? What are the characteristics of them? And what tasks do they perform on earth?

What is a soul definition

Under the term "Soul" one understands the totality of all emotions and mental processes of a person. In psychology, the term “psyche” has also been established for this. But the spiritual concept goes beyond that. Here it is assumed that the soul only lives temporarily in the body and leaves it again after death in order to be reborn one day in a new body. So she is immortal and keeps all the memories from each of her lives. While the soul lingers on earth, the memory is blocked - nevertheless it is present somewhere and one can access it, even if not always consciously. So the soul grows with each incarnation, continues to develop and grows older. Until she has completed all learning tasks and has grown beyond earthly life.

Young souls and old souls

If a soul is referred to as "old" or "young", then it has nothing to do with how old the person is who carries it: Even a baby can have an old soul, a 90-year-old a child Soul. Souls exist in the world in all possible stages, each of which is accompanied by certain properties, tasks and processes. No soul age is necessarily better than the other, after all, everyone has to start young and then develop further. Nevertheless, old souls are considered something very special - because they can be thousands of years old and have a lot ahead of their fellow human beings through their experience from numerous incarnations alone. If you meet someone who is particularly wise and at peace with himself, the chances are good that he or she could be an old soul.

These are the five different soul ages

  1. Infant soul: Everything is brand new to her, she sees and experiences the world for the first time. Everything has to be learned and tried out anew. The infant soul is therefore a little shy and insecure, sometimes also fearful - but at the same time open and curious.
  2. Child soul: The child's soul is also still a little insecure. She tries to orient herself to others in order to find her place in life, looks up to role models and likes to stick to rules. This is the easiest for her and gives her support.
  3. Young soul: In this soul age it is about measuring yourself against others, striving for something higher and wanting to stand out from the crowd. The Junge Seele tries to assert itself and can be quite ruthless in doing so. She is very confident of herself, is confident of victory and can actually move a lot in the world.
  4. Mature soul: At this stage the soul has grown up. She is now interested in deeper topics, wants to understand and get to know herself and life better. The search for meaning and self-discovery are important to her, and the inclination towards the spiritual is now deepening. This age is often associated with doubts and fears.
  5. Old soul: She has been traveling this world for ages, got to know different ages and lived numerous lives. Therefore, old souls often stand out from the crowd and are simply “different” from their fellow men.

Old souls and their job

Old souls can wonderfully pass on their wealth of experience to younger ones, because they set a good example and are excellent role models. Their calm manner also helps others to keep a cool head, and with their strong values ​​and understanding of the world, they also have a positive effect on those around them. In this way they give security and strength to their surroundings. The way she stands by herself, being honest and authentic, also impresses others. This is how old souls help convey true values ​​and make the world a better place. They stand for peace and love and, in their own way, are a great asset to others.

How old is my soul

How do you know how old your soul really is? Perhaps you already have a feel for yourself - for example, you felt older and more mature than your peers at a young age. If you want to find out if you are an old soul, you can take a small test: the more of the characteristics below apply to you, the higher the probability that your soul has been in this world for many ages.

Old soul: test

Of course, there is no clear answer to the question of soul age. But there are definitely a few signs that suggest that certain people are old souls: in their eyes there is more calm, more wisdom and understanding and less hectic youth - this is also the case with young people. Look at this Character traits can be used to assess whether your soul is old:

Old souls and their properties

  • You rest in yourself: Old souls have already experienced so much that they are no longer angry about trivialities. They also master the art of accepting things that they cannot change. They know deep down: Everything has a purpose, even if you can't see it yet. With their calm they rub off on others - a quality that makes them very likeable.
  • You have strong values: Old souls no longer need money or fortune, career, fame or adrenaline to be happy. They rely on other values ​​that are much more important to them, such as love and friendship, peace and freedom, harmony, humanity and good togetherness.
  • You can love intensely: Old souls are characterized by their ability to love unconditionally. Not only are you able to experience deep feelings, but you are also able to pass them on to other people.
  • You feel misunderstood: Old souls often don't really feel they belong anywhere. Even as children, they are considered shy because they keep a lot to themselves and do not always agree with others. Much of what younger souls are concerned with, the older ones have already experienced and left behind - they have outgrown it, look at the world less superficially and are interested in completely different topics, such as kinship, etc.
  • They go their own way: Because they are further than their fellow human beings, old souls go their own way, which others cannot always understand. But they are satisfied themselves and will not be deterred.
  • They can adapt well: Although they tick differently, it is not a problem for the old souls to integrate into groups. Because of this and because of their pleasant appearance, they are often popular.
  • You are very empathetic and helpful: It is easy for old souls to empathize with others. They recognize what it looks like in their fellow human beings and can approach them accordingly. Often they offer an open ear, are excellent listeners and are happy to help. However, they are also extremely sensitive. They can be very upset when others are not doing well - that is quite a burden for old souls.
  • The suffering of the world makes them sad: Since they know and recognize so much and can also empathize so well, the old souls are often troubled by a downright Weltschmerz. They see all the suffering around them, and it makes them sad.
  • You like to be alone: Old souls often have few, but very deep friendships. They like to withdraw again and again and do their own thing. Sometimes they seem like loners, but this state is chosen by oneself. Old souls just like to be alone to indulge their thoughts and relax from the hustle and bustle of the world. In doing so, they recharge their batteries.
  • You are spiritually inclined: Due to their great experience, old souls have a closer look at things and understand a lot of what is happening around them - even when others cannot see it. Whether God, angels or the universe: old souls know that there is more than what you see at first glance. You are sensitive and receptive to it.
  • They love to learn and share their knowledge: Everything that meets old souls, they take up in their knowledge base. You are thoughtful, analyze well, look behind the facade and find deeper meaning everywhere. Because they are smart and far-sighted, their opinion is often valued by others. They are happy to share their knowledge and work, for example, as teachers or consultants.

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