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The best snowboard boots of the year for men - tested and selected by the snowboard test team

No other component of your equipment is so closely related to your performance and personal physical condition as is the case with snowboard boots.

It starts with the shape of your feet. What good does it do you if a boot is packed full of great features and still cheap, but it just doesn't fit the shape of your feet? In the best case, you will not benefit from the good properties of the boots, in the worst case, the time spent in them will be a torture due to pressure points and the resulting pain. So make sure you take enough time to test it and get advice before you buy. Walk up and down the shop with your potential new snowboard boots and discuss any ambiguities with a competent employee.

"Take your time. Under no circumstances let yourself be tempted to buy just by the cool look of a model. Get advice and listen to your body. Your feet will thank you ”

Due to our limited test time, it was unfortunately not possible to get a feel for the actual performance of the various snowboard boots. In addition, there is the different texture of the feet. So boots that we found super comfortable don't necessarily have to give you the same good feeling. For this reason, you shouldn't rely on our feedback alone. We have already mentioned it - go to a shop near you, slip into different models before buying and let specialist staff advise you. This is the only way you can be sure that you have invested in the best boots for you.

But before you go to the shop, you should be clear about a few things. Do you need your snowboard boots primarily for speed use or rather for cruising? Depending on your answer, there are boots with a harder or softer flex. The latter tend to be more forgiving. A harder flex, on the other hand, makes a shoe more reactive and provides better support.

As you can see, there are several points to consider when it comes to snowboard boots. Don't commit to a particular brand, either. Take your time. Under no circumstances let yourself be tempted to buy just by the cool look of a model. Get advice and listen to your body. Your feet will thank you.

But now to our selection of the 28 best snowboard boots for 2016/2017.

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adidas Samba Snowboard Boot2016-2017

Anyone who knows the classic samba shoe from adidas is familiar with the golden letters. But the new snowboard boots are in no way inferior to the original Sambas in terms of design. Adidas 2017 boots also have a lot to offer in terms of quality.

adidas Samba:

PRICE: €250
SIZES: 40 – 46


Developed for freestyle, these boots are the right footwear for the park thanks to their forgiving flex. The ingenious thing about the adidas Samba is the seamless tongue that retains its shape even after countless laps in the park. The outer shell of the boat does not stand in the way of good mobility either. In addition, the instep was designed in such a way that it does not deform under tough conditions.

Furthermore, the adidas Samba 2016/2017 have a conventional lacing system and a sole made of Continental rubber. The sole has the same good grip as you are used to from bad weather tires. This means that these boots should also be able to cope with icy steps or the way home from the bar without much hassle.

So if you are looking for a relatively soft boot that also looks good, you might have struck gold with the adidas Samba 2016/2017.


adidas Tactical ADV Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The adidas Tactical ADV 2016/2017 are among the snowboard boots that use adidas ‘boost technology. This is a foam-like midsole that is supposed to give you back energy continuously.

Regardless of the temperature at which you take your adidas Tactical ADV up the mountain, you can always rely on the impressive cushioning of this boot.

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Burton Concord Boa snowboard boot2016-2017

Although most of the boots in the range work with Burton's “Speed ​​Zone” or classic lacing systems, the Boa clasp on the Burton Concord Boa 2016/2017 also does a good job. The boot itself is a real workhorse and an all-rounder that can be put on and laced in seconds.

Burton Concord Boa:

PRICE: €340
SIZES: 40 – 48


The Boa system has two wheels. One fixes the shoe in the lower area and the other in the upper area. It is therefore child's play to optimally adapt the snowboard boots to your personal needs. Smaller fine adjustments can also be made on the go without any problems. Like all Burton models of this type, ultra-strong "New England Ropes" made of natural fibers are used instead of classic ribbons. Burton is so confident in the quality of these tapes that they offer a lifetime warranty on them.

Furthermore, the Burton Concord Boa 2016/2017 can come up with Medium Flex from tongue to entry. Cleverly placed flex grooves on the sides ensure that the outer shoe keeps its shape. Thanks to the light outsole, the boots give you a great feeling for your board without having to forego good cushioning. If you lose grip with your Concords, you don't need to be afraid of a hard landing.

If you don't like the Burton Concord Boa 2016/2017 in the gray-green color variant shown above, you can also buy it in a completely black version.


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Burton Ion Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

Although the 2016/2017 Burton Ion Boots are some of the stiffer snowboard boots on the market, they are also some of the most comfortable models.

Packed with the most sophisticated technologies, these boots could become even more popular in the coming winter than they already are.

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DC Judge Snowboard Boot2016-2017

When it comes to high-performance boots, the DC Judge has long been at the forefront. It is therefore not surprising that the 2017 version has largely remained unchanged compared to the previous year.

The Boa lacing system works with two wheels, which means that the snowboard boots can be perfectly adapted anywhere and anytime. Once the optimal fit has been found, the ribbons keep their tension all day.

DC Judge

PRICE: €330
SIZES: 39 – 47


When it comes to ventilation, you won't miss out on the DC Judge thanks to the Aerotech Ventilation System. Anyone who has ever struggled with really sweaty feet in snowboard boots knows how it can spoil your mood. DC's boots definitely get a plus point here.

The Contact outsole is perfect for riders who primarily value a good board feel when using their speed instead of longing for soft landings. Nevertheless, you will not be overly shaken up even in more difficult terrain. Thanks to an internal system and the support of an ankle strap, the feet are comfortably fixed at all times.

Although the 2016/2017 DC Judge have a relatively stiff flex of 8/10, you don't need to expect rigor mortis here. Although they are designed to serve you well on harder speeds, the boots do not give the feeling that they are not up to the task, even when things are slower.


DC Torstein Snowboard Boot 2016-2017

The DC Torstein are the ideal snowboard boots for everyone who wants to take their freestyle skills to the next level.

When developing Torstein Horgmo's signature boots, the focus was on support and durability, and the Double Boa locking system ensures an optimal fit even on the most intense piste adventures.

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Deeluxe Brisse 5 snowboard boot 2016-2017

This winter, Dan Brisse's signature boots are already in their fifth edition. The Deeluxe Brisse 5 are high-quality boots for the most nerve-wracking operations on the mountain. Reinforced highbacks and effective suspension are just two of the features that result from years of practical tests and sweeten the time in the snow.

Deeluxe Brisse 5:

PRICE: €280
FLEX: 5-7
SIZES: 38 – 47


The stiffness of the shoe can also be individually adjusted using the TPS Shield. With the quick lacing system, which is the next ingenious feature of the Deeluxe Brisse 5, the fit can also be adapted to personal needs. The whole thing can be optimally fixed with the help of two power straps. Thanks to all the adjustment options, these boots should actually offer everyone the necessary support and good comfort.

Anyone looking for new and versatile snowboard boots that are suitable for soft slopes, in the park or in powder, will be more than satisfied with the Deeluxe Brisse 5.


Deeluxe ID 6.2 snowboard boot 2016-2017

Pro models come and go, but usually every brand has a shoe that outlasts all others. This is also the case with Deeluxe and the best-selling snowboard boot in the range - the Deeluxe ID 6.2.

The 2017 version of the all-rounder is a little stiffer than the model from the previous year, but the option of adjusting the flex using one of two optional TPS shields (medium and hard) has been retained. Without this feature, the Deeluxe ID 6.2 2016/2017 is a medium flex cruiser. To make use of the optional TPS shield, all you have to do is loosen the quick lacing system and place the “shield” between the lacing and the tongue.

Deeluxe ID 6.2:

PRICE: €250
FLEX: 4-6
SIZES: 37 – 43


The entire construction of the boot is designed for speed and the sole is padded in targeted areas to cushion knocks and vibrations from heavy landings, cliffs or rough surfaces. In addition to all the performance-oriented properties, Deeluxe also paid great attention to comfort when developing these snowboard boots. A special, insulating thermal layer inside the shoe keeps the toes nice and warm even in icy temperatures. In addition, there is a completely waterproof outer construction.

As with all Deeluxe snowboard boots, you can choose between different inner shoes depending on your requirements and budget. The better models can be molded under heat, a property that pays off in the first few meters.


Flow Hylite snowboard boot2016-2017

Flow is known for its rear entry bindings and therefore has the reputation of being a manufacturer of entry-level and mid-range products. With the Hylite snowboard boot, Flow proves impressively that the brand is also capable of producing high-end boots for the most experienced piste rowdies.

Flow Hylite:

PRICE: €430
SIZES: 39.5 – 47


New this year is the Heel-Lock-Boa lacing system that Flow has designed exclusively for the Hylite. The boa fastener on the side is connected to the front of the boat, which keeps the heel in place and prevents it from lifting off. The Flow Hylite 2016/2017 is also designed so that speed fanatics can lean forward in their speed frenzy.

The Flow Hylite 2016/2017 gets another plus point for the high-quality inner shoe, which can come up with numerous great features. For example, it consists of a foam that adapts individually to the foot using body heat. For the best possible fit, the shoe also works with an inner cable lacing and an additional Velcro fastener. Most of the moisture is removed via valves in the tongue. To prevent the sweat that remains from making the boot smelly, Flow has given the inner shoe an antibacterial coating.

An outsole with cold-resistant gel offers additional protection for the heel. In addition, the outsole with a combination of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and a material called "Vibram" provides the necessary comfort and good cushioning that does not have too much of an effect on the board feel. The memory foam from which the insole of the Flow Hylite 2016/2017 is made also ensures good comfort.

This boot is a real consideration for capable snowboarders looking for a capable boot.