Are cashew nuts the new superfood

Cashews - that's why nuts are considered a true superfood

March 23, 2020

No wonder cashews are so popular, they not only taste great, but are also real brain food. In trail mix for immediate snacking, as a topping on your healthy breakfast or for cooking and baking - cashews are versatile and thanks to the large number of minerals and vitamins they are very healthy.

As with many other nuts, a handful of nuts already covers the daily requirement. You can find out here why it pays to integrate kidney-shaped nuts into your diet.


Where does the cashew nut come from?

Cashews originally come from Brazil, but can now be found in many different tropical countries, such as India, and in East Africa and Asia. The cashew fruit or the cashew apple grows on trees up to 15 meters high.

The yellow or red cashew apple is a stone fruit that is similar in shape to a paprika. Like almonds, cashews actually belong to the stone fruit family. The nut is actually the 2-3 cm long stem at the bottom of the fruit.

Cashew nuts are harvested from February to early May. Because the nuts are relatively robust, they are available to us all year round.

When the cashew apples fall from the tree, they are collected and the core is then separated from the fruit with a knife or a strong twisting motion. Then they are first roasted to let the peel oil burn off.

The nuts can then be cracked by hand and, after they have been dried, cleaned of shell residues. There is a lot of manual work behind the little nut.

Why are cashews so healthy?

Cashews help your body from within, support nerves, the immune system and the heart, among other things, but also externally, because the B vitamins they contain ensure beautiful hair and nails. They make a positive contribution to your diet and can even help you lose weight.

Vitamins, fats and minerals in cashews

In contrast to many other nuts, cashews have the lowest fat content and are therefore lower in calories than other kernels. However, they contain manyhealthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These help lower cholesterol and protect the heart.

There are also in the coresimportant Minerals, like magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, which are good for muscles, nerves, heart, teeth, and bones.

Cashew nuts arerich in vitamins. The many B vitamins it contains help against tiredness and difficulty concentrating and strengthen the nervous and immune systems. The kernels also contain vitamin E and vitamin K, which are essential for our bones, for example.

Cashews as a vegan source of protein

Cashews are an excellent vegan protein source and are ideal for sports enthusiasts. Cashews contain 18 g protein per 100 g and are therefore an indispensable part of a healthy and nutritious diet.

Cashews make you happy

The amino acid L-tryptophan it contains has a calming effect and at the same time can be converted in the brain into the happiness hormone serotonin. Thus, cashews can contribute to a good mood and a good night's sleep.

Breakfast with cashews

You can find the delicious nuts in countless of our breakfast products, as well as our nut mixes. You can also use cashews as a topping for your breakfast or for cooking and baking. Another alternative is to process cashews into a plant-based drink and use them as a milk alternative for your muesli or coffee. Essentially, all you need is cashews, water, salt, and dates.


So cashews are actually a real superfood. The nutrients they contain provide your body with important vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals and can even contribute to your well-being and a good mood.

Just a handful of nuts a day, equivalent to around 25 grams, is enough to make a positive contribution to your diet.