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Growth hacking to support the sales team

Growth hacking has made its way to the top, overtaking the old traditional advertising methods. It has now also proven to be more effective for professionals in large companies, while the concept for specialists in the tech industry is not a new form of advertising. However, there are still players in the industry who are still struggling to understand the process, concept and everything that it entails.
Over the years, the right growth hacking techniques have helped many companies and startups grow massively, although some of them have since gone public (IPO) as well, including Sean Ellis. He became known as the point of contact when it comes to growing your business or your advertising. His main approach and method was to focus exclusively on growth - this was unprecedented until then and was fundamentally different from the known advertising methods.
The growth hacking method does not completely dismantle the structure and management of existing teams. No strategic sales and marketing plan is created here for users in order to achieve the most important company goals in the long term - growth hacking is about making decisions based on growth.

So how growth hacking supports your sales teams

We live in a free and fast-paced world. Immediate satisfaction is the first thing every sales representative and everybody else wants. While this process can be challenging for a startup, if understood and used effectively, it can always prove to be an asset, depending on experience. The following shows ways a growth hack can massively strengthen your sales team.

Growth hacking helps with goal creation

The main goal of a growth hacker is to achieve ambitious goals and thus ensure rapid growth. The sales team should take specific traits, realistic, measurable, achievable, and timely actions to get the numbers required. Such actions help sales teams adjust their efforts and outline a clear pathway that will help them achieve their goals. With the necessary tools, they help to close more sales in less time and to constantly have this goal in mind.

Apply goals to measure progress

It is best if a sales employee deals intensively with the goals that have been set and then measures the progress. Growth hacking gives your sales team the ability to monitor progress toward their goals rather than measuring peaks, valleys, and just one-off activity. Growth hacking helps the sales team to keep an active eye on the goals instead of setting them up and then forgetting about them.

Growth Hacking Strategies

If you are looking to grow beyond your sales and advertising potential in a short period of time, keep the following business growth plans in mind to help you expand your market and increase the profits from your product or service.
Make sure you compile an email list before going to market

  • Go on a product hunt
  • Apply referral advertising
  • Create new leads and increase sales
  • Enter into new brand partnerships
  • Attend community events
  • Monitor and use adjacent markets to make sure they are ahead of the game
  • Create a social media community, customer retention, and great customer service for the positive user experience
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your competitors' activities
  • Have an aggressive content strategy to reach the right people
  • Enable guest posts for visitors
  • Work with influencers
  • Cash in on the trends
  • Use Helping A Reporter Out (HARO) for press opportunities
  • Hand out gifts to your customers

What is growth hacking in digital marketing?

There isn't really a big difference between growth hacking and digital marketing. However, growth hacking is more efficient and can help your business grow well and reach more customers. This is made possible by the content and digital marketing strategies that are specifically designed to grow and build your customer base. Growth hacking is based on digital marketing, which makes it more applicable in the world of marketing.
When using growth hacking as your digital marketing strategy, you are borrowing the necessary methods from digital marketing, including things like using an email address for your customers, using blog posts, and providing customer support and on unique way to capture your audience with special service and also increase the customer base. So it's more about testing ideas to see what works best for your business and users. This is one thing your sales team needs to figure out for themselves and actively learn from growth hacking.

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