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10 Amazing Events The Simpsons Correctly Predicted

The Simpsons have entertained us for over 30 years. The amazing thing about it: ViThe same predictions by Homer, Bart and Co. actually came true. Today we want to introduce you to ten of these amazing prophecies.

The inventor of the Simpsons, Matt Groening, has been proving a happy (or even knowing?) Hand when it comes to our future for more than 30 years.

And since the series about a small family from the fictional town of Springfield has been flickering across our screens for decades, it is not surprising that one or the other depicted event actually became real.

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10 amazing things and topics the Simpsons prophesied

Some things and topics happened so close to reality that we viewers are simply amazed. In the meantime, the creators of the series have correctly predicted a total of 40 events and developments.

In our weekly ranking we want to introduce you to the ten most amazing prophecies of the Simpsons, which have come true since the series began in 1989.

1. Donald Trump becomes President

In season 11, the makers of the series correctly assessed the political situation in the United States. In the episode "Bart's Glance into the Future" in 2000, they dare to look into the future and predict Donald Trump as President of the United States. His successor: Lisa Simpson.

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