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Flower children at the wedding

In this article you will find the following information about flower children:

  1. Importance of the wedding custom
  2. Selection of flower children
  3. Scatter the flowers
  4. Consultation with the wedding location
  5. Clothes for flower children
  6. Flowers and flower baskets
  7. Other tasks of the flower children
  8. Thank you for the flower girls

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1. Importance of wedding customs

The pagan custom of flower children is very popular and is now celebrated at almost every wedding.

According to custom, the flower children with the flowers should provide a rich child blessing for the bride and groom (the fragrant flowers should attract the fertility goddesses).

Nowadays, however, the flower children are often used for other reasons and the original custom is in the background. The flower girls (also called Streuengel) give every wedding a festive atmosphere and everyone who has ever been to a wedding with flower children knows what a wonderful effect the sweet children have on the whole wedding party.

2. Selection of flower children

Normally, children between the ages of around 3 and 9 are selected from close relatives and friends (only if you don't already have your own children of the right age). How many flower children you would like to have at your wedding is of course up to you.

The flower children and their parents should also be invited to the wedding celebration (you can only make an exception here if you are celebrating very small).

Here are a few more educational tips for choosing flower children:

For most flower children it is a special honor and joy to be such an important person at a wedding and some flower children rave about the great experience for weeks and are proud of it.

So if a child comes into question as a flower child, whose siblings would also be suitable, you should select several or all of the children in this family so that there is no quarrel and no jealousy. If you have a long train, you can let the older children help you carry the train.

However, some children do not feel like being a flower child or are much too shy. Then you should by no means force them and choose other flower children (or if there are several children let them decide spontaneously whether they are ready to participate on the wedding day).

Even if it should be clear, we would like to mention one more thing here: Children can be defiant, excited, and impatient. If something should go wrong, laugh at it and don't blame the flower child for it. After the wedding, praise the child for their special courage and the job well done, because the flower child is guaranteed to be as excited as you as the bride and groom.

3. Sprinkle the flowers

You should definitely hire a person to conduct a dress rehearsal with the flower children and explain exactly how the spreading works.

Most flower girls prefer to keep the beautiful flowers and are reluctant to give them away ;-). The flowers should also be nicely distributed and not poured out all at once. It is important that the flower children walk very slowly.

The chosen person should also give the flower children a sign as soon as the big moment has arrived and the time has come. Maybe she has to encourage one or the other shy flower child. Therefore, find someone who is good with children.

Most of the time, the flower girls do not come into action until they leave the church and scatter the small flowers in front of the bride and groom right up to the church stairs. The scattering when entering the church is not so common. If you are only going to have a civil wedding, then of course the flower children can also be here.

Have a place ready for the flower children in the front rows of the church (or at the registry office) so that they can be with you quickly. If you want, the flower children can walk in front of you when you move in (but without scattering flowers).

4. Agreement with the wedding location

In some churches and registry offices it is unfortunately forbidden to scatter flowers, as these could stain the floor. Therefore, you should definitely clarify beforehand which provisions apply to your wedding location.

If you are not allowed to sprinkle real flowers, ask if you can at least use decorative rose petals - that would at least be an alternative.

Maybe it can also be negotiated that you put a red carpet on the floor so that the flowers do not even touch the right floor? Then no stains can appear.

In our article "Enjoy the grand entrance with a wedding carpet "read more about it.

If your flower girls are absolutely not allowed to sprinkle flowers, soap bubbles are a nice idea. You can find more information about this in the article "Wedding bubbles„.

5. Flower children clothes, shoes and hairstyle

The parties: Photographer: Brandy Angel Photography // Flowers: Z. Grant Design // Cake: Publix Bakery // Location: Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Dresses for the flower children

In contrast to the other wedding guests, it is generally allowed for flower girls to wear a white dress (if you don't mind).

If your budget does not allow you to buy your flower children a dress or a suit, then just ask the parents whether the child might already have a suitable piece of clothing that can be worn at your wedding.

The best way to do this is to wear a nice dress for the flower girls and black trousers and a white shirt for the flower boys.

However, if the clothes have to be bought extra for the flower children, then you should pay the costs.

Of course, it looks particularly elegant and festive when all flower girls wear the same dress and all flower boys wear the same suit at the wedding.

Ideally, the flower children dresses are coordinated with the colors of your invitation and your wedding decoration. The style should also match your wedding dress.

If you cannot find anyone in your circle of friends who can tailor the matching flower girl dresses, you can also find great dresses in the following online shops:

Here you can see the top 3 dresses for flower girls on Amazon:

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There are also nice suits for the flower boys at Amazon.

Shoes for the flower children

Sandals in white - or in a matching color to the dress - are mostly used for the flower girl shoes. Black sneakers are ideal for the flower boys.

It is particularly important that the flower children can walk well in their shoes and that the shoes are comfortable so that they can concentrate on their appearance.

Flower children's hairstyle

Beautifully braided flower wreaths on the head are very popular with the flower girls. Ask beforehand if your flower girls would like a wreath of flowers. If this is too time-consuming for you, a festive headband (available from Amazon) serve as eye catchers.

No special hairstyle is necessary for the flower boys. But a little badge for the flower boys is never wrong either (preferably a small miniature version of the groom's badge).

6. Flowers and baskets for the flower children

You can get colorful petals for the small flower baskets very cheaply or even free of charge from your florist, as older or broken flowers are used for this.

It looks particularly beautiful when flowers are selected that were also used in the bridal bouquet or in the floral decorations. If you want special flowers and not petals, it can of course be more expensive.

Most of the baskets from which the flower children sprinkle the flowers are white or brown. You can borrow these from your florist or buy them cheaply online.

7. Other tasks of the flower children

In addition to the traditional sprinkling of flowers and carrying the bridal train, the flower children can also be involved in other tasks at the wedding ceremony and wedding celebration.

Wearing a beautiful sign to announce the bride is very popular. There are very nice specimens at My wedding decorations and at Etsy.

They can also serve as ring bearers, present the wedding candle to the bride and groom, create soap bubbles in front of the church after sprinkling the flowers, pose with you for great photos or distribute the wedding newspaper at the wedding party.

Here, however, you should always take the age of the flower child into account and ask the parents whether the child can take on the task.

8. A little thank you for the flower girls

In addition to the photo prints (on which the flower children can be seen), it would of course be very nice if you gave your flower children a little something to thank you for their commitment.

For example, after our wedding, we gave all flower children a plate with flower motifs, which also serves as a great memento of this special moment.

Here are a few more gift ideas for your flower girls:

Sweet bracelets for flower girls

The cute "Blumenkind" plastic bracelets are perfect for smaller children. But even bigger flower children will be delighted by the pretty bracelets.

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Flower children coloring books

The coloring book is not only a pretty gift, but also an entertainment object for the wedding celebration.

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Personalized cosmetic bag

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