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In "BEST OF FOOTBALL TRAINING WORLDWIDE" you will find 101 exercises from the world's best trainers, professional teams and junior academies, which have been researched and worked out in detail over the years.

All exercises are based on a holistic concept and a tactical consideration and with each exercise, both the technique and the mental factors and the athletic components are trained. For these reasons, these exercises are extremely effective and suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

The currently world's best trainer Pep Guardiola confirms how important the training and the content and exercises are with this statement:

"You play the way you train. Later, during the game, it depends on the talent of each individual player whether the tactic is implemented or not. But the pace depends on the training. If you train poorly, you play poorly. If you if you train obsessively, you play obsessively. And they train as if obsessed. "

If you too want to attack properly with your team and ensure that in the future you build up your training according to the latest findings and use the best exercises that are currently available, then you will ...

... achieve more than ever before!

In BEST OF FOOTBALL TRAINING WORLDWIDE " you will find highly professional exercises and content that have been put together from years of experience and have proven themselves in practice at the highest level. This product was created in such a way that trainers of all ages and levels of ability can use the content successfully. We have tested this numerous times and have received only positive feedback.

And that's what it's about

"If you don't keep up with the times, you keep up with the times" or "Do you really train or are you just doing sports?"

Football is extremely changing and an outdated way of training simply won't bring you any more success. If you want to train successfully and develop your players optimally, you have to see how the best coaches and teams approach it and which exercises they use.

By definition, training is a systematic, targeted process for increasing performance. It follows that if you don't plan your training in a targeted manner, your players will only pursue a sporting activity. There is always a big problem for many trainers when they are busy preparing and planning their training units. You have very little time and often only inadequate knowledge of how to optimally set up the whole process.

And that's exactly what it is "BEST OF FOOTBALL TRAINING WORLDWIDE" originated.

That's exactly what you get

First of all, you get with this tried and tested system 101 exercisesthat you can immediately incorporate into your training and that have spent years researching exactly how the best of the best train. The individual exercises are so well described and structured that you can do them like a professional trainer.

This means that you get 101 exercises that guarantee you a varied and super effective workout well beyond a whole season, which means that your team will perform successfully on the weekend. The exercises are so universally applicable that your team experiences significant increases in performance in ALL areas.

The best part is that you are always perfectly prepared for every training session and that you can concentrate on your players instead of thinking about strategies and training content. Together with the almost 600 training videos and the numerous training plans from our app you will go into every training perfectly prepared.

Sample exercise

Below you will find a great exercise from this training system by Pep Guardiola, which you can integrate perfectly into the preparation, as you train tactics, technique, game-related endurance and the communication of your players with a single exercise.

Pep Guardiola - FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester City - "Defensive triangulation"

Organization and process

  • Place four cones at a distance of 6m as shown in the picture
  • In addition, place five yellow cones at a distance of 3m from the red cone
  • The players start from the red hat
  • The "boss" plays in front of one of the yellow cones, which the player in this room has to run up to in order to return the ball directly
  • If the "boss" plays in the center, the outside players secure in the triangle
  • If the "boss" plays outside, the two players far from the ball move in to the next yellow hat
  • The players must sprint to their red exit cone the moment the player has the ball back on their feet


  • Number of ball contacts
  • distances
  • Increase number of players

Practice time

  • 4 x 1 minute ("boss" change after each round)

Coaching points

  • Tactics: sliding movement, triangulation, securing
  • Technique: flat pass, timing and dosage
  • Condition: Highly intermittent, power training
  • Mentality: concentration, communication, willingness to sprint, training of will

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