How is the lesson better

Online teaching beats classrooms

"On average, students who studied online performed better than those who were taught face-to-face in the classroom," the researchers write. The study examined and compared the teaching achievements of the two groups over twelve years from 1996 to 2008. However, surveys were predominantly carried out in colleges and in the field of adult education; only a few were carried out in younger age groups, as the New York Times reports.

As can be seen from the study results, those pupils and students who completed all or at least parts of the courses online achieved an average success rate of 59 percent. Those who were taught exclusively in the classrooms only got 50 percent. According to the experts, this is a moderate but significant difference. "The core result of the study is that online learning today is not only better than nothing - it actually seems to be better than traditional learning," says Barbara Means, study director and psychologist at SRI International.

However, the study results do not mean saying goodbye to the classroom. Especially with younger students, in addition to the actual learning, there are also educational and social aspects that could probably not be replaced via the Internet. "Basically, only teachers 'work orders, whose completion by pupils and corrections can be exchanged online," said Josef Kraus, President of the German Teachers' Association, opposite pressetext. In this way, conventional lessons can at best be supplemented. "In conventional lessons, the student can contribute as a whole. Issues can be worked out in dialogue, and immediate feedback can be provided by the teacher," explains Kraus. Online it is not possible to have an educational effect and to practice communication or cooperation processes.

Experts see the main advantage of online learning in the fact that the content and the learning methods can be tailored more specifically and individually to the individual pupils and students than is possible in the classroom. The so-called "learning by doing" is promoted, which is also well received by the students. In addition, online teaching methods have improved significantly in recent years with the advent of web-based videos, instant messaging, and various collaboration tools. (pte / cvi)