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Cut the SIM card in the smartphone to the correct format

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

The anticipation is great, the new smartphone is here. But then the disappointment, because the previous SIM card no longer fits. No problem: you simply cut the card to size.

EnlargeDone in a few minutes: You can cut conventional SIM cards to the smaller format for new smartphones yourself using a printed out micro or nano SIM template.

Even the “traditional” mini SIM card with a size of 15 x 25 millimeters, which used to be in every cell phone, was a miniaturization of the original version in credit card format (“full size”). But with the iPhone 4, Apple introduced the so-called micro-SIM format (12 x 15 millimeters), which is now used in almost all modern smartphones. And with the iPhone 5, Apple reduced the size again, namely to 8.8 x 12.3 millimeters (nano SIM).

So if you want to continue using your old SIM card in your new smartphone, you may need a smaller one. Many providers now offer the option of exchanging the previous one for a new, smaller one. But that takes a few days because it has to be produced and sent by post. In addition, it is not uncommon for a fee to be charged.

It is faster if you cut your existing SIM card yourself - this works without any problems when reducing the size from SIM to micro SIM, with nano SIM please be particularly careful because of the size.

To shrink your SIM card: Download a SIM template as a PDF file from the Internet and print it out without setting any reduction or enlargement option in the print menu. Cut out the actual template and stick it to the contact side of your previous SIM card, but without touching the contacts themselves with adhesive (this works well with double-sided photo corners or small pieces of carpet tape). The black area must fit exactly on the old card.

Now cut out the micro format with sharp, sturdy scissors by cutting off the black edges. Peel off the paper template including the adhesive strip and file sharp corners and edges smooth with a nail file, for example.

In principle, this also works with a nano SIM card with a suitable template, but cutting to size is a bit tricky with this size. As an alternative, many mobile phone shops offer a (free) cutting service. The employees there do this in a few seconds with suitable punching pliers.

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