What are Google's 200 Ranking Factors

Infographic: Google's 200 Ranking Factors

Football fans consider the annual “kicker” special issue to be the Bible. The clubs are presented, entries and exits of the respective clubs are named, there are statistics, reviews, photos - everything with which the fan would like to get in the mood for the next season.

In the SEO area, too, someone has taken the trouble to create a "Bible". That someone is called Brian Dean. Dean has summarized 200 ranking factors for Google on his page backlinko. Why 200? Well, Google had already confirmed in the past that around 200 different factors were used in the algorithm. So Dean has probably set himself this number as a goal.

We found the right infographic for Dean's list on the searchenginejournal. Thankfully, for the sake of clarity, the factors have been divided into ten areas. As there are: Domain Factors, Page Factors, Site Factors, Backlink Factors, User Interaction, Special Algorithm Rules, Social Signals, Brand Signals, On-Site Webspam Factors, Off-Page Webspam Factors.

Google can change factors

Before everyone bursts into storms of jubilation - none of the factors can be regarded as certain. Many SEO specialists have made their own experiences - so certainly Brian Dean. And each of these factors can also be abolished or changed by Google.

Still, this collection is helpful. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to call it the “Bible”. In any case, you learn that YouTube videos, for example, rank higher in search results than those of other platforms (presumably because YouTube belongs to Google). You also learn that the browsing history has an influence: Pages that the user has visited more often are ranked higher. And you also learn that Facebook shares have a greater impact than Facebook likes.

Did you already know that? Maybe you will find other news in the graphic. Have fun while reading!