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Speed ​​Racer - One of the first anime in Brazil

The anime premiered in Japan in April 1967 Maha Go Go Go (Speed ​​Racer) by Tatsunoko Production, created by Tatsuo Yoshida. The anime tells the story of a young man Racing driver 18 years old who the Do 5 auto, created by your father. The production was on a very limited budget but still with a great story, good characters and memorable soundtrack to date and is considered one of the most notable anime out there.

The races featured in the anime have always been eye-catching and enthusiastic. They were full of accidents, overtaking maneuvers, strategy and fraud. In addition to many teams such as "Mammoth car" and the "Acrobatic Team"Races took place in jungles, volcanoes, deserts and much more. And since many races were dangerous and on rough terrain, they were always designed equipment Help runners.

As soon as it was released, the anime became quite popular, but nothing like the reception it would find on the west side. When it was exported to the United States in 1967, the titles and names of many characters had to be changed. That's when the phenomenon was born Speed ​​racerwhich became successful worldwide and especially in Brazil.

Speed ​​racer in Brazil

The anime made its debut on Brazilian television on Rede Globo in 1969 and stayed online until 1971. Years later, its name was even changed to Capitão Meteoro, possibly based on the letter "M" printed on the Mach 5 car. Again with Speed ​​Racer, in 1975, it was featured in the extinct TV Tupi in the Clube do Capitão Aza program. There he became the program's high profile audience and stayed on the channel until 1979.

It just popped up again in Brazilian programming Record TV 1981, but stayed in the air for a few months. It aired early in 1994 MTV, only fully subtitled. All of Telecine's original Brazilian dubbing was lost in the TV record fire. But in 1996 the Cartoon Network he submitted it two years in a row. Bring a new dubbing that to this day is considered to be one of the best ever done at the time.

in the 1993 An animated series calledThe new adventures from Speed ​​Racer, created as an anime update. But this American version did not please fans, it did not achieve the expected success and lasted only a season of 13 episodes. in the 1997 Another anime of the franchise was released in Japan but did not achieve the success of the classic series. 52 episodes were shown, but canceled after 34. Even so, it was released under the name in the United StatesSpeed ​​Racer X.and later in Brazil.

The memorable speed racer

In 2008 the Wachowski brothers, creators of the Matrix trilogy, directed a Film based on the anime. Even without participating in the original study of the work, the film was well received by the public. Because Speed ​​Racer is even more popular in the West than in its country of origin. But the film ended with results well below the studio's expectations, received criticism and little more than $ 130 million.

Even over the years Speed ​​racer will always be remembered as one of the first anime to air and have success on Brazilian television. Many just remember Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac or Yu Yu Hakusho, but they forget the enormous importance and influence that Speed ​​Racer had at the time. Open the door to all subsequent Japanese anime and series.

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