Why do you value Cambodia

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Cambodia is very popular with backpackers, and for good reason. The country is relatively small, with a low cost of living and offers impressive sights. The Cambodia visa is easy to apply for online, which all together means that thousands of backpackers embark on an exciting trip to Cambodia every year.

Cambodia is a relatively safe country

Cambodia is generally safe for foreign tourists. There are few reports of violent crimes against foreigners. The vast majority of tourists appreciate the way they were received by Cambodians. The people of Cambodia are usually very friendly and helpful people.

Still, it is advisable to be and stay cautious. Cambodia is a poor country with high unemployment and low wages. As a result, some residents are looking for other ways to get hold of money, such as pickpocketing or fraud. For example, it happens that foreigners are asked to pay a fine by people posing as police agents, otherwise they would be arrested. There have also been cases in which taxi drivers took passengers to a destination other than the agreed destination because the taxi driver had an agreement with a hotel.

Make sure you have copies of your passport. Keep your money in a pocket that cannot be easily stolen; Criminals often try to steal bags or wallets while riding scooters themselves. Also, get good travel insurance. Should something go wrong, you still have protection that you can fall back on.

The price level in Cambodia

Cambodia is very cheap for foreign tourists and that is one of the reasons why the country is so popular with backpackers. With a daily budget of $ 15; you can already get along. From 4 & dollar; You will already find one simple hotel / hostel room per night. For $ 10 more, you can get luxuries like air conditioning, room service and a swimming pool. Airbnb also brokers accommodation in Cambodia.

From 5 & dollar; you can already get a delicious meal in various restaurants. Street vendors are even cheaper, but pay attention to hygiene. Diarrhea or worse are common problems for backpackers who have not paid attention to what (or where) they ate.

However, there are also some costs that are noticeably high in proportion. For example, the Cambodia visa costs € 59.95. Entrance fees for certain sights, such as the national parks, can also be relatively high. Therefore, invest time in a detailed travel planning before your trip to Cambodia. Savvy travelers can quickly save hundreds of dollars.

Vaccinations for Cambodia

To get the most of your experience in Cambodia, you should protect yourself against communicable diseases with the right vaccinations. The most important vaccinations to have are those for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and typhoid. You should also check that you are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and rubella. These are vaccines that you normally receive as a child, but there can always be exceptional cases, so it is advisable to double-check that the vaccinations have actually been given. A vaccination against rabies is recommended when traveling to Cambodia, but this is especially important if you stay longer in Cambodia or have intensive contact with animals or sick people.

Discuss with your (family) doctor or a vaccination specialist which vaccinations are recommended in your specific situation. After all, this website was not written by a doctor and can therefore only provide a brief overview and no advice.

Internet in Cambodia

In Cambodia there is Internet in almost all of the larger cities, and certainly in the places that are heavily frequented by tourists. Hotels and other accommodations have free WiFi, or the costs are already included in the room rate. In some places, however, the internet is slower or does not work at all. This is especially the case in the poorer towns and villages. If you want to have constant Internet access, you should therefore get a Cambodian SIM card with a data package. Buy these from an official store; Street vendors often sell these at inflated prices, sometimes up to three times. To buy a SIM card, you need a copy of your passport. You can buy a good SIM card for as little as 5 & dollar; to buy.

Apply for a Cambodia visa online before departure

Germans, Austrians and Swiss who travel to Cambodia require a visa. Only visitors from other Southeast Asian countries do not need a visa for Cambodia. Most people traveling to Cambodia use either the e-Visa or a visa that you can get at the major international (but not all) border crossings. The online Cambodia visa has the advantage that everything can be arranged in advance and that you can enter at more border crossings. If you want to enter the country with the visa-on-arrival, you may be surprised that the visa cannot be issued due to a problem with the passport. This can even result in being sent back on the next plane. With both the e-Visa and the Visa-on-Arrival you can stay in Cambodia for up to 30 days. Usually that's enough because Cambodia is not a big country. Most backpackers stay for two to three weeks and then move on.