Who is Adam Schiff

US Democrat Adam Schiff : The man who could end Donald Trump's presidency

The current highest show of respect from the US President is not the Presidential Medal of Freedom - they are bizarre nicknames. So far, Donald Trump has mostly used it to honor his rivals for the presidency. Joe Biden he calls "Sleepy Joe", Hillary Clinton he christened "Crooked Hillary" and Bernie Sanders received the title "Crazy Bernie". The degree of disparagement allows conclusions to be drawn about the degree of danger that Trump attributes to the person concerned.

Following this logic, the US president has a powerful new adversary: ​​Adam Schiff has no ambitions of his own for the office of president, but could end the Trump presidency prematurely. As chairman of the secret service committee in the US House of Representatives, the Democratic MP leads the investigation into the Ukraine affair and in this capacity collects evidence of an impeachment case against Donald Trump. For this Trump gave him an almost poetic and almost appreciative nickname: "Shifty ship", the "cunning ship".

Schiff is considered a calm and conscientious politician

The 59-year-old son of a lumberjack studied law at Harvard and was once a federal prosecutor in California, where he caused a stir after indicting an FBI agent who had passed official secrets to the USSR. After the Democrats' victory in the 2018 congressional election, he was predestined to head the intelligence committee. In this function, he can summon witnesses and request documents in a legally binding form. Without the ship, the Ukraine affair might not have taken on the current scale. It was he who publicized the whistleblower's allegations about possible abuse of office by the US president.

Schiff is actually considered to be a calm and conscientious politician who chooses his words carefully. It attracted all the more attention when he compared Trump's actions in a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian head of state Volodymyr Selenskyj with that of a “mafia boss”. The US President promptly pondered the arrest of the Democrat for treason. In his spare time, Schiff, in whose constituency the Hollywood sign is located, writes scripts for spy and crime films. At his job he is probably knitting the material for one of the greatest political thrillers in US history.

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