Where can I see Mulan 2020 film

Instead of "Mulan" in the cinema: These are the alternatives at Netflix, Disney + and Co.

Since March 26, 2020, “Mulan” by Niki Caro should be shown in German cinemas. However, due to the current situation, the theatrical release was canceled. Unfortunately, we don't yet know when Disney's latest live action will be released. But we have a few recommendations for you on what to see in your own four walls this weekend or in the days after - and hope that there is something for everyone!

Since “Mulan” is the real-life version of an animated classic, it naturally makes sense to simply look at the animation template instead. The best “Mulan” substitute for us is therefore “Mulan”, the fairytale story about a young woman who pretends to be a man and goes to war.

"Mulan" is inter alia. available online here:On Disney + by subscription *, but also as a stream on Amazon Prime Video to rent or buy. **

"Mulan - Legend of a Warrior"

The heroine Mulan is not a Disney invention, but goes back to an ancient Chinese folk poem in which an allegedly true story is told. So it is not surprising that the material has of course already been adapted in China - with the monumental film “Mulan - Legend of a Warrior”. It lacks the Disney icing, but the remake, which has not yet been released, should be harder. So what is better as a replacement for the "Mulan" real-life version than another "Mulan" real-life version?

"Mulan - legend of a warrior" is a. available online here:As a subscription to Amazon Prime Video **, as a currently free subscription to joyn +.

Anyone who likes heroines and Asian martial arts whirling through the air cannot ignore Ang Lee's classic "Tiger & Dragon". The milestone of the cinema should be seen - not only because of the impressive pictures, but also because of the dramatic and rousing story.

"Tiger & Dragon" is inter alia. available here: Unfortunately not currently available from the usual streams, but can be bought on Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon. **

By the way, did you know that there is now a sequel with “Sword Of Destiny”? You can find this sequel on Netflix in the stream.

"Wendy Wu - The High School Warrior"

Do you prefer the full load of Disney? A young heroine fighting evil? But maybe more for teenagers after all? Then maybe "Wendy Wu - The High School Warrior" is the right replacement film for you. The story of a superficial American schoolgirl who learns that she comes from a long line of female warriors who have to defend the world every 90 years is not great cinematic art, rather cheesy and a bit bumpy, but has its moments for anyone who Disney's teen films like "Princesses Protection Program" and Co. is available.

"Wendy Wu" is a. available online here:On Disney + by subscription *, but also as a stream on Amazon Prime Video to rent or buy. **

Are you looking for a film that you can watch with a little younger children? Then maybe “The Guardian Brothers” is something for a family afternoon. In terms of content, it has little to do with the story of Mulan, but the animated film about Chinese gods who have to teach people to believe in them again looks good and partly has a similar sense of humor to Disney's animated film - just a touch more child-friendly .

"The Guardian Brothers" is available online here: With Netflix by subscription.

Waiting for “Mulan” will of course give you time to first discover the New Zealand director behind the new real-life Disney adaptation. First and foremost, it is worth taking a look at the outstanding "Whale Rider", with whom Niki Caro made his breakthrough in 2002. Then Hollywood knocked on the knock: In “Kaltes Land”, the Oscar-nominated actresses Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand are particularly convincing.

Caro already worked for Disney. The result is the feel-good sports drama "City Of McFarland". In addition, “The Angel with Dark Wings” and “The Zoo Director's Wife” are waiting for your discovery.

"Whale Rider" is online among other things. available here: At selected VoD providers such as Chili, iTunes or Videoload for renting and buying.

"Kaltes Land" is online among other things. available here: With all common VoD providers such as Amazon to rent and to buy. **

"City Of McFarland" is online among others. available here:With Disney + * subscription.

"The angel with the dark wings" is online among other things. available here: With all common VoD providers such as Amazon to rent and to buy. **

"The zoo director's wife" is online, among other things. available here: With all common VoD providers such as Amazon to rent and to buy. **

Insider tip: "The Assassin"

A strong Chinese heroine, moral dilemma, and stunning martial arts? This is also offered by our insider tip, the Taiwanese drama "The Assassin" about a killer who is supposed to kill her great love. A “hypnotic film of unreal beauty” is what our FILMSTARTS review says. But be careful: With the deliberately complicated story and many calm passages, “The Assassin” is a film that demands the right mood and concentration from the viewer.

Unfortunately, “The Assassin” is such an insider tip that we have been waiting for a German home theater release since it opened in theaters in 2016. Fortunately, the British Blu-ray ** is very cheap at Amazon, and since this shouldn't be an obstacle for the cinephile target audience of the film anyway, we decided to record “The Assassin” for once despite the limited availability.

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