How well do you sleep on airplanes

11 tricks for better sleep on the plane

Falling asleep on a plane is not always easy to sleep through until landing much harder. Noisy Seat neighbors, on-board service or light Turbulence always wake you up. This is particularly difficult on long-haul flights, where you have to fight against jet lag. But sleeping on the plane can also be easier.

With these 11 tips for falling asleep on the plane you are guaranteed to arrive at your travel destination a little more relaxed. And you don't even have to sleeping pills or others Sedatives take in.

1. Follow your routines while sleeping on the plane

If possible, book your flights to align with yours natural sleep rhythm overlap. Even if that doesn't work, you should try to get to your Bedtime routines to keep: Brush your teeth, read a couple of pages in one book and do exactly what you normally do before you go to sleep. This will help you to fall asleep better on the plane.

2. Put on the right clothes!

A Pajamas is not the right clothing for a long-haul flight, that much is clear. But it is almost as convenient Sportswear - these sits loosely and does not constrict you. If you get cold quickly, you should definitely have a long one Sweatpants, one pullover and warm socks attract. In the long run it can get really cold in a plane. Comfortable clothing definitely helps when sleeping on the plane.

3. Choose the right seat!

Depending on which side you usually sleep on, you should get yours Select seatif you too sleep on the plane want. Of course, it is less comfortable on a plane than in your bed, but if you are at least on the right side lean against the window you can probably fall asleep better.

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4. Tire yourself a little!

If you don't succeed, the first tip for Fall asleep on the plane you can try the night before the flight 2 or 3 hours less to sleep. Then you're probably so tired when you get in that it no problem should be to sleep on the plane.

5. Stretch your limbs!

Before you get comfortable in your seat, you should get your Stretch your body a little. That makes sure that you do later no cramps that wake you up. Aside from that, it also helps around To prevent thrombosis. Sleeping on the plane is definitely easier this way.

6. Turn your neck pillow over!

Actually, neck pillows are one good idea. But unfortunately they often don't work the way you would like them to. If that's the case with you, you can try that Turning the neck pillow overso that it supports your chin. Then it prevents your Head tilts forward and you can fall asleep better. Sounds strange, but it has been proven to help when sleeping on the plane.

7. Use your hand luggage as a footrest!

To be on the plane to sleep well to be able to, it is important that you yourself as convenient as possible do. If you can't find a comfortable position for your feet, you can try yours Hand luggage as a footrest to use. Most of the time it is also relaxing Take off your shoes - You should only do that if your feet don't stink!

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8. Don't let light sources keep you awake!

On the one hand, worry On-board television and Reading lights for a welcome change in the airplane, on the other hand these light sources can very annoying be when you want to sleep. However, you shouldn't let this rob you of your sleep. A Sleeping mask provides a remedy here, with some airlines you even get these for free.

9. Listen to white noise!

ear plug can help you if your Neighbors or the Announcements from the crew keep you awake. But it works even better here White noise, a noise that everyone else does Drowned out noises. Sounds a bit strange, but it helps almost everyone sleep on the plane. Audio files with white noise can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

10. Avoid the plane meal!

Food and drinks that Sugar, alcohol or caffeine are not beneficial if you want to sleep. So it is better to forego the plane meal. If you absolutely have to eat something - that can happen on longer flights - you should high carbohydrate meals take to you.

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11. Make your aircraft belt visible!

If you have a blanket you should fasten the strap over it. Then the crew members have to take you don't wake upin case of turbulence. Also at Landing approach you can do the last flight minutes for one restful sleep use. When sleeping on a plane, it is particularly important that you are not constantly awake.

What are you doing so that you can sleep undisturbed on the plane?

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