Why do boys always send mixed signals

Mixed Signals From A Man: The Guide to Interpreting His Intentions

You're probably analyzing everything he's done, right? Try putting the pieces together - relax, mixed signals from one guy happen.

I was supposed to have my PhD thesis in mixed signal analysis from a man. I would spend hours, still sitting down and thinking about why he didn't call me, or why he put his arm on my shoulder and then took it off. Though I can laugh at my madness knowing that I'm not the only one doing this.

I know you sit at night thinking about mixed signals from one guy. I know that you decode every move he makes and every text he sends you. I know.

The mixed signals from a man to watch out for

Listen, I know you want to find out the mixed signals and I will help you decipher them. There is something you need to know The mixed signals, well, they are called mixed signals for a reason. He is not sure. I mean, he may like you, but he's not 100% into the idea.

So that's the first thing you accept. He's not what you think he is into you. That or he is just scared. I know you will choose the latter, it's easier on the ego. Men can't live with them these days, can't live without them.

# 1 He's not there. Listen, I know you like him, or at least the idea of ​​him, but he's not around. If he was around he would be in love with you. I know you are probably thinking, "Oh, he's busy, he works a lot." Listen, no matter how busy our schedules are, we always make time for people we love. Sending you text but not seeing you is a mixed signal. He doesn't show his interest.

# 2 He randomly texts you a random one. But when I say random, I mean random. There is no pattern with him, he just text you whenever he feels like it. Why? Well, he's looking for attention and trying to see if you're still catching the bait he left out in front of you. Sending a text message is not difficult, don't forget that. If he sends you texts that consist of two words, he is bored.

# 3 He doesn't ask you. There are men who just enjoy writing to women and playing with their feelings without ever really planning to interview them about an appointment. Don't ask me why it's related to her bloating ego. If he just texts you but never asks you, he is sending you mixed signals and making you emotionally involved.

# 4 He's hot and cold. If he's really into you and then everyone else suddenly he goes cold, well, he's playing with you. I mean, he may have engagement issues or he might see other people. But the point is not why he acts like that, the point is that he plays with you. You don't act crazy, don't put his behavior on you, that's him.

# 5 He says he wants to be a friend. This one is my favorite. I love it when a guy who is clearly showing that he cares about you says he wants to be friends. The best thing is if they keep flirting with you even after you've agreed to be friends with him. He wants everything. He doesn't want to meet any conditions and be able to flirt with you, but he wants to keep you in the friend zone. Not cool.

# 6 He's not there when you need him. Maybe it's your birthday or you had a stressful interview that he knew about. Well, you haven't heard from him all day and you won't. Why? Because he doesn't see you and him as something serious. If you really care about him, he would wish you a happy birthday or text you to see how your interview went.

# 7 He only calls you late at night. Well, that's pretty obvious, isn't it? If that guy was just texting you late at night, I mean, come on, ladies, this is a booty call. If he wanted to hang out with you, he would take the time to see you before 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Come on, you know that. This isn't even a mixed signal, this is a clear "sex only" relationship.

# 8 He's around after seeing you with a guy. You may have thought he wasn't overly interested and you started moving on * and good for you! *. But you ran into him on a date you were on and suddenly he's texting you. You may think that he has realized what he is going to lose and will have to fight for you. But listen, it's bullshit. Here's what happened, he saw you with another guy, got jealous and wants what he can't have.

# 9 He's hanging out with you ... only with you. You roam around a lot and everything seems to be fine, but actually you never leave the house ... or the bed. He may show you that he interests you, but he doesn't want to communicate with each other on a deeper level. Think of this as a classic version of a booty call.

# 10 He tells you he's not ready to give him time. Well, we've all heard that sentence. If you say this to someone what does it mean? You don't really want to be with them. That's the same as what they tell you.

They really don't want to be with you, they just like it for what it is, ominous and comfortable. He just tosses that "I just need some time" basically means, "give me some time to find someone while we continue to have sex."

# 11 He starts conversations but doesn't end. This is another favorite. People who give mixed signals tend to do so. You're not really interested, just want to see if you are there as an option. If he really wanted to end the conversation with you, he would have.

Now that you know what the mixed signals are from a guy, you will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​what you are thinking on his mind. But if you are not sure, the best thing to do is to ask him.