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In addition to the primary school certificate, which hopefully all of our 8th graders will successfully complete, the secondary school certificate is probably the most important in relation to the academic career of each student and thus his future.

We were not only able to experience a special feature today, but also to help shape our exam candidates together with other Nice View children - the day of prayer for the exams and the examinees.

Parents and guardians, teachers and school management, pastor and imam, siblings and relatives and of course the exam candidates themselves gathered in our dining room, prayed for, and congratulated and sang the very tense students.

Next to the Primary School Certificate counts the Secondary School Certificate the weightiest with regard to the academic career of each student and hence his or her future.

Today we could not only witness but also co-create together with the other Nice View kids something special: the day of prayer for our examination candidates.

Parents, guardians, teachers, school administration, pastor, iman, siblings and other relatives and of course our examinees assembled in the lounge and prayed for, congratulated and sang for the tense students.