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Pfizer Withdraws Application for Emergency Vaccine Approval in India

/ picture alliance, AP, Ashwini Bhatia

New Delhi - Pfizer has withdrawn its application for an emergency approval of its corona vaccine in India. The decision was made after a meeting with the country's drug regulatory agency, the company said.

"Based on considerations at the meeting and our understanding that the agency may need additional information, the company has decided to withdraw its application at this point," it said. Later, when the additional information is available, the company will try again for approval.

Pfizer had submitted its application to import and sell the vaccine in India in late 2020, according to the Indian news agency PTI reported. She also applied for an exemption in order not to have to make any smaller studies of the vaccine on the Indian population, which the authority had requested.

In India, the country with the second largest population in the world, two vaccines have so far been approved - one from Astrazeneca and one developed in India. Both are made in India. The domestic vaccine was controversial because the government approved it even though clinical trials were still ongoing.

India is often referred to as the “pharmacy of the world” because, according to its own statements, around half of all vaccines worldwide are manufactured in the country. According to their own statements, many of them go to poorer countries for relatively little money. © dpa / aerzteblatt.de