What are MS Paint alternatives for Chrome

Chromebook basics: These apps are what you should have

An image processing program is also part of the basic equipment of a computer. Here we recommend the Pixlr Editor. The program is free and has a similar scope as Gimp or Paint.net. In addition to simple image editing, your own photos can also be spruced up: red-eye correction, soft focus, advanced filters and other drawing tools are standard applications.

Image processing with Pixlr Editor
Image: Pixlr images can be downloaded either from the Chromebook's hard drive, online or via image services. No prior registration is required to use the online photo editor. The menu navigation is written in German, which means that users can familiarize themselves with the program more quickly.

For those who like to design their own visual creations, the freeware painting program Sketchpad [link removed] is suitable. The app can be compared with the Windows paint service, for example. Unlike the large multimedia applications, Sketchpad is limited to the creation of small sketches and drawings. Various tools such as brush, pencil and color palette are available for this.

DropTunes: Enjoy music via DropBox

All those who would like to enjoy music on their Chromebook shouldn't do without the following app. Via DropTunes [link removed], users can access their music library anytime, anywhere, without having to take an additional memory stick with them. This is made possible by the DropBox virtual hard drive. DropBox stores all data in the cloud and is free of charge up to a memory size of 2 MB. If you want to use DopTunes, you must have a DropBox account. The music tracks can then be stored in the cloud and accessed from anywhere.

The system behind the apps

The "hosted apps" presented here are applications that are called up directly via the browser and do not require installation. They work in a similar way to links to the corresponding pages, but have the advantage that the user can make further settings using the wrench attached to the icons. Like so many extensions specifically for Chromebooks, the apps use the Internet. If this is switched off, the programs will not work either. You will find further recommended apps in a further message.