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Tribal areas in Orissa and Chhattisgarh

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Bhubaneshwar - Puri - Gopalpur - Rayagada - Jeypore - Jagdalpur - Kanker - Bhoramdeo - Raipur - Delhi

What else can you offer India lovers who already know the famous sights in the north and south of the country, who have already visited one or the other part of India apart from the main tourist attractions, but whose passion for India is still not satisfied? Who would like to return after every trip to the land of temples, the unique landscapes, the fascinating people and the lavishly bright colors? This travel program to the original tribal areas of East India is aimed at "advanced" India travelers, even India enthusiasts. We have only selected a small area from the huge country, which is more like a continent, but we want to travel carefully and intensively. Hidden in the jungles, which are no longer so complete, live some tribes that were not affected by developments in the 20th and 21st centuries, and which still live according to their old traditions today. The isolated location of this region, especially the province of Bastar in the state of Chhattisgarh, favors the conditions for preserving the old traditions due to the seclusion. We meet people who proudly keep the old rites with regard to ways of life, clothing, religious practice and language. We are not always allowed to take pictures and of course we move with respect and feel honored to be able to visit these people. In other cities and villages we are already experiencing societies in upheaval, also through development aid projects by the Indian government, which are gradually adapting their lives to modern times.

Bondas on their way to the marketBondas on their way to the market


16 day tour

Day 1: Outward flight

Departure from Frankfurt with LUFTHANSA to Delhi.

Day 2: Delhi - Bhubaneshwar

Arrive in Delhi early in the morning and transfer to a hotel near the airport for our short night. In the morning flight to Bhubaneshwar, capital of Orissa state (today's name: Odisha). In the afternoon visit of the unique temple complexes, including the temples of Lingaraja (outside visit), Parashurameshwar and Mukteshwar.

Day 3: Bhubaneshwar - Puri

First visit the nearby caves of Udayagiri and Kandhagiri with their Jain temples. Then departure to Puri (85km), on the way to the Buddhist stupa in Dhauli and the place Pipli, known for its colorful application work. Another stop in the handicraft village Raghurajpur.

Day 4: Puri (Konarak)

Excursion to Konarak, here the wonderful sun temple with the chariot of the sun god Surya. Afternoon visit to Puri, one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in India. In the center of the Jaganath Temple, the "White Pagoda", which we can only admire from the outside.

Day 5: Gopalpur-on-Sea

Drive through untouched nature with traditional villages to Lake Chilika. Opportunity to take a boat trip on the lake, a bird lover's paradise. Then on to Gopalpur-on-Sea (190km).

Day 6: Rayagada

Drive into the tribal areas of Orissa, to Rayagada (220km). On the way the silk weaving village Behrampur and the place Taptapani with hot sulfur springs. Today we meet the first tribesmen in some Saura villages.

Day 7: Rayagada

We are in the tribal area of ​​the Kondh. This tribe consists of three subcategories, the Desia Kondh, Kutia Kondh, and Dongria Kondh. The Kondh have preserved their ancient customs and traditions to this day, they are of small stature, the faces of the women are covered with tattoos. Today we see Kutia Kondh villages and the weekly market in Kotagada.

Day 8: Chatikona - Jeypore

Visit the colorful Dongria Kondh market in Chatikona. The men of this tribe wear long hair, the women are richly adorned with earrings and nose rings and necklaces. In the afternoon drive to Jeypore (230km), on the way tribal villages of the Desia Kondh.

Day 9: Jeypore (Onukudelli)

Visit to the Bonda market in Onukudelli. The Bonda are the most primitive and interesting tribe in Orissa. They speak their own language, live in inaccessible mountain regions and bartering is still common. They are scantily clad, the women have shaved heads. On the way back to Jeypore we see villages of the Bhumiya and Gadaba tribe.

Day 10: Kunduli - Jagdalpur

First the Friday market in Kunduli, here we meet tribesmen of the Paroja and Mari. Visit of Paroja villages with their pottery workshops. In the afternoon drive to Jagdalpur (235km), capital of the Bastar district, heartland of the fascinating tribal culture of Chhattisgarh.

Day 11: Jagdalpur

A day's stay in Jagdalpur, we discover villages of the Gond tribe with their weekly market in Nagerner. In the late afternoon drive to the Chitrakote waterfall.

Day 12: Kanker

Continue to Kanker (165km). On the way in Kondagaon we see a special technique for the production of brass figures. Arrival in Kanker in the late afternoon. In the area there are some tribal villages of the Muria. We spend the night in the idyllic little KANKER PALACE, alternatively, the palace has only a few rooms, overnight stays in tents on the palace grounds.

Day 13: Bhoramdeo

Drive north to Bhoramdeo (250km), located in the middle of dense forests in the Maikal Mountains, home of the Baiga tribe. The members of this tribe maintain a particularly primitive way of life in their seclusion in the dense jungle; one of the most interesting tribal cultures has been preserved here. On the way visit the Vishnu Temple in Rajim.

Day 14: Bhoramdeo

Visit the temple of Bhoramdeo from the 7th to 11th century, which is often compared to the temples of Khajuraho with an abundance of religious and erotic sculptures. Then drive to Raipur.

Day 15: Raipur - Delhi

After our breakfast we confess to Raipur. Later airport transfer and flight back to Delhi. Until our transfer to our return flight, we have rooms in a hotel near the airport.

Day 16: return journey

Return flight from Delhi to Frankfurt in the early morning hours.


  • A very special trip away from the main tourist destinations in the original and authentic East of India - with a cultural focus
  • we take 16 days to tour just a small piece of India, the largely unknown states of Orissa and Chhattisgarh, intensively
  • On our trip we seek as much contact as possible with traditional tribes, get to know their customs, traditions, handicrafts and markets
  • but also discover the wonders of Indian temple architecture, which is often reflected in colorful buildings
  • our recommendation for India advanced and connoisseurs who want to delve deeper into the cultural origins of India
  • Early booking discount (2%, see page 10)

Hotel overview

placehotelovernight stays
BhubaneshwarHINDUSTAN INT. ***1
JeyporeHELLO HOTEL **2
KankerKANKER? PALACE? (Heritage)1

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