Why do you use Dropbox

The best Dropbox tips for iPhone users

Disable background updates

Although Dropbox is not exactly known as a battery hog, you can still optimize something in "Settings> Dropbox". To prevent the app from constantly “checking” whether something has changed in your Dropbox, for example when you share it with other colleagues, simply switch off the “background update”. In the setting you also have the option to configure or switch off notifications from Dropbox. Users with a very small data volume can decide here whether uploads or downloads with Dropbox can only take place in the WLAN or on the go.

Dropbox tips: share and edit

The point of an online volume like Dropbox is of course to always have the entire database available on all devices. Especially in companies, but also among friends, you want to send individual files to others or share folders with documents for joint editing or just for viewing. Tap the action menu at the top and select “Send Link” to send a file link via email, messages or Whatsapp. Select "Invite users to collaborate" if you want to work with third parties on documents in one of your Dropbox folders. You determine whether the invitee can only view files or change them. He receives the invitation by email and can accept it.

Dropbox Tips: Photos in Dropbox

If you don't use the iCloud Photo Library and rarely sync your iOS device with your Mac and still want to back up your photos, you can use the Dropbox “camera upload” function. Photos taken are saved in the Dropbox as well as screenshots.

Dropbox Tips: Security with Boxcryptor

The security of Dropbox files from hacks or spying on by authorities is a recurring issue, the servers work in the USA. We recommend Boxcryptor (www.boxcryptor.com) if you feel you need a higher level of security for certain Dropbox directories. A directory can be protected with the free single license, from 36 euros per year there are licenses with no limit in terms of directory or provider. The files are backed up between the iOS device and the Dropbox directory using end-to-end encryption.

Dropbox tips: use the action menu

Many apps offer an easy way to send an open document or open it in another app via the action menu. The option “Save in Dropbox” can be activated via “Activities”. Provided that you are connected to the Internet, the file is then copied to your Dropbox, which is useful for backing up files that were created or edited locally on the iOS device while on the move. Open the action menu, then under “Activities”, select “Next”, and activate the option for Dropbox.

Dropbox tips: Into the Dropbox

If the action menu is activated as described, you will find the option to save active documents from other apps in the dropbox in the lower menu row. The functionality is available for many apps, such as Photos, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and many others. Of course, iCloud is also available for the Apple apps mentioned, but with many third-party providers, the way to Dropbox is much easier.

Dropbox Tips: Tell a friend brings more storage

The free account at Dropbox is relatively meager with 2 GB. If you recommend Dropbox, you can increase your storage space up to 32 GB, free of charge. For each acquaintance who registers, Dropbox gives the "intermediary" 1 GB and the acquaintance 500 MB bonus storage space. Recommendations work from Dropbox via "Settings" or in the web browser via www.dropbox.com/referrals.

Dropbox Tips: Offline in Dropbox

You can see all documents in the Dropbox app, but they are not loaded on the iOS device, similar to IMAP servers for mail. If you also want to have important documents available offline, for example during a flight, you must first load the selected files onto the iOS device. Tap the small arrow behind the file name and select “Make Available Offline”.

Dropbox Tips: Peek & Pop on the iPhone 6s

Dropbox also supports 3D Touch on the pressure-sensitive display of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, by the way, 3D Touch is not supported on the new iPhone SE. The support on the iOS home screen is still a bit meager. When you press the Dropbox icon, the iPhone just hides a small context menu with the commands for the search function, access to files stored offline, uploading a photo and the last file used. However, if you press a document at the bottom of the app, you not only get its preview, but also numerous options such as sending a download link for the file, downloading it to your iOS device, moving and copying it within your Dropbox.