Satan is God's fault

Keyword: Satan, Devil

The opponent of God. Its aim is to destroy people. That is why he fights against Jesus, whom God sent as a savior for the people.

The Hebrew word "Satan" originally means "enemy" and means someone who opposes another and wants to prevent him from doing what he does. (see e.g. 1 Kings 11:14, 23:25). In the later writings of the Old Testament, "Satan" became a proper name. It denotes the accuser who brings the guilt of men before God's throne at the heavenly judgment. In the book of Job (cf. Job 1,6 Job 2,1) he is characterized by the fact that he tries to make the world and people bad before God and wants to stir them up against God.

In the time of the New Testament, Satan finally became God's fundamental adversary. In addition to "Satan", there is also talk of the "devil" (Greek: "diabolos"), which literally means "the confounder". The two terms are almost interchangeable, although it can be observed that the earlier writings of the New Testament speak of "Satan" and the later writings rather of the "devil".

The Satan / Devil stands against God and his kingdom. That is why he comes across as "the tempter", "the enemy" or "seducer". He is considered to be the real ruler of this world distant from God (cf. John 12:31), but who is finally overcome and destroyed by God.

Greek name form of the Hebrew name Yeshua.
Originally designates the king of Israel appointed by anointing on behalf of God, then the savior promised by God for mankind.
Guilt is the separation from God caused by faulty behavior, which burdens the conscience.
Literally "Kingdom of God".