Is that rethink

rethink (German)

Part of Speech: Verb, irregular

over | think | past, past tense: over | dach | te, participle II: over | thought
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [yːbɐˈdɛŋkn̩]
Word meaning / definition:
1) transitive thinking about something testively and intensely
Origin of the term:
composed of prefix thinking and verb thinking
1) weigh up, consider, reflect, think through, reflect
Application examples:
1) He sat down and covered his decision.
1) “Saudi Arabia must change its strategy in the region as well as its alliance policy rethink and adapt to the new, more complex and changeable structures. "
Typical word combinations:
Offer, nuclear phase-out, democracy, something, financing concept, leadership, business models, nuclear energy, concept, mandate, toll design, strategy, variants, behavior, proposal, staterethink
Word formations:
Conversions:reconsidered, reconsidered, reconsidered
Present tense: I. rethink; you reconsider; he she it thinks over
Simple past: I. covered
Participle II: covered
Subjunctive II: i covered
Imperative: singular rethink!; Plural reconsider!
Auxiliary verb: to have


  • English: 1) reconsider, rethink
  • French: 1) reconsiderer
  • Italian: 1) ripensare, riflettere, riconsiderare
  • Swedish: 1) tänka över, övertänka
  • Spanish: 1) repensar, reflexionar
  • Hungarian: 1) átgondol, meggondol

Similar words (German):cover

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

A referendum on the expropriation of real estate companies starts in Berlin on Saturday. Major investors rethink their commitment in the capital., April 04, 2019

The ZDF colleagues have calculated how much a family of four would have to spend on a stadium visit, including a snack and drink. The results? Just so much: we rethink just our family planning.
11Freunde, August 28, 2018

After reducing this year's sales target, Vontobel wants the buy recommendation for the shares of the solar supplier Meyer Burger rethink - And: Dwindling index fantasies at the luxury goods company Richemont., August 16, 2018

Our exclusive data analysis shows how different city and country tick. Appreciate with - and rethink Your prejudices., October 6, 2018

Beijing (ParsToday / IRNA) - The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has urged Washington to address the serious human rights problems in the US rethink and not to intervene in other countries.
ParsToday, October 13, 2018

The Northern Irish rethink their affiliation.
Frankfurter Rundschau, February 4th, 2020

Why the Austrian federal government its refugee policy right now rethink and should show more foresight and backbone., April 08, 2020

Grew up with the lure of fast fashion rethink young people their consumer behavior., November 18, 2019

Vorarlberg's ÖVP governor Wallner wants the government program in view of the financial consequences of the Corona crisis rethink - in Vorarlberg as well as in the federal government., April 23, 2020

The Catholic Church of Styria invites you to use the preparation time for Easter to set habits rethink and to think outside the box.
Kleine Zeitung, February 26, 2020

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • reflect (something)
  • to think (in peace)
  • to become aware of (something)
  • to go through your head (coll.)
  • to deal with (something)
  • (to think about something
  • concerns: to deal with something mentally; to give something to someone, to give something to someone; reflexive: think about something for yourself
  • brooding over: intransitive: thinking hard about something; grappling with nagging thoughts
  • klamüsern (coll.): examine something carefully, investigate, think about something carefully
  • ponder: intransitive: with preposition over + accusative or elevated with dative: thinking about a thing for a long time
  • ponder: thinking about something that has happened with the aim of arriving at an assessment or a solution; Indulge in thoughts on a certain topic
  • reflect (walk): throw back, mirror; Turning thoughts to one another, reflecting, rethinking (situation), considering something; strive for something, try to achieve something
  • think: significantly better or stronger
  • see (things) differently
  • develop a new perspective
  • think in a different direction
  • start again
  • rethink
  • rethink: think again, mostly with different premises and / or goals

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Dictionary entries

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think: ... think through, think, think ahead, think, think out, think in, think along, think, reconsider, rethink, blame, think ahead, think ahead, think away, think ahead ...

think: Thinking with a certain goal, sinking into thought, reconsidering a little Origin of the term: from prefix to ponder and lay synonyms: 1) reflect, ponder Examples of use: 1) He thought for a while how he should get out of the mess

hugsa: ... við (expect sth.), Halda (hold, mean) Subordinate terms: 1) e.g .: endurhugsa (think over), gjøgnumhugsa (think through), gjøllhugsa (think clearly), illhugsa ...

reflect: ... Meaning of the word / definition: 1) throw back, reflect 2) turn thoughts, reflect, rethink (situation), consider something 3) strive for something, try to achieve Origin of the term: ...

think: ... philosophize, puzzle, reflect, ponder, ponder, spin, madden, tinker, rethink, consider, use your mind Opposite words: 1) leave out ...

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