Will Microsoft Bing defeat Google

Can Bing Beat the Champion? [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you ever decide to play a little word game and someone says " Search the internet "you will likely reply to" Google "right away. "To Google "has become an everyday verb for online searches due to the almost complete dominance of the website in the search industry. But I say" almost-totally "because a search engine, although operating at a loss, is constantly irritated and Google is the goal of total dominance of the Internet made difficult. This search engine is of course Microsoft's Bing.

The constant attempts to outdo each other means that they are constantly innovating, and that's good for the end user (you are, by the way). But with all the changes on both sides, which search engine is actually the best? Is Bing really the hopeless outsider or do they have a big trump card that could piss off the proverbial apple cart? That is the theme of today's infographic, which looks at the search capabilities of every page.

After examining the infographic, what do you think? Is Google Cyberspace's Undisputed Untouchable Heavyweight Champion? Or is Bing the internet equivalent of Rocky Balboa, ready to get in the ring and take the title away? Which search function can decide all of this? All opinions and more boxing analogies in the comments section below.

Infographic source: www.onlinedegrees.com
Image source: Imjustcreative