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“In dubio pro reo” - In case of doubt for the accused - a criminal defense attorney knows exactly what your right is. Even in hopeless situations, even when defending a proven criminal, he will always try that best defense strategy to develop for his client in order to achieve the mildest judgment. That is exactly his job.

Criminal law is a difficult area of ​​law in which both the lawyer and his client look at the legal consequences with realistic prognoses got to. A defense lawyer therefore always stands between the victim and the perpetrator.

Which tasks a criminal law attorney has, but also how he becomes one and what he has earned, you can read in this guide. Finally, you can also inquire about selected Criminal law firms to inform.

What is a criminal law attorney?

In 1995, the Federal Bar Association introduced the specialist lawyer title "Specialist in criminal law" in a constitutional meeting and 1998 there were already the first of their kind: 194 lawyers specializing in criminal law. By 2014, the BRAK records, there were just a few 3,100 specialist lawyers qualified for criminal law as such.

A specialist lawyer for criminal law is also a Criminal defense attorney and he can too Public defender when called upon to do so in criminal proceedings. A public defender is always used when the defendant is still no lawyer of their own named, the procedural phase (can already be in Preliminary investigation be the case), however, requires criminal defense.

The BRAK's Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO) gives in § 13 the important special knowledge that lawyers for criminal law have to prove in order to earn the title of specialist lawyer:

  • Methodology and law of criminal defense and basic features of the relevant auxiliary sciences,
  • substantive criminal law including youth, narcotics, traffic, economic and tax criminal law;
  • Criminal procedural law including juvenile criminal and administrative offense proceedings as well as penal execution and penal law.

What does a lawyer do in criminal law?

A criminal law attorney can provide a comprehensive Knowledge of the law and have experience in criminal defense as he had to qualify for his job in particular.

One of his areas of activity is a effective and proper defense of his client and of course one Quality-compliant legal advice and support in all areas of Criminal justice. Some criminal law competencies should now be named.

A criminal law attorney will provide you with legal assistance if, for example, you are receiving a arrest or one Searching your home, business premises or your car are affected. With the help of a file inspection, the defense attorney can "take a look at the situation" and with you the best defense strategies discuss.

The same applies if you have a Mayhem have committed, but also if you have fallen victim to such a thing. Then the lawyer can help you in matters Victim assistance advise and support. Even in the Custody A criminal defense attorney is at your side legally.

you have one Subpoena receive? Check with a criminal law attorney to find out how to act in this situation. Regardless of whether murder, Fraud, drug offenses, White-collar crime or sexual offenses - in such cases you should contact a criminal defense attorney. He honestly and competently takes on the defense of criminal offenses of all kinds. He weighs up honest and fearless the realistic legal consequences and is always trying to get the mildest judgment for his client, especially in criminal law a perpetrator cannot always avoid legal consequences.

In special cases, the lawyer for criminal law Assessment, such as, for example, have a forecast report drawn up. This is the case, for example, with sexual offenses.

In cases of Delayed bankruptcy a criminal defense attorney examines the individual case-related reasons for punishing and mitigating guilt. Likewise, the lawyer will advise you on one Self-disclosure in case of a tax evasion.

How do you become a specialist lawyer in criminal law?

A future specialist lawyer for criminal law has various requirements to fulfill in order to practice as a lawyer in criminal law. So writes Section 5 of the FAO the acquisition of special practical experience. At least the lawyer has to 60 criminal cases edit in advance and at the same time 40 main negotiation days take part in the lay judge's court or a higher court. To do this it applies to one Specialist lawyer course participate, the total 120 hours takes and usually with three exams concludes.

Furthermore, the lawyer must submit a three-year admission own and within the past six years have worked as a lawyer in order to be awarded the title of specialist attorney by the bar association.

But - to take another big step back - at the beginning there is legal training, which is part of a university begins. If a willing defense lawyer wants to become a criminal defense attorney, he must first complete an academic degree in law.

This course lasts in its regular time nine semesters and concludes with the famous first state examination in which the student writes five to seven exams. Good preparation is particularly important here. The number varies depending on the state. The fact is, however, that the examination field revolves around the three major areas of law:

  • Criminal law
  • civil right
  • Public law

If the student has mastered this first major hurdle, he can already become a Half lawyer feel and actually label. The two-year period follows the first state examination Legal clerkship at. During this time, half of the lawyers earned their money in various dishes and collected many practice-oriented skills. Even in court, because a trainee lawyer can also work as a Public defender be used in criminal defense.

After this practical period, the last sprint takes place on the finish line to become a fully qualified lawyer: that second state examination or also assessor exams. This exam is very different from the first exam, as this is a purely state exam. State Justice Offices check the semi-lawyer one last time for his legal and judicial qualifications.

Does the Fully qualified lawyer Now that he has reached his goal, he has the opportunity to gain a foothold in every classic legal area and in the course of it professional career to obtain the title of specialist attorney; such as the criminal defense attorney or specialist lawyer in criminal law.

What does a criminal law attorney earn?

If you look at that Income from the lawyer, then it turns out that he is definitely one of the higher earners on the market; after all, an enormous one comes to him responsibility to when processing legal cases.

But regardless of whether a criminal defense attorney or an employment law attorney, every attorney receives his fees under the Lawyers' Remuneration Act (RVG) or through the agreement of a Compensation Agreement with the client.

The remuneration agreements are in particular Time and fee agreements. These are basically possible instead of a statutory settlement, especially if they include higher amounts than under the RVG.

However, a lawyer should not be too euphoric here, as there is also a remuneration agreement legal regulations must hold. Rather, this agreement is a kind Budgetthat lawyers have to orientate themselves by. Therefore, as an example, an initial legal consultation may cost a maximum of 190 euros plus sales tax.

Otherwise, the remuneration agreement should always balance the premises Performance, responsibility and liability risk lie. Sometimes it also happens that no agreement has been reached between the parties. In such a case, the lawyer must follow the instructions in the Civil Code.

The costs for a lawyer in criminal law are primarily based on the Item value, around which the legal case revolves. On top of that usually comes the Lump sum for expenses of the lawyer as well as the value-added or value added tax.

Basically, the lawyer's salary is based on the right from the start of his career powerthat he provides in terms of work. Hence are known ways Bonuses and Participation in sales a common practice within a law firm.

There are also big ones among lawyers Fluctuations in earnings, which are distributed regionally across the whole of Germany and even among the law firms there are once again large differences in salaries.

The costs for a criminal defense attorney will be covered by Treasuryif the lawyer is called up as public defender.

The Lawyer gazette from German Lawyers Association (DAV) has an interesting Salaries and recruitment report conducted and discussed the average salaries of lawyers specializing in criminal law. We would now like to introduce these to you.

It's not that easy for a criminal defense attorney, right Top salaries retract, because specialist lawyers, who are often called Public defender occur, are mainly remunerated within the framework of the RVG and hardly on the basis of a remuneration agreement, which are generally higher. Yet there are law firms that are ostensibly on Fee basis work.

In comparison, the lawyer earns the least in criminal law east Germany with about 28,000 to 38,500 euros. Then follows the north with an annual gross salary of 30,000 to 48,000 euros. In Southern Germany the salary increases on average 35,000 to 49,000 euros on and in west the defense attorney earns most of it in the Federal Republic 28,000 to 60,000 euros gross - whereby the range is also the largest here.

Which professional associations are there?

A professional association stands up for its members, usually one specific occupational group belong. Your interests, primarily based on professional ethics, are of greater relevance for such an association. That is why many professional associations advocate the further development of science, organize forums for exchange and offer Training opportunities for the ideal qualification of those working in the professional field. Criminal law lawyers also have some options of joining an association actively participate. We will now introduce these to you.

Working Group on Criminal Law (DAV)

The AG Criminal Law has already 1985 formed within the German Lawyers Association. She would like the independent and secure unrestricted criminal defense as well as promote to enhance their effectiveness. It goes without saying that it also offers a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge, and it leads nationwide training events by.

Already more than 3,100 members are in the community. An autumn colloquium takes place every two years, as well as a spring symposium and the "Petersberg Days" every two years. Current criminal law issues are in the foreground at these events. At the autumn colloquium, the AG has been awarding the Honorary award "pro reo", which stands for the honor for special commitment in the promotion of effective and independent criminal defense.

since 1995 members also receive the Monthly magazine StraFo "Defense lawyer forum", which provides information on court decisions as well as legislative proposals and new specialist books. Also Specialist courses in criminal law are mediated through the AG

German Defense Defense Association V. (DSV)

This association works to ensure that its members are qualified to do so competent and qualified advice in order to be able to help those seeking advice in criminal law with in-depth knowledge. A lawyer can do this via the DSV Specialist lawyer course graduate and focus on various Training eventsthat periodically nationwide take place on current topics.

It is also important to the German Defense Defense Association that Publicity about the area of ​​law too to inform and also to make the connection to the ancillary criminal laws recognizable. On top of that, the DSV offers the possibility Certification programs participate, for example as Certified defense lawyer for juvenile criminal law or business law to qualify. In addition, the lawyers can participate in various specialist committees.

White Collar Criminal Law Association V. (WisteV)

The WisteV is a still young nationwide association that was founded in 2009. On the face of it, he sits down with the Promotion of science and teaching of white collar crime apart. So far the association has over 400 members. In particular, a interdisciplinary exchange be promoted.

For publications and events, such as the annual conference, the Promotion of the next generation important attention in the area. The online magazine WisteV-Journal deals with current white collar crime issues. The WisteV price, which is endowed with 1,000 euros. The award honors the best dissertation or habilitation in white collar crime.

Which law firms are there?

There are quite a few law firms active in criminal defense in Germany. We have you once three picked out of it and want you this and above all their fields of activity Short introduction.

Law firm Kolja Zaborowski - lawyer and specialist lawyer for criminal law, Berlin

Zaborowski is a lawyer since 2008 Specialist lawyer for criminal law. For more than ten years he has been working on mandates in the field of criminal law and administrative offense law. In doing so, he represents his clients in court as a criminal defense attorney, but also before the police and the Public prosecutor.

To his Workspaces belong:

  • Criminal defense
  • Defense in administrative offense proceedings and fines (traffic law)
  • Victim counseling and accessory prosecution for sexual offenses and violent crimes

The defense attorney stands for one individual legal advice and takes for you File inspections before, to work out an optimal strategy. As an attorney for the Victim counseling he supports his clients throughout the entire course of the proceedings and bets for them Claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering by. In addition, as a victim lawyer, he also checks how press reports are to be dealt with and, if necessary, ensures that the Publicity is excluded from the case.

Law firm for corporate criminal law - Wessing & Partner, Düsseldorf

The law firm Wessing & Partner specializes in Commercial and criminal tax law designed and is considered one of the most renowned law firms in Germany. The lawyers are also used for their work international active. In addition, they can demonstrate extensive experience through numerous preliminary proceedings and main negotiations.

To their Competencies belong:

  • Banking and capital market law
  • Criminal proceedings against doctors and clinics
  • Individual defense
  • International criminal law
  • Defense on allegations of corruption
  • Tax law and advice on voluntary disclosures
  • Customs and foreign trade law
  • Internal investigations and IT forensics
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Antitrust and Competition Law

In addition to her qualification as a specialist lawyer, attorney Wessing also has a license to practice medicine and speaks multiple languages, as well as the other lawyers in the firm. Teamwork see them as the key to efficient advice. They also see the connection between criminal law and other areas of law in-depth knowledge and therefore advise their clients with a strategic litigation competence.

Steinberger & Heindl law firm - lawyers and specialist lawyers for criminal law, Munich

The firm has been over 50 years active in criminal law. The defense attorneys Steinberger and Heindl represented nationwide Clients.They protect you from risks and want to achieve the best possible result for their clients. Besides that, the lawyers are familiar with the media as they are already attending high-profile criminal cases have worked.

To their Fields of activity belong:

  • Juvenile Criminal Law
  • Narcotics
  • Custody
  • House search
  • Victim representation
  • Capital criminal law
  • Subpoena
  • General criminal law

You will be represented by the defense attorney in court and in the public prosecutor's office and will receive all of you Information about your rights and a individual defense strategy. In an emergency, the law firm can always reach a lawyer, who is here 24 hour service is offered.

This is how you can find the law firm you can trust

Finding a suitable lawyer is often difficult, especially when it comes to a lawyer working in criminal law, as this is especially about the Skill in terms of tactics goes. With the following simple Tips, you can check out the Lawyer search simplify:

  • A call to the Bar Association can help, as you will be given information about the law firms and lawyers in your region
  • Sometimes you can too Friends, Known or the family recommend a lawyer
  • Even on the Websites the law firms and specialist lawyers can already read some information - take a look
  • Let yourself be one first consultation give and pay attention to simple points like Order and Cleanliness
  • Note: a specialist lawyer is only allowed in Germany a maximum of three specialist lawyer titles have
  • Feel free to ask which one exercise the lawyer has already collected in the defense of clients
  • A trusted lawyer will prepare one for you at your request rough display of the applicable fees
  • If you have caught a really good criminal defense attorney, he will be your very first advisory and introductory meeting no costs impose
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Lawyer specializing in criminal law and defense attorney
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