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10 of the most important moments in the music industry

Sometimes things happen that we know immediately that they will change our lives fundamentally. Nothing will ever be the same again. Since music became a mass product through recordings and concerts, major changes have taken place in the history of the music industry.

Nowadays many fear that the music industry is in a hopeless situation and that the digital availability of music has finally sealed the fate of many musicians and labels. On the other hand, there are also people who see the Internet as an opportunity and as a new “golden age” of unlimited possibilities.

Here is a list of 10 key moments that have happened in the music industry over the past few decades. Some have influenced the history of the music industry for the better, others perhaps for the worse. You can find the full length on the Virgin Music Blog, a summarized version of it right here:

  1. After this Radiohead had released six albums on the EMI label, in 2007 they released their seventh studio album "In rainbows“On my own and without a label. For the first time, fans were able to choose the price they wanted to pay for an album.
  2. Lou Reed released an album in 1975 called "Metal Machine Music“, On which only noise could be heard. Since there were no recognizable songs or melodies, the album was labeled "Noise Music," which was highly provocative at the time.
  3. Rage Against the Machine had it on thanks to views on social media platforms Christmas 2009 managed to get one Number 1 hit after only the songs of X-Factor candidates were number 1 for years.
  4. NWA in 1988 because of their song "Fuck tha police“A official warning from the FBI to get.
  5. In 2000 moved MetallicaNapster in courtwhich meant the bankruptcy of the platform, which was branded as a notorious “copyright infringer”.
  6. Prince changed his name to an icon in 1993 (and was henceforth called "the artist formerly known as prince") to get out of a contract with Warner Bros.
  7. The song "Relax" of Frankie Goes to Hollywood was launched in 1984 by Radio BBC 1 not playedbecause it was deemed too ambiguous. This ban, of course, helped the song all the more to become a huge hit.
  8. 1956 has Elvis ‘stage appearance on the Milton Burle Show caused huge controversy because his famous hip swing was just too ecstatic to the raging crowd.
  9. The "Sex Pistols " reached 1977 with their anti-fascist and anti-royalist song "God Save the Queen“Number 1 in the charts - and this although many radio stations did not play the song at all or only with reservations.
  10. The song "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead" from the movie "The Wizard of Oz“Shot to number 2 on the UK charts in 2013 after the death of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. However, it was rated more as a controversial reaction to a news item than as a music hit.
Do you have any suggestions or ideas? which events have significantly shaped the history of the music business? Do you think Elvis ‘Hips swing is still way too hot for the public these days? If so, then let's go to our comment function below!


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