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Translation of "Do you never read the newspaper" in English

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I hope my SMS are you reading Not.
They're so married, Josh! Well, I hope you're not reading my texts.
Until now are you reading only about it in tabloids.
Are you reading still this ridiculous biography?
Are you reading any anime or manga books?
Are you reading ever about magical things?
Maybe are you reading the result does not turn out correctly.
Maybe you're just not looking at this the right way.
Since when are you reading because newspaper?
First are you reading me back again, promise me.
Are you reading those in your free time?
Since when are you reading Gossip Girl?
And since when did you begin reading "gossip girl" blasts anyway?
Well at least are you reading Not.
But my article continues on your pages, and in it are you reading forever.
But my article is continued in the section you've been reading since before John wrote his gospel.
A beautiful story are you reading many books?
Hanne Darboven: Are you reading me?
How long are you reading already at it?
How so are you reading Pride and Prejudice?
Until this evening are you reading no coffee grounds.
No fortunes for you till the evening.
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