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10 signs that YOU should quit as soon as possible

In our last article, we presented you with 10 signs that you are about to quit. The following are 10 situations in which you should better consider running away voluntarily.

1. Reason for termination in sight?

Numbers, data, facts.

Logically, nobody likes to mess around with key figures if they are not working on the annual report. A quick look at basic numbers, however, often quickly reveals what otherwise remains hidden and catches you off guard when you least expect it. You should look out for the following signs from time to time:

Troubled market situation?

No market is stable, many markets are in constant motion. Adaptability is not only the key to surrender for individuals, but also ensures a successful future for every company. Declines in sales could be an indication that the new market situation was overslept.


If equity falls, for whatever reason, the money faucet from financing banks could soon run dry. Without sufficient equity capital, very few banks have long patience.
No payment behavior?

Is your wages coming late for the third time?

This does not necessarily have to be directly attributable to sloppily implemented internal processes. Often customers are to be blamed. If payments are made too late, the company often finds itself in situations in which advance payments have to be made in order to be able to pay out the fixed costs, such as wages and salaries. Liquidity bottlenecks can occur, but should be taken seriously.

2. Reason for termination: Service according to regulations aka total boredom

Short phases of unpleasant or seemingly superfluous tasks are acceptable, but if this becomes permanent you should ask yourself what you are actually doing here.

Those who are not challenged rarely find a meaningful component in their work.

One or the other may initially think, great, time for Facebook and online shopping. But too much time at work becomes a curse faster than many would like.

3. Talent not a requirement? Time to cancel!

The day when you can finally prove your skills may never come.

Only one thing helps and that is a face-to-face conversation with your manager. If you get the feeling very quickly that a change in the situation does not seem to be on the plan in the future, it is time to leave.

Change is tough and involves many risks and uncertainty, no one will deny that. But what is the alternative?

A job change is actually standard today

A job change in the résumé may show ambition. In addition to income, is it most important to you to identify with the goals and practices of your employer? That goes down well. An employee who realizes personal goals with the help of his job can hardly be surpassed in his motivations and a real added value for every company.

4. No development in the job

Getting used to the status quo happens faster than you think. You can quickly get stuck in your job.

You should always keep in mind that while you are not developing yourself, others are working out exactly this lead. If you reorient yourself too late, it is possible that others are ahead.

5. Caution dictates the day

If you have to think for hours before saying something, that doesn't necessarily speak for a healthy corporate culture.

Do you take a strategic approach to when you will say which sentence or what you better keep to yourself for fear of consequences, even though it might be a good idea?

Self-realization is probably not included here. If you think you can handle it, you should ask yourself how long it will last.

The same applies here as when choosing a university place. If you realize immediately that this is not what you can pull off for the next 10 years without psychological support, it is better to switch sooner rather than later.

6. I don't care?

Established companies seem to have not yet noticed what many start-ups implement directly or do not consider them necessary. At least not yet ...

As soon as the competitors pull by, your future is also at stake through no fault of your own.

If you really don't get any kind of promotion in your company, your boss doesn't seem to care much about motivation. In smaller companies, funding can also be expressed differently than with expensive training courses and seminars.

Our tip: For a change, find an employer who appreciates the value of its employees. Both sides will benefit.

7. Isn't money everything in life?

So far we have focused on self-actualization. However, the financial goes hand in hand with the already mentioned employee development.

The demand for a reasonable wage should even be satisfied one level lower in the hierarchy of needs.

  • When things get tight every month, you should ask yourself whether your company is really worth so little and seek a conversation.
  • You don't have to be demanding, but you have to be determined. Often only those who know about their own market value receive respect.

Depending on the industry, the discreetly conveyed consideration of changing employers can also help. Of course, this only applies if you really pay underground.

8. The seas are getting rough in the industry

A wide variety of reasons lead to such situations, some of which are even on the annual agenda as standard. In this position, you better not be the last to leave the sinking ship. It is better to take the plunge into the deep end and look for new shores.

9. F ** cking Monday

If you are working towards the weekend as if it were the last resort at the end of a never-ending week, you are definitely in the wrong job. The hashtag, which is a reason to quit for many bosses, should make you think about it all by yourself.

10. Horrible bosses

Logical, everyone has their rough edges, including your boss. However, if it goes beyond that and drifts into the personal, you should perhaps bite the bullet. So if you are sure that you are not just reacting a little bit sensitive, look around again.

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