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Today with real estate market. Roller ski slope Beat Schilter and Obergoms Infrastruktur AG want to strengthen the summer. page 12


1 Z 3930 Visp r vintage Fri ZUTZFÜHRUG on the day, clock ZORRO D MUC Today with mmobilienmarkt editorial office Phone boservice Phone Media sales Phone es: Wallis Wallis port HT Requested Michael ellen, Director of Belalp Bahnen, wants to solve the parking problem in Blatten. Page 5 Beat chilter roller ski slope and the Obergoms infrastructure G want to strengthen the summer. For 12 ric Castonguay will stay with HC iders by one year. The usländer duo remains. page 15 Valais 2 12 TV programs 8 Obituaries 10 port usland 18/19/22 Economy / Stock Exchange 20 Switzerland 21 Where to go 23 Weather 24 Colorado (U) project team DG nlps Design Group plans the world's highest cog railway. The operational concept, surveying and engineering work for the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway come from Upper Valais. eiten 6/7 football more stringent controls at games of the FC itten Despicable? Greater security requirement. The canton wants to stick to the new measures. They didn't succeed on the first attempt. page 13 PHOTO MG MD / DR OTRM PHOTO ZVG letsch Variable vehicle for safety against fire Movable. Winter on caterpillars, summer on tires. FOTO MG MD Even without a route, efficient intervention is made in the event of a conflagration. he fire brigade comes slowly but surely on caterpillar vehicles on the letsch plateau in winter. in ebi-traktor as a one-off is the centerpiece. Page 9 KOMMTR prophets in their own right and The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway in Colorado (U) is a world record railway. No cog railway in the world goes higher than it does. The railway is currently being renewed with investments of 100 million dollars. A real model railway should turn it into an unparalleled tourist magnet. Those who plan and implement such a project only work with the best. And one of these is obviously a project team from Upper Valais, the DG nlps Design Group. That makes you sit up and take notice. In Upper Valais, it is repeatedly criticized that projects for which knowledge and skills are actually available go to German-speaking Switzerland and Valais companies are fed off with specific tasks. And now, of all people, these Americans are relying on Upper Valais expertise. When it comes to awarding jobs, those responsible in Valais hide behind the regulations of public procurement far too quickly. Every regulation is an imperative, possible game rooms are hardly used. There were already hair-raising things: For example, the fact that a planning office from Yon prevailed because of its instinct for Valais identity and was awarded the contract to design the Rotten bank from Gletsch to Lake Geneva. The prophet in his own right counts little. Apparently it takes mericans to recognize and use the skills and potential of companies in Upper Valais. athalie Benelli Mercedes-Benz Rent! U VP Sometimes that's a request concert after all. Because with Mercedes-Benz Rent you are completely mobile, regardless of the reason. Whether a spontaneous weekend trip, a trip with a lot of luggage, a van or a dream car for a wedding with Mercedes-Benz Rent, you will find the right rental car for your needs. And we also offer the right solution for business customers: for example, for long-term peaks in orders, for business trips or company cars that are required at short notice. We have your Plan B. Now at your Garage Moderne G Walpen Visp

2 2 Walliser Bote W BTMMUGBOT Rien ne va plus n the coming weekend, Switzerland will vote on two proposals, on the popular initiative “More affordable housing” and the expansion of the anti-discrimination norm. The “Walliser Bote” has published editorial articles, statements and eser letters on this in the past few days and weeks. With tomorrow's issue, the voting messenger will now be closed. Only mailings will be published which will arrive at the editorial office by Wednesday at midnight today. The editors Fraud case 2.2 million Zermatt community gets back stolen money Foreclosure auction under police protection BRCHTGUG Rieder will no longer end up in the fall. Hans-Jakob Rieder. A mistake crept in on the report from the day on the observations of the Upper Valais municipal presidents (who wants to do it again?). Hans-Jakob Rieder will no longer run as mayor of Wiler this autumn. We had erroneously written that he was more inclined to run again. We regret the mistake and apologize to Hans-Jakob Rieder for the inconvenience. FFH, not FernUni The title of yesterday's short message about the new deputy director at the FFH FernUni was wrong. As stated in the text, Martin Henzen is now Vice Director at FFH and not at FernUni. We ask for your caution. The editorial team KURZ UD KOMPKT FOTO ZVG Health Survey W As part of its considerations for long-term care planning, the Health Service launched a cantonal study together with the Valais Health Observatory. On the one hand, health professionals are interviewed; these are supposed to express their assessments and expectations towards the social-medical institutions and the angzeitpflege. On the other hand, 7,000 randomly selected people over the age of 60 will shortly receive a questionnaire. The authorities encourage recipients to take part in the survey so that the planning can be tailored as best as possible to the needs of the population. The nonymity of the returns is guaranteed. wb severely injured VYOZ A seriously injured man was found yesterday morning in front of a house in Veysonnaz. This was then flown to the capital itten; he is in critical condition. Based on the investigations so far, the canton police assume that the man, a 22-year-old tourist from Belgium, fell from the building. The prosecution is investigating the exact circumstances that led to the fall. wb jam-packed. The foreclosure auction of two apartments at the instigation of the municipality of Zermatt met with great interest from potential buyers. VP The foreclosure auction of two apartments in Zermatt brought the municipality of Zermatt 2.2 million francs into the municipal coffers on Tuesday. In doing so, she has recovered the majority of 2.6 million francs that she had been cheated out of years ago by the Zermatt waterworks and his accomplices. ORBRT ZGFF Justice In the case of the fatal industrial accident at Riedberg, the criminal proceedings are suspended. OBRW In the case of the fatal industrial accident in the Riedberg tunnel, the public prosecutor has now discontinued the criminal proceedings against the site manager and foreman. n June 28, 2018, there was an industrial accident at the tunnel construction site for 9 “Riedberg” in which one person died and a second person suffered serious injuries. The public prosecutor of the canton of Valais announced on Tuesday that it had discontinued the criminal proceedings against the site manager of the tunnel construction site and the foreman on suspicion of negligent homicide and negligent serious bodily harm. The foreclosure auction in the ula of the agricultural center in Visp was under police protection because the Zermatt municipality had previously received an auction threat. However, under the leadership of Lwin Gemmet, head of the Visp debt enforcement office, there were no incidents that would have required the intervention of the two cantonal police officers. There was great interest in the two 4-room apartments put up for auction in a Zermatt apartment and holiday home as well as in two garages in the “Biner multi-storey car park”. The around 70 seats at the ula were completely occupied. Among them were representatives of the municipality of Zermatt, who were authorized to bid if the objects should change hands under the municipality's asking price. The management chats for the two apartments were each over a million francs. One apartment is currently occupied by the former water works, the other is rented to tourists until the end of April. This concerns apartments in a four-storey house built in 1965 that are in need of renovation and do not have a view of the Matterhorn. However, the real estate makes its proximity to the Zermatt train station and the unnegga railway valuable. The bids for the apartments jumped out of the protective cage As it says in the notification, an independent geologist as an expert on behalf of the public prosecutor examined the accident site. The geology of the tunnel, the driving method chosen by the construction management and the safety measures taken by the construction management were also analyzed. The investigation has shown that a few hours before the accident at work, the first rock had already broken off the face of the tunnel. Nobody was injured during this, as the workers were always driven horizontally to the tunnel face from behind with the lifting platform. The workers are protected in this lifting platform with a massive protective cage. The aforementioned rock demolition, however, led to hardly any delay after the auction by lwin Gemmet began. It quickly became clear that a handful of bidders were willing to pay more than a million Swiss francs. Ultimately, the Zermatt real estate entrepreneur Mario Julen had the edge. r offered a total of francs for the two apartments. None of the bidders wanted to outbid this amount. However, the municipality only has around 2.2 million francs left, as one of the apartments has a CHF mortgage in favor of Raiffeisenbank Mischabel-Matterhorn. The two garages in the “Biner multi-storey car park” with a valuation of francs each were auctioned off quickly. One went to Yvo Fux from Zermatt for a price of francs, the other to Fux Projekt GmbH in Visp for a price of francs. With this auction, the municipality of Zermatt was able to identify a defect in the lifting platform. During the repair, another rock crash occurred and the two men jumped out of the protective basket. One worker was fatally injured, the other seriously. The public prosecutor's office also states that neither of the two victims was hit by a stone when the rock was broken off. They had jumped out of the protected lifting cage, although the instruction was to remain on the safe lifting platform and in the protective cage in the event of a break. PHOTO MG MD / DR OTRM to get back a large part of 2.6 million francs that the former Zermatt waterworks had cheated on them. Over a period of around ten years, he had defrauded the community of around 3.5 million francs with the help of accomplices. Ultimately, the former water works of the Visp District Court was sentenced in May 2017 to a prison sentence of 12 months unconditional and 24 months conditional for commercial fraud and multiple falsification of documents in the mt. Three accomplices were also found guilty. While the main perpetrator owes the entire offense to the community, two of the accomplices are liable for 1.75 million or Swiss francs. However, the district court came to the conclusion that the perpetrators only had to repay CHF 2.6 million to the municipality of Zermatt. Driving method adapted to the conditions The investigation also showed that the driving method chosen by the site management and the safety measures taken were adapted to the difficult geological conditions of the Riedberg. Although working on the tunnel face is associated with a residual risk inherent in civil engineering, there was no increased safety risk due to any wrong strategic and operational decisions by the construction management, according to the public prosecutor. The people entrusted with the planning, project management and overall management of this major project would not have made themselves liable to prosecution. o Neither the accused site manager nor the foreman are to be accused of criminal acts or omissions, which is why the criminal proceedings were discontinued in November 2019 with a legally binding ruling. wb

3 W 3 nfrastructure “Art in building” is too expensive for those who pay dear Valais municipalities are defending themselves W n the framework of the revision of the Culture Promotion Act, the artistic aspect of public buildings should also be given greater consideration. That would also mean that the buildings would be around 0.5 to two percent more expensive up to a maximum amount of Swiss francs. The Association of Valais municipalities is resisting this. n January 2019, the Department for Building Construction, Monument Preservation and Archeology, the Departments for Mobility and Culture presented a joint report in which the architectural enhancement of public buildings by means of artistic elements was discussed. As a result, in February 2019 the State Council set up a working group made up of the cantonal architect, the heads of the Mobility and Culture departments and the head of the cantonal office for Rhone water engineering. Your mandate: to evaluate the interest and to develop the modalities for a definition of the scope and characteristics of art in public buildings and to propose legal and regulatory changes in order to implement the new guidelines. Buildings up to two percent more expensive These proposals are now on the table. The legislative changes have been sent for consultation. The sticking points are likely to be that the art of building should no longer apply exclusively to building construction, but is now also being applied to civil engineering work. Also the financial framework for art in construction. If it goes according to the proposal of the State Council, more funds are to be made available in future for the artistic design of public buildings, such as the parliament building here. PHOTO MG MD will spark discussions. o the budget for the buildings should be increased between 0.5 and two percent simply because of the artistic aspects. The maximum amount of additional costs for public buildings should be limited to Swiss francs per building. The working group is of the opinion that expanding the circle of buildings that benefit from the Art in Architecture project enables a wider circle of beneficiaries to be supported. On the other hand, the presence of art in public space is also strengthened. An expansion to the field of civil engineering will bring art to the entire population and make an important contribution to the tourist attraction and the quality of the living space. Association of municipalities wants voluntariness The association of Valais municipalities, chaired by téphane Coppey, mayor of Monthey, rejects many approaches to the new legislation. "We firmly reject the systematic, legally prescribed obligation to use art in building in projects by municipalities that are subsidized by the state," the association writes in its official statement. The planned revision of the law will lead to a general increase in construction costs for publicly subsidized buildings of 0.5 to two percent, which the dear payer has to bear. This is in no way justifiable. The adjustments would also result in additional administrative expenses for the municipalities for the bidding and competition procedures as well as for the planned management of an inventory of all art-in-building projects. "We demand that it is left to the municipalities to decide on a voluntary basis whether or not they want to include art-in-construction projects in their building projects, regardless of whether they are subsidized by the state or not," emphasizes the municipal association . The community association also rejects the extension of the law to civil engineering. It is absolutely incomprehensible that art-building projects are to be systematically planned for trassen. The maximum amount of francs earmarked for artistic design per building is also too high. The community association would like a deeper approach. wek Berghilfe Support contributions from Swiss Mountain Aid 2019 were slightly lower 2.1 million francs for 41 projects W Last year, Swiss Mountain Aid supported 41 projects in Valais with a total of 2.122 million francs. The foundation's ammel campaign this year is all about renewable energies. FRZ MYR In 2018, Berghilfe awarded CHF 2.582 million for Valais projects, just under CHF more than in the previous year. The amount of the annual financial aid depends primarily on the size of the individual supported projects and can fluctuate from year to year, says Kilian Gasser, who is responsible for the media for projects in German-speaking Switzerland. According to one statement, the 2019 mountain aid funds in Valais are divided between 25 projects in agriculture, nine in tourism, four commercial projects and one project each in the areas of education, energy and health. Rdwärme instead of rdöl Because the current Ammelkampagne focuses on renewable energies in the mountain area, Berghilfe particularly emphasizes the heating renovation in the restaurant onza in Wiler. In the restaurant, the oil heating from 1972 had to be replaced because the gas regulations could no longer be complied with. The couple of hosts, mbros and Bernarda Henzen, decided to install an environmentally friendly round probe heating system and received a financial injection from mountain aid for this. By saving oil costs, “considerable budget relief” can be achieved in the future when heating the restaurant, the foundation reports. Thanks to the money saved, the popular pub can develop economically and generate additional added value in the mountain area.Mountain aid funds were also available for the first responder project in Oberwald (personal inserts), the construction of a day care center by the Bellwald Family association in Bellwald and the roof renovation at the Refuge du Grammont at Taney-ee in Miex. Promoting energy from local resources owing to the geographic and climatic conditions, the conditions in the mountain area are ideal for generating electricity and heat from water, sun, wind or wood. Technical progress makes it possible to make energy generation more and more efficient. The importance of energy projects for the mountain area is great: local raw materials are used economically on site, which creates jobs and increases added value in the mountain area. Even small entrepreneurs from the energy sector, Berghilfe supports people in very remote areas who have to produce electricity and heat for their own needs. "We have already supported mountain farming families with the creation of a wood heating system or a mountain pub with the construction of a photovoltaic system," says Kurt Zgraggen, co-managing director of Swiss mountain aid. n the past ten years, Swiss mountain aid has supported 74 sustainable energy projects with just under 3.8 million francs. Of this, CHF 1.015 million flowed into Valais. Five projects for energy production were financially supported, including the expansion of the district heating network with the central wood chip heating in an environmentally friendly way. The onza restaurant in Wiler will receive a probe heating system. PHOTO ZVG rnen (2014). Berghilfe also spoke in 2018 for the construction of a pelletizing plant, which will form the first stage of the Z Brigg energy park, which is also planned in Rnen. Berghilfe was able to collect grants and donations amounting to CHF 35.6 million last year. This amount is more than ten million francs higher than the long-term average. Funding was available for a total of 613 projects in the areas of agriculture, tourism, trade, energy, forest and wood, education, health and emergency aid.

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5 W 5 Tourism Probably no agreement on automatic visitor tax collection via irbnb Independent daily newspaper, founded in 1840 Publisher Fredy Bayard eser: (certified WMF 2019) Edition: xpl. (certified WMF 2019) boservice: Mengis Druck und Verlag G Pomonastrasse 12, 3930 Visp Tel, Fax Journalistic pus: rmin Bregy (bra) Editor-in-chief: Herold Bieler (hbi) Members of the editor-in-chief: Werner Koder (wek), David Biner (dab) Editing: Thomas Rieder (tr), Franz Mayr (fm), Martin Kalbermatten (mk), Melanie Biaggi (meb), Daniel Zumoberhaus (zum), Fabio Pacozzi (pac), Martin chmidt (mas), Matthias ummermatter (msu), orbert Zengaffinen (zen), Perrine ndereggen (pan), Marcel Theler (tma), drien Woeffray (awo) port: Hans-Peter Berchtold (bhp), Roman areida (rlr), lban lbrecht (alb), lan Daniele (ada) tagiaire: David Taugwalder (tad) usland / switzerland: tefan ggel (seg) culture: athalie Benelli (ben), othar Berchtold (blo) editorial secretariat: Rosemarie Wyssen (rwy) permanent staff: dr. lois Grichting (ag.) Publications: imon Kalbermatten (ks) Annual subscription: Fr (including 2.5% VAT) Retail price: Fr (including 2.5% VAT) Annual digital subscription: Fr (including 2.5%) VAT) taking obituary notices: Mon. Fri. / p.m. phone from p.m. and o.m. phone number: admission, administration and disposition: eiter marketing and sales: Daniel der, key account management: lisabeth Forny-Tenisch, Kurt ellen advertising advice: Bianca Hanslik, Carmen Pfammatter , Urs Gsponer, Reto Zimmermann, Olivier ummermatter advertising prices: Basic tariff nnoncen-mm: For classified ads up to 150 mm: For real estate / job market: For advertising-mm: For text connection: For all prices excl. 7.7% VAT. Technical details: etched mirror 284 x 440 mm Central early distribution: Franziska chmid, letters: The editorial staff expressly reserves the right to publish or shorten inserts and letters. No correspondence will be conducted. Copyrights: Printed advertisements may not be copied, edited or used in any other way by unauthorized third parties, either in whole or in part. In particular, it is forbidden to feed your data into online services in processed form. Any violation of this prohibition will be prosecuted. : CVPO publication organ Discussions suspended in part W Seven cantons have already reached agreements on tourism taxes with the irbnb overnight accommodation platform. n Valais one is still a long way from that, because the canton is an exceptional case. DR WOFFRY since last day, irbnb automatically collects the visitor's taxes in the canton of Friborg during the booking process and forwards them to the tourism association. This is the seventh agreement of this rt. This has been the case in uzern since January 2020. In the cantons of Zurich, Basel, Chaffhausen and Zug, such agreements have also been in place for some time. eere promises? It is uncertain whether an agreement with the overnight platform will one day be reached in Valais. Beat Rieder, President of the Walliser Tourismuskammer (WTK), has been a thorn in the side of this topic for a long time. r calls for the same length of piss for everyone. At the 2018 WTK General Assembly in Usten, he asked the canton to “clarify the open points on irbnb's market conditions”. At the same General Assembly, ric Bianco, head of the Economic Development Department (DWT), spoke as deputy for Councilor Christophe Darbellay. According to the AGM protocol, he also spoke about specific projects: "The canton is in talks with irbnb regarding the collection of tourist tax and is developing a guide." That was a little over a year and a half ago. And since then? Where are the discussions and what is in the thread? Rieder Tourismus Not enough parking spaces: m atischerberg are there any suggestions for solutions in the area New parking spaces for Blatten? BTT n absolute peak days, winter sports enthusiasts on the atischerberg lack enough parking spaces. Mountain railways, tourism and the community are tackling the problem. Provisional parking spaces at the village entrance are also up for debate. MTTH UMMRMTTR If there are not enough parking spaces for a host of winter sports enthusiasts, one could actually speak of a luxury problem. Not so in Blatten. Because during Christmas and New Year the vehicles were parked in rows on the sidewalk. Sometimes the column reached down from the mountain railway station to the village entrance. The result: chaotic scenes in through traffic. Such conditions are to be avoided in the future. Representatives of the mountain railway, tourism and the community have already initiated the first measures. others could follow. This in the knowledge that the effort for the few peak days per winter season must be kept within limits. Pushing trips with public transport l as a short-term measure, free trips with the Postbus are offered on the February weekends. has «no current information» on the status of the negotiations. The competence does not lie with the WTK, but with the state. "The WTK has so far refrained from political interventions, given the fact that the canton is conducting the talks," said Rieder. Difficult implementation ric Bianco, head of DWT, confirms discussions about a possible implementation of the nkassos with irbnb. "It has been shown that the implementation would be anything but easy, technically and, above all, administratively, due to the differences in the design of the taxis in the municipalities," he wrote when asked. The Chief of Service is currently keeping a low profile with regard to the guideline as well. Internally, a draft for the guide had been drawn up and the communities should be informed about tourism taxes soon. At the moment this is not possible “due to various ongoing proceedings in relation to the tourist tax regulations before the federal court”. They want to wait for the outcome of the proceedings in order to then inform the municipalities “en bloc”. Railway and Tourism Director Michael ellen is convinced that this service will have an effect. The responsible councilor Charlotte Alzmann-Briand is of the same opinion: "The response from the population is positive." After all, there are enough parking spaces in aters to travel comfortably to Blatten in the «yellow class». And if necessary, the police or fire brigade should intercept the day visitors "downstairs" and draw their attention to the service. In general, ellen continues, the aim is to make guests even more aware of public transport use. Corresponding offers are required for this. o From June, for example, the trip to Belalp will also be included in the general subscription (G). "Talks with the landowners are ongoing" Michael ellen Railway and Tourism Director Blatten-Belalp Wildes Parkieren. In future, people would no longer want to see scenes like this in Blatten. But ellen also remains realistic and says: "The parking problem is not solved by the free Postbus." s need long-term measures. First deen are already available. Pastures could serve as parking areas o If up to 5000 square meters of pasture area would initially be suitable for temporary parking areas, ellen is convinced. But without giving any specific details. Because: "Talks with the landowners are ongoing." However, the dee would be to lay a special grid on the pastures made available so that they do not make any progress in winter for either. Beat Rieder at the WTK-GV in June onderfall Valais The fact that there are difficulties with the implementation of a visitor's tax collection is also due to the cantonal characteristics. This is confirmed by both Rieder and Bianco. “There are difficulties in Valais because most destinations work with different models,” says Rieder. The tourism taxes in Valais are communal, not cantonal taxes. "Since these are communal duties, the Valais municipalities would have to negotiate directly with irbnb", says Bianco. In the eptembersession 2018, the State Council dealt with a corresponding postulate and approved the Grand Councils, “that one has to think about the legal position of those landlords who rent out a large number of objects via online booking platforms”. It is now necessary to clarify whether, in principle, not all commercial landlords of living space are to be subject to the same requirements. The State Council therefore proposes that vehicles should be used as part of a future revision. in huttle could ensure the connection to the gondola lift. Mowing work in summer should still be possible. ellen now wants to promote this variant. And he hopes to be able to count on the support of the community. Alzmann-Briand is open to such deen. "It is important that safety is guaranteed along the route to the mountain station." Everyone agrees: where money is invested, there should also be long-term benefits. PHOTO MG MD Act on the accommodation, catering and retail trade in alcoholic beverages to check whether commercial landlords should also introduce operating licenses or other measures for these types of accommodation, analogous to the hotel industry. Rste deen are going in the direction of a registration code for private objects, which would be useful with nkasso. Talks with the responsible department have already taken place, said Bianco. The WTK is not expected to twiddle its thumbs. "We will bring the topic up on the agenda every year," says Rieder, "until a solution is found." PHOTO MG MD / DR OTRM Significantly more guests The parking problem in Blatten was already apparent during the 2018/19 holidays. n the current season it worsened. The reason for this is in and of itself a positive one. Because the destination is receiving more and more guests. ellen: "Over this year's public holidays, we recorded over 20 percent more guests than the average of the past five years." Sustainable and proportionate solutions for the few absolute peak days of the year are therefore needed.

6 6 Walliser Bote world record rack railway Upper Valais competence and know-how for the renewal of the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway in «This railway leaves no one indifferent. OBRW / COORDO (U) The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway in Colorado (U) performs the Pikes Peak at 4301 m above sea level. M. and is the highest rack railway in the world. It was built until 2017, and it was in operation. Now the excursion train, which is frequented by over people per year, is being completely renewed. The rack railway is a tourist magnet that is second to none. The state of Colorado is investing millions in a new mountain restaurant, Pikes Peak and House, on the summit. 60 million dollars flow from the railway company into the new rail infrastructure and 40 million into the rolling stock. And right in the middle of it all, the Upper Valais project team DG nlps Design Group, which handles an important part of the planning work with knowledge, competence and know-how. TH B s is astonished that the Upper Valais project team, DG nlps Design Group, to which nlps G, VW ngenieure G and Planax G belong, was awarded the contract for the creation of an operating concept and for the surveying and engineering work for the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway had received. How did that happen? Willi n-lbon (nlps G): «I am very well networked in the international rail industry thanks to my many years of experience in various rail companies. Immediately after completing my studies, I spent six months in t. Ouis (U) worked and was able to gather valuable experience and make personal contacts here, I started my own business and founded the nlps G. I offer specialized consultancy for isenbahn as well as industrial and building infrastructures. I was allowed to draw up a feasibility study for a secure rail and route connection for a larger ski area in Alt ake City. This was followed by a visit to Manitou prings. A constructive contact developed with the CO of the Cog Railway, Wren Pencer. In the beginning of 2018, I was then asked by the railway company to submit a planning offer for the entire infrastructure and rail renewal. With the support of the two partner offices VW ngenieure G and Planax G, we formed the DG nlps Design Group and were able to bundle the competencies and experience in all railway engineering areas and offer them to the Cog Railway. " How did you manage to convince the mericans? Willi n-lbon: “The DG team was invited to Colorado at short notice to introduce us to the Cog Railway project and to give us a try. During one week we took part in various meetings with those responsible for the railway company and the other companies already involved. We walked the entire 14 km stretch of the railway with notepads in hand, thus gaining a detailed picture of the facility. n the discussions with the rail operator it became clear that the desired goals can only be achieved with an adapted operating concept. So innovative ideas and efficient solutions were required. We convinced the Americans with our skills and know-how and were awarded the contract ahead of the Swiss competition. " “When you travel to such a large project, you shouldn't have any doubts” Willi n-lbon, project manager Were there any doubts as to whether engineering work could be carried out across continents? Walter Clausen (VW engineers G): “It was not purely technical and based on the knowledge gained from the on-site visit, we actually had no doubts that we would face the challenge.However, we had to worry about the administrative issues such as contract processing and insurance coverage. t is not so easy to work as a planner in us; especially in the world record track. The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is the highest cog railway in the world. Small team, big project. Urs Juon, Surveying Planax, ébastien Bouron, VW ngenieure G, Walter Clausen, VW ngenieure G, Reinhard moberdorf, Surveying / Routing Planax, and Willi n-lbon, project management nlps (from left). U with the special regulations for liability claims. We therefore had to take out a separate project liability insurance with an extension for the U and Canada. ange was not clear how the contract should be regulated. Other Swiss companies such as tadler Rail G (manufacturer of rail vehicles) were also involved. Finally, as DG nlps Design Group, we signed our own contract with the mericans. The cooperation is going very well. Neither the financial nor the administrative or the insurance questions were ultimately insurmountable obstacles. " How did that look for the surveying work? Urs Juon (Planax G): “In the U there is a different coordinate system and a different unit of length (foot) than in Switzerland. We had to deal intensively with the differences between the Swiss and American systems. Another challenge was the project's difference in altitude between valley and mountain of more than 2000 meters. At the beginning our concept looked like this: We fly into the underground, measure, fly back and do everything in our office. But we soon realized that there were a lot of skills available on site. o Our lead surveying engineer Reinhard Moberdorf flew to Colorado and worked with a local surveying office to develop a measurement concept based on Swiss requirements. Since the track geometry was calculated according to the Swiss standard, the necessary conversions also had to be defined so that the metric geometry, the axis of the new railway, can also be correctly built in feet on site. " Willi n-lbon: “When you arrive at such a large project, you shouldn't have any doubts. I knew from the start that it would work with these partners. " The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway leads to the summit of Pikes Peak at an altitude of 4301 meters above sea level. I assume that a runway at this height is a particular challenge for engineers? Walter Clausen: “With work at this height, you always have to keep the execution in mind when planning. The high mountain construction site is comparable to the Klein Matterhorn. You have to strive for pragmatic, simple solutions. The highly complicated is out of place here. Every cubic of concrete, every steel sleeper has to be transported up the mountain. These are challenges that you have to be aware of when planning. Low-maintenance designs are in demand. It is important to find solutions that can withstand the extreme climatic conditions in the long term. Infrastructures that require extensive maintenance and control would not be ideal here. At the summit we are in the permafrost area. The ground there is so frozen that even loose rock and debris has to be blasted. " Are there any other peculiarities of this train that gave you headaches? Walter Clausen: “Since the old railway has already been dismantled, we had to think about how the material would get on the mountain. There is also a route up to Pikes Peak. However, it runs on the other side of the mountain and there is only a point of contact between the route and the railway line on the summit. So the route does not bring many advantages for the construction of the railway line. You can transport material to the summit and deposit it there, but otherwise all of the ogistics, all of the management must be carried out on the old route. " PHOTO MG MD / MHRD surveying. Reinh with a local concept according to Schwe Were there any sticking points in the surveying technology? Urs Juon: “Once you knew how the framework of the surveying systems worked, what date the mericans use, there were no longer any significant differences to the routing that is usual here, i.e. the definition of the track geometry. Here, the track systems are usually renewed and optimized in short stages and not 14 kilometers at a time. In addition, the mericans really wanted to preserve the old route with its historical aura. So it was important to incorporate the applicable standards and modern ride comfort while respecting the laid-out railway line. " “The high mountain construction site is comparable to the Klein Matterhorn. You have to strive for pragmatic, simple solutions »Walter Clausen, engineer Are there any peculiarities in American railway construction that you first had to become familiar with? Walter Clausen: “It was special for engineering that the railway owner had the contractor (Tacy and Witbeck nc.) On board from the very beginning. As a result, there was an intensive exchange with the company from the very first contact. There is little like that in Switzerland. Here you usually put together a planning team together with the client, plan the project, make a tender and then let various contractors offer the work that will be carried out afterwards. n merika, the entrepreneur is integrated very early on; a very good system. In everything that is planned, considerations flow directly into what the implementation will look like. Both sides benefit from this. " Can you give us an example? Walter Clausen: “The train is so steep that you can

7 W 7 the clock »Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway Gornergratbahn PHOTO ZVG valley station mountain station 1999.70 m above sea level. 4293.82 m above sea level M. valley station mountain station 1605 m above sea level. M m above sea level M. Maximum gradient 25.3 percent Maximum gradient 20 percent pure-wide ormalspur 1435 m pure-wide meter gauge 1000 m ard moberdorf, the surveying office worked out a measurement of requirements. Rolling stock. The disused railway wagons are transported away with great effort. m comparison. Travel time 70 minutes Travel time 33 minutes GRFK MG MD has to anchor the tracks. These back anchors are usually made with large, heavy concrete foundations that are fixed in the ground. The track is attached to it with tie rods and ashes. Because it would have been very laborious to get concrete up to this height and blast ushube, we developed another system. We drilled anchors and then attached the track to these cores. For the entrepreneur, this represents a great simplification for both the ogistics and the material costs. The building contractor was initially skeptical of our proposed solution. We discussed this together and in the end everyone was convinced of this type of implementation. " Is that an invention? Walter Clausen: “The anchorage system has been around for a long time. Part of this solution comes from rail technology, the other part comes from the area of ​​natural hazards. Such anchors are often needed for impact protection or for avin protection measures. At Pikes Peak we combined these two systems and created something new. The combination is the innovation. " Did you encounter any surprises while working for the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway? Willi n-lbon: “In the Manitou Prings and Colorado Prings region, nature conservation has a significant role to play. Structural encroachments on the natural environment are effective in the long term at these altitudes. Careful execution of the work is mandatory and must be taken into account in the planning stage. " How does the cooperation with the mericans work? Willi n-lbon: “Working together is very straightforward. The sessions are solution-oriented and on a professional, respectful level. Communication takes place mainly via video conference, e-mail or telephone. We work according to Swiss regulations (wiss regulations). All implementation plans are checked and approved by the client. Fortunately, our American colleagues visited us in Upper Valais last October, which left a lasting impression on them as well as on us. " Walter Clausen: «Dr. Patrick Braess from Zurich plays an important role in the collaboration. r was hired by the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway as an expert and builder supporter for the project. r works as a link between our planning team and the implementation team in the U as well as the rolling material supplier tadler Rail and the rail material supplier Tensol Rail. r monitors the implementation and execution of the work according to our plans on site. This is an important security for us. " y ou also a little proud of your work? Walter Clausen: “Yes, of course. Working on such a project does not leave you indifferent. The next ones who can do a comparable work on this railway will hopefully not go back to work for 130 years. People use this track for the sheer joy of it. Working on such a world record track is challenging, but definitely unforgettable and special. " Urs Juon: “The renewal of the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway is a 100 million project. What we can do for this project is a small but central part. It was definitely a good experience for us to see that our know-how is in demand and recognized internationally. " When will the new Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway open? Willi n-lbon: “It should be so far in 2021. I'm really looking forward to it. At the moment everything is going according to plan. If possible, we will all take part in the opening ceremony. " World Record Cog Railway History of the Railway Almost as high as the Matterhorn The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Prings is a railway steeped in history. he can still boast today that he is the highest cog railway in the world: he reaches the summit of Pikes Peak at an altitude of 4301 meters above sea level. The track was built in 1891 using technology based on the Swiss engineer Carl Roman bt. Although built with engineering knowledge from Switzerland, it was the U who could boast of a pioneering achievement: the world's first cogwheel railway led to Mount Washington, which is 1970 meters above sea level. he was put into operation in 1869. At that time, cog railway technology was still considered too dangerous and not feasible in Switzerland. With the same technology, namely with racks, Mount Pikes Peak was opened up in 1891 and is still the highest point that a rack railway can reach today. The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway was operated first with steam locomotives and later with diesel engines. The Gornergrat Railway was only opened in August 1898, after the American pioneering works. As far as the moon In the 19th century, the licensing authorities were apparently far less worried about the consequences of the closure of the mountain peaks than they are today. When the railway pioneers asked for a permit to build the cog railway on Mount Washington, they told the applicants that they could not only go up to the summit, but right up to the moon, if they so wished. The authorities simply did not believe such an endeavor could succeed. They were amazed when the train finally went into operation. Then it was the turn at Pikes Peak. r had already been opened up by a rt aumpfad before the railway. But the nitiants found that thanks to the train, even “rather timid people” should be able to enjoy the trip to Mount Pikes Peak. Gold rush and railway fever The area of ​​Pikes Peak was originally frequented by natives, including the Cheyenne tribes, the Kiowas. They were apparently attracted by the striking red rocks of the imposing mountain, but then also by the springs, the indigenous people were also driven out of the area and banished to reserves. In the U, it is not the ndians who discovered Mount Pikes Peak, but the eutnant Zebulon Pike from the U-rmy, who explored the area with a group of 26 old men in 1806. After her difficult return in waist-deep snow, r described the mountain as “probably impregnable”. But in 1820 Major tephen ong stood on the summit; In 1858 Julia Holmes became the first woman. ben

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