Where are the pressure points of the body

The 7th point (Daling) can be felt in the middle of the wrist between the two tendons. Massaged in a circular motion counterclockwise, it can combat nervousness, palpitations, chest pain, flying heat and even gastritis.

10: Meridian: 3-fold heater (SJ) - Acupressure point: SJ-5

With 23 acupressure points, the so-called 3-fold warmer meridian makes its way from the ring finger over the outside of the arm, the shoulder and the ear to the outer end of the eyebrow.

The 5th point (Waiguan) is located on the outside of the forearm, from the wrist crease, 2 thumb-width apart in the direction of the elbow in the recess between tendons and bones. It can help with hand and arm pain as well as headache and neck pain.

11. Meridian: Gallbladder (GB) - Acupressure Point: GB-20

The gallbladder meridian comprises 44 acupressure points. It begins on the outside of the eyes, extends behind the ear, over the outside of the head, over the ribs, loin and outside of the thighs down to the second smallest toe.

The 20th point (Fengchi) lies in the recess between the neck and ear. It is ideal for fever, cold, headache and neck pain as well as for eye problems and high blood pressure.

12. Meridian: Liver (LR) - Acupressure Point: LR-3

14 acupressure points can contribute to health on the liver meridian. It extends from the big toe over the inside of the thigh and the stomach to the chest.

The 3rd point (Taichong) sits on the foot in the recess between the big and the second largest toe, about 3 finger widths towards the ankle. With a circular anti-clockwise massage, it can dispel stress, nervousness, anger, depression as well as headaches and menstrual pain. In addition, the regular energetic pressure on this point has proven to be a very effective measure against high blood pressure.


Acupressure treatment is best performed by an experienced therapist, who will make a diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine before the actual treatment. A precise knowledge of the acupressure points is advisable for self-treatment. In principle, the pressure on the energy points should not be exerted on either an empty or full stomach. The best time for treatment is around 30 minutes after a meal. Points SP 6 and LI 4 should not be included in pregnant women.


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