What games have amazing soundtracks

Music to Your Ears: The Best Game Soundtracks

Super mario bros.

The Eldorado for gamers: It is impossible to hear these melodies without humming at least one of them softly. If there were such a thing as a video game country where only gamers lived - their national anthem would be the theme song from "Super Mario". The most famous character in the world has long been a pop icon and of course the soundtrack for the first “Mario” offshoot is firmly anchored in modern culture and society.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Super Mario Bros.

Mass Effect 3

A threat from an alien life form and a commander who has to unite the peaceful races and save all life in the universe - many video game stories are carved out of this material. “Mass Effect” puts itself at the top with its high standards - and is supported above all by its soundtrack. The third offshoot skilfully combines majestic passages with contemplative piano themes and easily plays one or the other film score on the wall.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Mass Effect 3
Soundtrack on iTunes: Mass Effect 3

GTA - Vice City

A “GTA” location has never felt more authentic than the Liberty City of the 80s. Here you just couldn't get enough of the bright neon signs, the brightly colored bell-bottoms, the wide Cadillac sleigh. The “GTA” -typical gameplay fit incredibly well into the world of drug lords, smugglers and crooks inspired by the film “Scarface”. And of course you got the full roar of the 80s on your ears: Lionel Richie, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Toto, Michael Jackson, Blondie and the like - they all ran non-stop through the radio stations of "Vice City". The missions were usually great, but it was even better to hear Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings" hit the hook in a Sentinel XS. "GTA" and its great soundtrack - that's one of the reasons why the title is so popular to this day.

Soundtrack on Amazon: GTA - Vice City
Soundtrack on iTunes: GTA - Vice City

Mega Man 3

"Mega Man 3" is not only one of the most fun games on the Gameboy, it also has one of the greatest catchy tunes potential. More than ten pieces await here with piercing melodies that you will probably not be able to completely erase from your head for the rest of your life. The composers Harumi Fujita and Yasuaki Fujita have enriched the 8-bit soundtrack with a masterpiece with “Mega Man 3”.

Hotline Miami

“Hotline Miami” is a special game: The indie title pulls gamers into a tough undertow of violence, black humor, outstanding aesthetics and a high level of difficulty. Again and again you bite the grass, start a room from the front and muddle through the dark story. But “Hotline Miami” would probably never have become so notorious if it weren't for this soundtrack. 23 pieces by little-known performers run like a red thread through the title and give it a soul thanks to the pulsating bass, 80s synthesizers and hard techno loops. The mafiosi topdowner turns into an atmospheric nightmare in the glaring light of his swirling disco beats. Anyone who talks about outstanding game soundtracks cannot ignore “Hotline Miami”.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Hotline Miami

Civilization 4

Anyone who has developed a human civilization over several centuries and repeatedly sends it to war needs a mix of driving and meditative music. "Civilization 4" offers an excellent score with which you can keep a cool head even in the greatest need.

Secret of Mana

The iconic RPG from Square Enix enjoys legendary status among gamers. The soundtrack is also responsible for this, composed by Hiroki Kikuta. Almost each of the “Mana” parts has its own specially made soundtrack, almost everyone can be recognized by game veterans after just a few chords. Today renowned orchestras play the sounds of Kikuta in sold-out halls - that says everything about the musical significance of “Secret of Mana”.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Secret of Mana
Soundtrack on iTunes: Secret of Mana

The Legend of Zelda - Link’s Awakening

The "Zelda" games are among the most famous games on the planet. This is also due to the perfect symbiosis of play and music. The soundtrack of "Link’s Awakening" was created by the Nintendo composers Kozue Ishikawa and Minako Hamano. Both made their composer debut with the game. In contrast to the “Mario” offshoots, “Zelda” often features quieter sounds, which fit perfectly into the adventure world around protagonist Link.

Shadow of the Colossus

"Shadow of the Colossus" is one of the most poignant titles in video game history. Tiny versus overpowering giants - the familiar topic is the focus of the story. You can kill sixteen colossi with your sword. Why are you chasing the colossi? You won't find out. If the monster falls, the player experiences an unusual feeling. Sadness. Mourning an innocent being. An incredibly moving feeling. The spherical sounds in "Shadow of the Colossus" convey it perfectly.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Shadow of the Colossus
Soundtrack on iTunes: Shadow of the Colossus

Final Fantasy 7

Part number 7 is considered the musical masterpiece of the epic offshoots of the “Final Fantasy” series. Here, slow, dreamy melodies alternate with fast-paced pieces that are clearly reminiscent of heavy classical music. In special moments the basic tenor suddenly drifts into a cheerful, relaxed weightlessness, interspersed with airy rhythms. Like the visual level of "Final Fantasy 7", the soundtrack captures every level of mood masterfully and is carefully arranged down to the last detail.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Final Fantasy 7
Soundtrack on iTunes: Final Fantasy 7

Monkey Island

In 1990 an almost blank slate named Michael Land wrote the music for one of the most legendary games: "Monkey Island". Not only the technical implementation of polyphonic music for the loudspeakers of a PC was considered difficult - the Caribbean setting of the game also extremely limited the game sound. You can still hear what Land made of it today at retro parties. The music to "Monkey Island" became a classic and was performed live by an orchestra at the games music concert of the Games Convention in Leipzig in 2004.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Monkey Island

Duke Nukem 3D

A hard guitar riff from Megadeth and off you go: Even the intro sets the mood for the fun first-person shooter "Duke Nukem 3D" with all its cheeky sayings. Slayer and Sevendust are also involved in the soundtrack. But not only trash metal hits the player: With Xzibit and Wu-Tang, the music also exudes a bit of thuglife - perfect for the rough tone in “Duke Nukem 3D”.

Metal Gear Solid

The "Metal Gear Solid" series has been two-pronged for years: on the one hand, the game is enhanced by orchestral or synthetic background music, on the other hand, the developers repeatedly weave world-famous pop songs into the plot. “The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie is an example of the current part “Metal Gear Solid 5”. As a result, the soundtrack keeps pushing itself on and attracts the player's attention. The fact that it works so well and is not perceived as a blatant style break is due to the tasteful selection of songs and the matched scenes.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Metal Gear Solid 5
Soundtrack on iTunes: Metal Gear Solid 5

Grim Fandango

One of the most famous adventure games has, appropriately, one of the best soundtracks on board. In the case of “Grim Fandango” that was certainly not a sure-fire success: After all, the soundtrack consists almost entirely of jazz, swing and bebop - not exactly the music for young gamers. But his calm mood and the slightly conspiratorial timbre are perfect for the game.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Grim Fandango
Soundtrack on iTunes: Grim Fandango

Assassin's Creed 2

In 2009 it was not yet clear to all gamblers that every "Assassin's Creed" part was playing in different locations. When gamers noticed that Part 2 was going to be in medieval Palestine and Renaissance Italy and that the dreamily plucked guitar was in perfect tune for the change of location for the first time, it quickly became clear that one of the best soundtracks was around the corner.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Assassin's Creed 2
Soundtrack on iTunes: Assassin's Creed 2

Gothic 3

The role-playing game from the pen of the German studio Piranha Bytes may run under the radar for some gamblers, but its soundtrack deserves attention: Hardly any other role-playing game manages to breathe so much musical life into the individual characters. The German composer Kai Rosenkranz has created an opulent work, the themes of which vary between harsh and fairytale-like.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Gothic 3

Battlefield 1942

What does a “Battlefield” soundtrack have to sound like? Exactly: sensational! No soundtrack to EA's popular blockbuster series did it as well as the offshoot "1942". Hardly any main theme has ever fitted so well into a war shooter as the one from “Battlefield 1942”.

Silent Hill

Perhaps the biggest trick about the soundtrack of "Silent Hill" is that it arouses emotions - and is not primarily out to create fear. Here dreamlike, beautiful sequences and electronic experimental sounds shake hands and form a special feeling of loneliness.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Silent Hill
Soundtrack on iTunes: Silent Hill


Developer Blizzard is known for well thought-out soundtracks, but the sounds of the double-string guitar in the earthly Tristram will be unforgettable to everyone who has heard it. The almost 30-minute epic creates an oppressive feeling of melancholy and despair - and has surprisingly little to do with classical orchestral sounds.

Heavy rain

If a composer is allowed to record a soundtrack in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, there should be little doubt: this soundtrack stands out. And because “Heavy Rain” seems like a mixture of game and film, the developers hired the film composer Normand Corbeil, who has already provided musical accompaniment to blockbusters like “The Art of War”, “Napola” and “The Contract”.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Heavy Rain

Red Dead Redemption

When you think of westerns, you almost inevitably have the legendary melodies of Ennio Morricone in your ear. But you don't just have to listen to the spaghetti westerns "Play me the song of death", "Two glorious scoundrels" or "For a handful of dollars", an open ear for "Red Dead Redemption" pays off! There are chimes, dry guitars and driving rhythms - perfect for a long ride!

Soundtrack on Amazon: Red Dead Redemption
Soundtrack on iTunes: Red Dead Redemption

Halo 2

In "Halo" soundtracks, choirs with long reverb tails determine the sound. In addition, there are metal and electronic songs that break up the atmospheric sound again and again. The result is a very demanding soundtrack with strong contrasts and a lot of variety.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Halo 2
Soundtrack on iTunes: Halo 2

The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim

A game as gigantic as the pyramids of Giza. It is clear that the soundtrack of Bethesda's “The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim” shows no nakedness - an epic piece of music!

Soundtrack on Amazon: The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim
Soundtrack on iTunes: The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim

Star Fox

Iconic Nintendo games of yore enjoy great respect among soundtrack lovers. “Star Fox” provides further proof of how playful, varied background music can easily compensate for graphic limitations.

L.A. Noire

Back to the time of Prohibition, to the shady characters with banana hats and shiny leather shoes. In "L.A. Noire “developer Rockstar Games has conjured up a hitherto unrivaled mine game on consoles. Animated faces have never looked so believable and realistic. Fortunately, the creators thought of the right soundtrack and garnished the game with music from Los Angeles in the 1940s.

Soundtrack on Amazon: L.A. Noire
Soundtrack on iTunes: L.A. Noire


Strictly speaking, the "Goldeneye" music is the soundtrack of the entire "James Bond" franchise, but the great multiplayer experiences on timeless maps such as Facility, Basement and Temple are difficult to imagine without the distinctive "Goldeneye" soundtrack . The use of world-famous music themes also needs to be learned - the 007 cracker for Nintendo 64 demonstrated it masterfully.

Wipe out

A high speed game like “Wipe Out” needs a driving electronic soundtrack! When the first PlayStation was first released in 1995, it was clear that this Karacho sound would nestle in the hearts of gamers.


Steam developer Valve has not released many games so far. But when they do, the studio usually creates timeless masterpieces. “Portal” is undisputedly one of the most important games of the 2000s. The oppressive soundtrack, which fine-tuned such omnipresent bonmots as "The Cake is a Lie", had a decisive influence.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Portal
Soundtrack on iTunes: Portal

Street Fighter 2: Ryu’s Theme

Not much happens in fighting games, if you're honest. Two fighters face each other and hit each other's faces, while an animation flashes here and there in the background. Fortunately, the creators understood early on that a soundtrack enhances the action - for example, the second "Street Fighter" part "Ryu’s Theme".

StarCraft 2: Terran Theme

Many see “StarCraft” as a pure multiplayer title for professionals. But that's not true: since “Broodwar” at the latest, every “StarCraft” part has had a sprawling single-player campaign on board in which players can really lose themselves. Thanks to the great soundtrack - above all the leitmotif of the Terran faction - it suddenly became fun to wait for the completion of the next building.

Soundtrack on Amazon: StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty
Soundtrack on iTunes: StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty


Three songs for eternity: the classic puzzle by Russian programmer Alexei Paschitnow from 1984 has sold more than 100 million times thanks to a theme tune with a catchy guarantee. The catchy theme (Music A) is based on the Russian song Korobeiniki and is reminiscent of a folk dance. Quietly and quietly, however, Music B has blossomed into a real hit with many players: Driving and lively, the brisk rhythm spurs you on to chase records.

Brutal Legends

If the game hero is a roadie who is also spoken by Jack Black, and the entire game world seems to come from the cover of an ancient heavy metal record, then it is clear what music is on "Brütal Legends": Metal - and not too close! Over 75 bands are represented on the soundtrack, including metal gods like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Manowar, Kiss, Motörhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Mastodon.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Brütal Legends

NBA 2K11: Alan Parsons Project Sirius

When it comes to shows, nobody can fool the (virtual) basketball players. When it comes to staging the game and atmosphere, “FIFA 16” and the like are still losing out. The run-in sequence of the Chicago Bulls in "NBA 2K11" serves as a prime example of the unbelievable heat maker abilities of the "NBA 2K" series.


A decent adventure blockbuster can't avoid a clever theme song - just ask Indiana Jones. And because Nathan Drake is something like the Indiana Jones of the video game world, the "Uncharted" series naturally has a catchy anthem on board.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Uncharted series
Soundtrack on iTunes: Uncharted series

Duck Tales

A milestone in 8-bit music: the soundtrack of "Duck Tales". Consisting of almost 50 (!) Pieces, there is a separate song for every level and every challenge. Any of these would have what it takes to be the theme song in average NES-era games.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Duck Tales
Soundtrack on iTunes: Duck Tales

Saints Row 3

"Saints Row - The Third" moves mostly knee-deep in shallow humor, but skilfully hits a high note with this number. In the midst of the final battle for Steelport, where everything is in danger of falling apart, you have to make up your mind.Anyone who plays the knight in shining armor soon hears the Bonnie Tyler song and feels much more heroic.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Saints Row 3
Soundtrack on iTunes: Saints Row 3

the Walking Dead

With the folk song "Take Us Back", developer Telltale puts the last emotional stab on Lee and Clementine's hard journey. In the song, the singer longs for a more peaceful time that is long gone. The song sets a great accent about the credits and the last events of the story.

Soundtrack on Amazon: The Walking Dead
Soundtrack on iTunes: The Walking Dead

Spec Ops - The Line

"Spec Ops" can certainly be blamed for weaknesses in the course of the game, but this is offset by an exciting story with unexpected twists and turns and music with a strong connection to the plot. This is also the case with this piece: while you and your comrades storm the radio tower, the DJ plays the Motown piece "Nowhere to Run" over the system - as if he knew that there was no escape for him.

Alan Wake

While everything around him seems to be acting against him, there are only two things that serve Alan as an anchor in reality: light and the show on the radio. This gives the struggle, which is actually more random, more meaningful. The Finnish band Poets of the Fall also contributed the songs of the confused old men of Old Gods of Asgard.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Alan Wake
Soundtrack on iTunes: Alan Wake

Gears of War 3

Even a trailer for the first part made use of the song, presented the motif of destroyed beauty and painted a very emotional picture of the game. Until the second part, however, this dream of the developers did not come true. But in part 3 the really big heartbreak number awaits, which this song perfectly accompanies.

Persona 3

The "Persona" offshoot of the "Shin Megami Tensei" series gained a loyal following towards the end of the great PlayStation 2 era. This is due to the style of the role-playing games, which come across as youthful, modern and fresh compared to the classic fantasy monotony. This also applies to the music: The intro and the final song "Burn My Dread" fluctuate wildly between airy, relaxed synth pop and powerful guitars.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Persona 3

Far Cry 3

It seems strangely ironic when you burn down entire drug plantations to the singing of a Marley. Skrillex puts dirty dubstep beats underneath and puts everything back into balance.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Far Cry 3
Soundtrack on iTunes: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

The "Far Cry 3" offshoot "Blood Dragon" pays homage to the action film of the 1980s. The synthesizer sound shouldn't be missing. The love theme is heartfelt, taking up motifs from the title song but leaving out the driving rhythms.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon
Soundtrack on iTunes: Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Bioshock - Infinite

Where previously a barbershop quartet or a strangely misplaced version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on the lyre organ brightened the mood, it becomes reverent and difficult - as soon as you enter the wing of the museum dedicated to Lady Comstock and her death. The dramatic “Lacrimosa” sets in and the pain and grief for Lady Comstock are almost palpable.

Lollipop chainsaw

The fact that "Mickey" is sometimes considered a cheerleading anthem should not be clear to everyone in this country. The happy pace of the song underscores Juliet's always exuberantly happy character, while it stands in contrast to the hard action on the screen. A stylistic device to play down the bloody scenes and to give them a bizarre humor.

Soundtrack on iTunes: Lollipop Chainsaw

Hitman - Blood Money

At the end of “Hitman - Blood Money”, the “Ave Maria” sounds, sung as bright as a bell by Zurich choirboy Daniel Perret. A bizarre, sublime moment. Only the film version of "Ave Maria" is available for download.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Hitman - Blood Money
Soundtrack on iTunes: Hitman - Blood Money


A snotty blues guitar and a text that fits the world and the four lucky knights of "Borderlands": It's all about money and everyone is next to himself to get it. After all, money doesn't grow on trees.

Soundtrack on Amazon: Borderlands
Soundtrack on iTunes: Borderlands

Mirror’s Edge

The theme of “Still Alive” runs like a red thread through the game. The song captures the clean, slightly synthetic facade society of "Mirror’s Edge".

Soundtrack on Amazon: Mirror’s Edge
Soundtrack on iTunes: Mirror’s Edge


Hardly any other game genre is as popular as the good old football simulation. First and foremost, of course, are the “Pro Evolution Soccer” and “FIFA” series. Both series now offer much more than just virtual lawn sports: In the manager mode of “PES” or “FIFA Ultimate Team” you plow through on-screen texts for hours, deal with talented footballers and tweak the right tactics. The fact that such menu marathons do not degenerate into boredom is due in particular to the excellent soundtracks. Many of the often alternative-heavy titles land in the charts weeks later.

God of War 3

After the cliffhanger end of the second part, Kratos fans had to wait a long time to face Zeus in battle. It was worth the wait, especially for the music: the choir and orchestra provide the definition of an epic battle. The drums drive the strings rhythmically in front of them, forcing them to build up a threatening tension. The singers join in. A little later, women's voices set the tone. Then the fanfare, the percussion. Seconds later, the orchestra and choir escalate into a loud roar. Fantastic.

Soundtrack on Amazon: God of War 3
Soundtrack on iTunes: God of War 3