Why is the Redmi phone getting hot

Tips to avoid overheating a Xiaomi device

Smartphones have become more and more "powerful" in the last few months. Do you remember when we heard various messages about exploded phones? Take into account that a phone needs to have a temperature of approximately 30 ° C, but if it exceeds 47 ° C, it is time to take the device to a service center to avoid possible burns to your fingers. 🙂

In this article we explain how to solve the problem of warming Redmi Note 4 and other smartphonesXiaomi.

* Remember that the Xiaomitoday team is exempt from any damage, layoffs, exploded terminals, thermonuclear wars and much more ... 🙂

What are the reasons for a smartphone overheating?

The processor is a semiconductor that has particles of atoms called electrons that collide with each other. This is one of the main factors that can cause the smartphone to overheat and when it reaches a temperature of 50 ° C you need to worry.

The battery is another source of energy. We can see that as soon as we use our device and we hold it in our hands, it starts to expand the heat.

Playing 'challenging' games on a cell phone that is not actually designed to be played certainly requires a little more effort on the processor, which in turn leads to a rise in temperature.

In midsummer the heat is really hot, the temperatures rise to red and our poor smartphones are constantly being tested because of the high temperatures they have to cope with.

Harmful effects of overheating

Does the smartphone slow down in various processes after playing for too long? Yes, this is a security measure that phones implement. The processor is slowing down and our system is also affected. Besides, if the SoC Overheating too often can cause permanent damage.

Lithium-ion batteries are the best, there is no doubt about it. These batteries are very powerful and extremely sensitive to heat, which can lead to serious damage to the smartphone.

How to solve overheating in a Xiaomi


Go to Settings> About Phone> MIUI Version

Click on the "MIUI version" 3-4 times. You will receive a message confirming that you are now a developer.


Now go to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options

Set the animation scale here to 0.5x. This reduces all animations on the smartphone, which results in a lower CPU load. Therefore, less heat is generated.


Follow this path from your smartphone: Settings> Battery> Manage App Battery> ON

Click "ON" for 7/8 to enable the Ultimate option. This function "freezes" the apps that are running in the background.


Another piece of advice I will give you is to enable the battery temperature notification.

Go to Settings> Battery and Performance> Battery Temperature Notification. Set the temperature at which you want to be warned. 40 ° C, 42 ° C, 45 ° C, 48 ° C are available.


To monitor the temperature of the device we recommend using the CPU-Z application download from Google Play Store.


Now that you know what to do if your smartphone overheats, and with these little tips you can extend hardware failures, the battery and the life of your device Xiaomi. But it's important to remind each user that the Low-cost smartphone They are not designed to carry heavy loads CPU O GPU. I strongly recommend using the device based on technical specifications.

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