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13-year-old Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is sent to earth by her parents from the doomed planet Krypton. There she is accepted by the Danvers family. After hiding her superpowers all her life, at the age of 24 she is forced to use them after all. In doing so, she decides to use her powers regularly for good.

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  • Selcuk_keles (born 1986) on

    When is Supergirl season 6 coming on TV?
  • Pante on

    Collect everything on Bluray. Legends season 5 is already listed. Should be out on June 24th.
  • Pante on

    When will the 5th season finally appear on Bluray?
  • pat94 (born 1994) on

    In contrast to many parts, I found S5 better than S4!

    Who honored what Jon Cryer heard as occupied, has it all!
    His Lex is a total A ..., but he plays it so brilliantly!

    The Kara-Lena plot was a bit drawn out, but it was important!

    I just hope that when Supergirl we see a few on other series ...
    Jon Jonz (Superman & Lois, or Legends)
    Alex (Superman & Lois, Legends, or Batwoman)
    Lex Luthor (Superman & Lois)!

    Since Benoist has only just become a mother, assume that we will not see again for the time being, because she wants to have time with her fam!

    Do you find the Cw -DC series quite good for the budget, only I think 10-15 Eps would be enough!

    The best thing there was recently from DC was the Synder Cut a masterpiece for me ...
    (I won't reveal more, I don't want to spoil) ...
  • emanuel cleaner am

    I think I'm the only one who likes all of the Arrowverse series and by that I mean every season and every episode of every Arrowverse series! I'm watching the 5th season of Supergirl on Netflix and I like it a lot and I know the comics from DC and Marvel from all superheroes too! Have a small comics shop at home! I'm currently on the 12 episode of the 5 season Supergirl and I hope that this year the 5 season of Supergirl and the 1 season of Batwoman and the 7 and 8 seasons of Arrow and the 5 season of Legends of Tomorrow and the 1 Season of Superman and Lois in German dvd out but first Superman and Lois have to be on TV first I know! Because I also have all the DVDs that are available in German so far and I'm looking forward to the 6th season of Supergirl even if it takes longer for it to run! I don't think there is anyone who agrees with me

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