What are closed thoughts

Until recently, I was happy to have one of the most coveted documents in the world. My dark red passport. Because if I want to, he will open the borders of 189 countries on earth for me. Only the citizens of Japan and Singapore have a few more countries open to them.

But now that the borders are tight almost everywhere, my precious passport is no longer of much use to me at first. The valuable document suddenly became quite worthless. This is exactly the experience people have whose passport is at the bottom of this ranking. The people from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan enjoy the least freedom to travel. Your pass is hardly worth anything else. It is not a coincidence.

Of course, there are good reasons that the borders are tight for people like me right now. And they give me at least a vague feeling of how all the refugees must be, who have been facing tight borders for so long and now have even fewer chances of getting through. Your situation has worsened dramatically because we now have other concerns.

Even if that may be understandable from a human point of view, I still don't want to lose sight of these people in need. Because despite all the restrictions and fears at the moment, a quick look beyond my own nose, to northern Italy or the island of Lesbos, is enough to know: Despite everything, I'm still doing comparatively well here.