What causes dark circles around the lips

Dark circles under the eyes and torn corners of the mouth: What our face reveals about us

Torn corners of the mouth can be caused by stress and yellow spots indicate an elevated cholesterol level - how our body is doing and what it needs can be determined from a few warning signals. The face in particular says a lot about our physical condition - more than we suspect. Pay attention to these eight characters:


1. Yellow spots on the eyelids indicate high cholesterol levels

Yellow deposits on the lids will also appear Xanthelasma called. They usually occur as a result of one increased cholesterol on. It mostly affects overweight and elderly people. The reason: The spots are formed when cholesterol is stored under the skin. The stains can also be triggered by other metabolic and digestive disorders. The body then does not use the food properly, which is noticeable in the blood, among other things, through high fat levels.


2. Dark circles not only due to lack of sleep

The skin around the eyes is thinner than in other regions of the face because it has less subcutaneous fatty tissue. This allows the fine veins to shine through more strongly under the skin. However, dark circles under the eyes only occur as a result of the increased transport of oxygen-poor blood in the veins. This is why dark shades are usually the result of a combination of eye strain, such as excessive computer work, lack of sleep and too little exercise in the fresh air.

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3. Torn corners of the eyes: inflammation possible

If the corners of the eyes are torn and the skin is as thin as parchment paper, there is usually hidden bacterial or viral inflammation in the body - especially if there is also pain and redness. For example, one is possible Inflammation of the eyelid or conjunctiva. Changes to the corner of the eye should therefore always be clarified by a doctor. However, you can too Skin conditions such as eczema extremely dry skin and thereby cause torn corners of the eyes and redness. Only special creams to alleviate the symptoms can help.


4. Cracked corners of the mouth due to stress and digestive problems

Rough, torn corners of the mouth are a common consequence of stress. If you rush from appointment to appointment and have little time, you often eat too little or unhealthily. And then you tend to forget to drink enough water. This inevitably leads to a lack of nutrients and fluids, which is immediately apparent on the lips - they become dry and brittle. Even in winter, the lips can be affected by the cold temperatures and the dry room air.

Torn, open corners of the mouth are also used in TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, as Signs of digestive problems or gastrointestinal infections. The background: In TCM, everything in the human body is connected, including digestion with the skin and lips. There is a simple explanation for this. Similar to an unbalanced diet, a disturbed digestion can mean that the lips are not supplied with sufficient vitamins and trace elements.

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5. Reddened cheeks as a rosacea symptom

Everyone knows it: physical exertion, spicy food or excitement make our faces blush - the fine blood vessels expand. If the reddened cheeks appear regardless of certain situations or triggers, there may be a disease behind them. In rosacea, for example, the red veins are especially on the cheeks due to blood congestion and weakened connective tissues permanently visible.

In women, sudden blotchy redness usually occurs during the menopause. Hormone replacement therapy and herbal remedies can, however, reduce the discomfort and thus also the redness on the cheeks.

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6. Red and torn tip of the nose from alcohol

A cold, sunburn and cold can turn the tip of our nose red - so can diseases. Rosacea and couperose not only cause reddened cheeks, but often also a red and torn tip of the nose. Excessive alcohol consumption can also promote such skin changes - however, the consumption itself is not the cause. Rather, alcohol increases the risk of developing rosacea.

If the reddening is accompanied by torn nostrils, but there is no evidence of a skin disease, an inflammation of the nose may also be the cause.


7. Pale lips indicate a lack of iron

Lips don't have to be a deep red color. But one faThe paleness of the mouth always indicates that something is missing in the organism - mostly it is iron. The trace element is involved in the transport of oxygen in the body. The more oxygen our cells get, the fresher and healthier we see ourselves. Conversely, our skin and lips appear pale and pale. General exhaustion, lack of exercise and chronic lack of sleep have the same unpleasant effect as an iron deficiency.

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8. Rapid weight loss favors deep nasolabial folds

Deep folds from the wing of the nose to the corner of the mouth - the so-called nasolabial folds - are dependent on type and age. In some people, they are more pronounced, and fine lines turn into prominent wrinkles as they age. Moisturizing creams and beauty treatments can slow down this natural process.

Those who expose their skin to excessive sun or lose a lot of weight quickly, However, deep wrinkles appear even at a young age. While frequent sunbathing robs the skin of moisture and elasticity, rapid weight loss reduces the subcutaneous fatty tissue on the face. Both equally promote the formation of a conspicuous nasolabial fold.

Whether dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep or torn corners of the mouth due to stress - conspicuous skin changes and their causes should always be clarified by a doctor in order to rule out possible diseases or to receive treatment.