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Panel research and online panel:
Definition, example, application & benefit

Online panels are enjoying growing popularity!

Panel research is the best way to get an overview of what customers and potential customers want. Research panels are enjoying increasing popularity as more and more companies are using online panels for quick and inexpensive panel research as part of market research. They either use panels before launching a product or service to measure success, or they conduct panel research to understand their position in the marketplace and empower them accordingly. Based on the data obtained, you can optimize or improve your product according to the feedback received.

The online panel - definition

The term online panel, also: Online access panel, comes from the fields of Market research and social science and denotes a group of people (Respondents) who have registered on an Internet portal to take part in studies and surveys. When registering, the respondents provide information about their sociodemographic data. These are, for example, information on age, gender, place of residence, income, occupation, marital status. But also additional information such as about owning a vehicle, preferred travel destinations, consumption habits, consumer behavior etc. can be requested from the respondents depending on the provider of a panel platform. This information is stored in a database and can be filtered for use according to certain features and criteria.

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A simplified example:
From the online panel to the sample

If a start-up company has an innovative product idea in the automotive industry, would like to develop it further and needs information on the use of mid-range cars by private individuals, all registered respondents within the Online panel Select who have such a vehicle. These vehicle users can now be specifically written to for data collection and interviewed using an online questionnaire. However, not all respondents recorded in the online panel have to be interviewed with a mid-range vehicle. It is sufficient to interview a representative number of all panel participants. This selected data is now called a sample.

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Advantages and disadvantages of online panels

An online panel has many advantages over a classic panel. One of the main advantages is the extreme Cost reduction, because no paper has to be produced, postage costs and expense allowances are eliminated. All methods In market research, almost all of them can now be mapped online. Furthermore, an online panel is quickly available and only a very short lead time is required to start a panel study. For young companies, start-ups and young entrepreneurs in particular, an online panel is a very good option for the cost-efficient acquisition of Market and behavior dataHowever, the disadvantages must not be ignored: For example, people with a very low affinity for the Internet or those who are more anxious and cautious about disclosing their own socio-demographic data are not represented. Incorrect socio-demographic data may also be present if the panel is poorly maintained because it is deliberately incorrectly stated or not updated by the respondents.

How are online panels recruited?

The recruitment of respondents for online panels takes place via various recruitment channels. The Internet is the best resource and the easiest tool for recruiting respondents for panel research. Social media and the invitation to panel lists via email via CRM also play an essential role in online panel recruitment. When recruiting respondents to an online panel, quality control measures and appropriate recruiting methods should be used. Potential respondents can often self-recruit for open panels by providing a range of socio-demographic information upon registration. This must of course be adequately checked. Companies invite their existing and potential customers to participate in panels via email. As a rule, a preselection takes place here. Regardless of the recruitment channel, each respondent should go through a strict selection process in which they must provide a series of personal, professional and demographic information in order to be categorized within the panel.

Why do people take part in an online panel?

The question is quite easy to answer: A good online panel platform offers its respondents so-called incentives. This means that members of an online panel are rewarded for taking part in a study or survey. So you don't do it for free or for fun! In our QuestionPro Online Panel, for example, members collect points when they take part in studies or surveys, which can be exchanged for goods of their choice at selected online retailers.

If you have any questions about the QuestionPro Online Panel or our Market Research Online Community do not hesitate to contact us! We will show you how we care for our panel and what specific advantages our online panel offers you.

What is panel research?

It is no secret that the way in which market research is carried out today has changed a lot and is actually in a constant state of flux. Survey technologies are developing rapidly, and it is now easily possible to conduct panel surveys with the help of smartphones and thus collect data more easily and quickly than ever before. But one thing has never changed: the data is only as good as the panel used to collect it.

Panel research is a method for repeated questioning and thus the continuous collection of data from a pre-recruited group of people. Certain demographic data is stored about these people, such as income, place of residence, preferred interests, age, gender and much more. This demographic data can be used to filter out a specific group of people who then take part in surveys. Technology, especially the Internet, has greatly changed the methodology of panel research by allowing us to access larger numbers of respondents. Panel research offers companies many advantages, such as faster lead times for surveys, higher participation rates and enormous cost savings.

Why is a research panel important for market research?

The establishment of a high-quality research panel is very important, as you can use it to generate targeted data for important business decisions. Therefore, the choice of respondents is also important. If you want to bring a new product or service for the automotive industry to market, you should also interview people who drive a car. It used to be quite time-consuming to recruit such a group of people. Today you can easily select respondents for panel research using a selection mask (panel software).

How are respondents recruited at QuestionPro?

At QuestionPro, we use many different channels for our online access panel to recruit respondents for panel research. The most effective way of recruiting new respondents is through recommendations from existing panel participants, who receive an incentive, i.e. a reward, for this. But we also regularly win new people via social media platforms who are very interested in taking part in online surveys. As soon as we have recruited a new member, he or she has to fill out a survey with extensive profile information, which can later be used to select target groups for online surveys.

Does it make sense to set up your own panel?

The answer to this question depends on how much time, money, and manpower you want to invest. The maintenance of a panel is very extensive, and the higher the quality standards, the more effort it takes to operate and maintain an online panel. In cases where your customers are viewed as a niche, it makes sense to invest the time building your own online panel of respondents. For this purpose QuestionPro offers its → Online community software at. The quality of the respondents is usually higher for panels that you recruit yourself, and in the long term the costs are lower than for external providers if you really use the panel on a regular basis.

The QuestionPro online panel for your panel research

QuestionPro Online Panel is a pioneer in providing Survey panels for market research. Our online panel with more than 22 million mobile-enabled panelists is highly committed to taking part in online surveys, as they are motivated by means of incentives and gamification. These panelists are strategically recruited after being profiled on more than 300 data points. We are pleased to advise you!

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