Who designed the Lamborghini logo?

Lamborghini shows its plans for electrification

Almost every car manufacturer has to deal with the issue of electrification, whether they want to or not. Even guardians of the grail of combustion engines like Lamborghini cannot avoid legal regulations on CO2, exhaust gases or consumption. And so they drew up a comprehensive plan of what the future should look like. His name: Cor Tauri.

Behind this is the so-called "decarbonization roadmap" of the brand with the bull for future models and the Sant’Agata Bolognese location as part of the company's holistic ecological sustainability approach. The focus in the electrification of the products is always on new technologies and solutions that are supposed to guarantee the highest level of performance and driving dynamics, as one is used to from Lamborghini.

As a reminder of the logo chosen by the company's founder Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963, the name of the future plans is "Direzione Cor Tauri". Cor Tauri is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation and symbolizes Lamborghini's electrification strategy, which remains true to the principles and spirit of the brand.

Direzione Cor Tauri is divided into three phases:

Under the sign of the internal combustion engine (2021–2022): This section will be celebrated with the presentation of models that will pay tribute to the company's most recent successful series. This phase will be marked by the development of internal combustion engines for model versions that pay tribute to the glorious history of the brand and its legendary vehicles, past and present. For this year, the company has announced the launch of two new items in its V12 model.

Hybridization (by the end of 2024): Lamborghini will launch its first hybrid vehicle in 2023; The entire model range will be electrified by the end of 2024. The manufacturer's engineers and technicians will continue to focus on performance and the authentic Lamborghini driving experience when developing new technologies.

The use of lightweight construction materials made of carbon fiber will be decisive in limiting the additional weight caused by electrification. The company's goal in this phase is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 percent from the beginning of 2025.

The hybrid transition is made possible by an investment of over 1.5 billion euros in four years, the largest investment in Lamborghini's history.

This is what other brands are planning:

First fully electric Lamborghini (second half of the decade): The second half of the decade will be all about electric drives with a planned fourth fully electric model. The aim of this technological innovation is once again to ensure outstanding performance and to position the new product at the top of the segment.

This is how Lamborghini sees the end of its decarbonization roadmap: Cor Tauri, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, which sets the direction for Lamborghini, is represented by a fourth fully electric model.

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