How can I study project management online

Distance learning project manager (15 ECTS)

In the distance learning course, you will learn to lead project managers in project teams and to plan, implement, manage and control projects and complete them in line with costs, times and requirements.

Study letters and accompanying specialist seminars are designed by practitioners from industry, information technology and service companies and reflect the daily practice of a project manager.

The focus is on the presentation and application of methods and instruments of project management as well as management instruments for leading project teams.

The six study letters are not thematically isolated one behind the other, but rather depict the life cycle of a project. Our project manager experiences in a continuous cover story
Philipp Muster all the ups and downs of the project business up to the successful conclusion.

The contents of this course correspond to the project management canon of the German Society for Project Management (GPM) and thus also to International Project Management
Association (IPMA). However, clear priorities are set with regard to the practical implementation of the learning content.

Study letters / study content

1. Preparation

  • Basics of projectmanagement

  • Project goals

  • Moderation of project meetings

  • Estimation of costs in projects

  • Risk management or: what can go wrong

  • Project application / order

2. Structuring

  • Project organization

  • People in projects

  • Contracts in project work

  • Project documentation

  • Cost / benefit analysis or: is it worth it?

  • Kick-off meeting

  • delegation

3. Planning

  • Project planning

  • Project management software

  • Time management

  • Meetings

4. Implementation

  • Monitor and control projects

  • Project controlling

  • Basics of communication

  • Conversation techniques / conflict management

  • Change management

  • Project crises or: what's going on here?

  • motivation

5. Graduation

  • Prototypes and tests

  • presentation

  • Kick-out

  • Knowledge management

  • Staff appraisal

  • Assurance of experience

6. Case studies and new aspects

  • Agile project management

  • Scrum

  • Multi-project management

  • Analysis methods in practice

  • The way to project excellence

Technical seminars and webinars

Participation in specialist seminars (face-to-face or online) is fundamentally part of your studies and is already included in the tuition fees. In these seminars, the knowledge you have acquired will be reflected in relation to your professional practice and you will be optimally prepared for your exams.

We offer distance students at afw a wide range of webinar topics. Participation in the webinars is free of charge within the framework of the study contract.

Duration of studies and flexibility

With continuous learning, you will work on six study letters in the standard period of study
of six months. In total, you have 12 months to complete your studies at no additional cost

You decide how, when and where you learn. If you want to study faster, you always have the option of discussing the shipping and payment plan with us individually.

Services and support

The tuition fee includes: Your study letters (print or digital, as an interactive learning system) including dispatch, correction of the submitted tasks, use of our online platform eAkademie, participation in the specialist seminar (face-to-face or online) and webinars (online seminars) as well as professional support . In addition, you will receive access to the internet trade magazine for one year

Admission requirements

Completed vocational training and three years of professional experience or completed studies. These requirements must be met at the time of your final exam. Admission is also granted to those who can credibly demonstrate that they have acquired equivalent knowledge and experience.

Directly to the seminar provider