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originRoswell, New Mexico
Voice actorMichael Iwannek

Personal [edit | Edit source]

Roger is a 1601-year-old gay extraterrestrial who saved Stan's life in Area 51 and has lived in the family's attic ever since. He crashed in a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and has lived on Earth ever since. Roger loves dress up, alcohol, illegal drugs, fast food, smoking and television. According to his own statement, he is immune to all human diseases as well as fire. In addition, the alien is ready for anything that could spice up his boring life.

Activities [edit | Edit source]

He is also never averse to good business, although he does not always do his part and tries to gain advantages. After a spicy meal, he produces a heap of excrement made of pure gold, which is studded with precious stones, although he is not aware of the value of his excretions. Roger has to dress up when he leaves the house or when the Smiths have a visit. He has a variety of unusual costumes for this purpose, but one of his characters in the episode A Roger sees red develops a life of its own. He often tries to manipulate his environment in order to gain advantages for himself. Not infrequently he tramples on the feelings of others. However, he is himself very unstable emotionally, for example when he feels ignored or neglected. He is then prone to outbursts of anger and retires to the attic to get drunk or to watch TV. Roger is educated in a number of areas. So he wrote several term papers for Hayley. Roger originally lives in the belief that he was sent to earth by his species to decide as the "decision maker" about its continued existence. In season 4, however, it turns out that he was only used as a crash test dummy for the technical demonstration of a spaceship and was actually supposed to perish on impact on earth.

Roger's ability [edit | Edit source]

As a result, Homeland Insecurity starts a secondary line, which is continued across the board. He begins with Roger looking for his special ability as an alien. Roger never finds out this ability, but the viewer does. Two power plant employees find a golden pile of dung in the bushes next to the power plant. It was made by Roger and has similar effects on its surroundings as the ring from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Anyone who comes into possession of the golden pile loses control of their life and kills loved ones so that they can keep the pile. This secondary thread runs through the 2nd season (the last time the story was taken up in the 3rd episode of the 2nd season, "The hard tour" (Failure is not a factory-installed option)). In the 9th episode of the 5th season, Rupture's Delight, Roger needs the pile of waste to activate his spaceship.

Roger's baby Edit source]

In the episode Deacon Stan, Jesus Man, the viewer learns that Roger has a descendant. In this episode, Steve Smith sucks Rogers an egg out of his body during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As a result, Steve becomes pregnant. However, when Steve kisses a neighbor's daughter, Betsie, he passes this egg on. Betsie is sent away by her parents; what becomes of the alien egg has not yet been explained in more detail.

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Quotes [edit | Edit source]

  • Roger: Where do I get my fabric now?
  • Roger: I was beaten up by a taco.
  • Roger: I will torture you with this chair without a back.
    Steve: Roger, this is a stool.
  • Roger: Hello, this is Stan Smith. I lost my credit card. Can you tell me where I last used it? No, I don't know my social security number. No, not my birthday either. My mother's maiden name? Something Italian; i look italian!
  • Roger: My goodness, you killed your son's dog! And don't ask me to tell him about the E.T. Bringing fingers back because that's a bunch of shit.
  • Roger: For this you get a week of detention!
  • Hayley: There is no detention in college.
  • Roger: Oh right Fine, I'll subtract 50 points from Gryffindor.
  • Roger: Okay okay So from a scale from 0 to Lestat: how do you see me?

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • He also has a "chunky" voice in English.