Israelis have Christmas like Westerners

Now for the more relaxed part….

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“Today a lot is getting more and more wrong! Or more stupid? " ……… may I continue: ”interpreted!” That's how I see it - just wanted to gallop around in your diction on the few opportunities you offer.
Best example in spite of my language sensitivity, I still like to head ‘Mohrenkopf’ ... sorry, Eleuteria (by the way, Nick is getting used to).

How original, your incident at the dottoressa - actually has something Christmas-like about it. Splendid.
Nevertheless, allow me to ask, since when have you been going to the veterinarian, huh? Then I don't really understand your request to give a name, but are the first letters given when entering a stud book?
But even the baptismal names A. and P. would be suitable for Asia ......!

Well I also have a kind of Christmas story, not immediately spicy but touching:
It is customary here to ask for domestic help for a few hours, all young people are desperately dependent on work. This results in a win / win situation.
This lovable person entrusts me with more and more personal things and also tells me about her family. So it happened that she told about her visit to her 19-year-old brother in jail (!). She complained that he had already served his sentence for a "harmless" break-in into a house, where he was "only" on guard, ie was not active himself, since October. It consisted of a full year, which I found to be a lot ..
Instead of the offenders being released normally after they have finished their act, they have to do a lot of administrative things beforehand. So she regretted very much that she (the whole family) did not have the necessary change to do all this administrative stuff.

Of course, I have no idea how it all works and I didn't want to just get involved in it ignorantly. In any case, she told me that she had a brother ’from her church, who was licenciato and who could get the papers in the capital of the state. He just has to have money for the trip there first and then see how much it would then cost.
Ok, we paid him the trip, at least 350 km. Then he called from there, you still have to pes. Pay 6000.– so that he can get the relevant papers. In return I replied that we couldn't pay that, too bad. It's only about CHF 450.00, but I didn't know whether this game, the rising price, would go on and on.
After pondering and weighing things up, we decided to risk this risk mission ’and hope for the young man's early release. In the meantime the price had already been reduced to Pesos 5,000!

Just 2 days passed when the doorbell rang, and a likeable, neatly dressed youth, neatly and skillfully folded up a large flower vase made of the smallest scraps of paper, with 5 dark red roses also folded by yourself - beautiful to look at - held out towards me. A workload of about 3 full days!
He stood shyly in front of me and just wanted to thank me with all his heart that he didn't have to do Christmas in prison, and who knows how long ...
I was incredibly touched and felt really happy to have given this sympathetic, so young guy so much joy and relief, especially his family.

Conclusion: these institutions are simply completely corrupt, and if no money flows, the poor pay for it. He said that a buddy, who also participated in the attack, was released shortly afterwards when he was arrested because his family had about 6000 Pes in the first place. (only) paid, the fine was waived.
Terrible, these inadequacies in this world - at least that's where our state works a little better. Although there is corruption there, too, but more at a higher level.

I was so touched that I slipped him a few more francs as my first pocket money. But unbelievable, he said that he didn't just come to say thank you, he wanted to clean all the windows for me. What he did, and how well, better than his sister who usually does it.
Isn't that beautiful and touching?
Nevertheless, I hardly dare to think how many in and for themselves harmless people are punished so much too harshly and, above all, much longer than sentenced, just because they and their families have no cash. Just sad.
His sister couldn't help but exclaim 'gracias a Dios' once more - I couldn't help but face it myself: with Dios he would still be in the 'Carcel', it took people like her, among other things, to get the dismissal to reach.
Of course I got the standard answer: "Dios sent you,‘ P. ’!"

One is just as beaten there as when the rabbi declares the Bible not to be the instigator of murders. I know he knows it 99 times better than me. But my feeling remains, even because of my totally superficial knowledge of this (un) holy book.
Now we're back to the pre-Christmas theme.

The (too) long postings in short:
Merry Christmas - the time of the winter solstice - wonderful,
until someone got the crazy idea
that a virgin (!) gave birth to a saint, immortal (!)….