Did Donald Trump ever betray Ivanka?

Donald Trump: This is the list of his ex-wives and ex-wives

In the past fell Donald Trump repeatedly came up with irrational decisions and made himself less popular with a lot of lies and confused statements among opponents and even his actual supporters. Yet the 45th US President is surrounded by this certain aura, which leads to the desire to learn more about himself. And the 74-year-old has not only experienced a lot in terms of the business world, too There are exciting things to report about his exes. That's why we have each other the love life of Donald Trump made and betrayed, which ladies count to his love affairs and Which three women the New York businessman was married to so far.

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These are Donald Trump's ex-wives and ex-wives

He's certainly not a gentleman and is considered by many to be Chauvinist and even sexist. Nonetheless, there are some well-known and successful women who have Business man Donald Trump once fell into disrepair. Not only that short and extramarital affairwho gave him, for example, the French model Carla Bruni were rumored - which, by the way, is now married to the former head of state of France Nicolas Sarkozy - but also two divorced marriagesthat followed one another and out of which a total of four children emerged. Today he is married to Melania Trump, who accompanied him to the White House as first lady four years ago. With such an exciting love life, we want to find out more and have you Donald Trump's love storiessorted chronologically in our picture gallery.

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Ivana Trump: his first wife

Lasted 15 years Donald Trump's first marriage to Ivana Trumpwhich they both entered together in 1977. The former model with Czech-Austrian roots followed suit three children together, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. the divorce a. Reason behind: Donald probably cheated on her. A dramatic breakup followed, in which Ivana is said to have received a full 20 million dollars, plus all real estate, also worth several million dollars. In your Book "Raising Trump" (via Amazon, approx. 12 euros) the 71-year-old writes: "I can only shake my head at how crazy it was (...) I couldn't turn on the TV without hearing my name."Even if the divorce was quite eventful, the two are said to be now good friends be.

Donald Trump: Between affairs and marriages

A Donald Trump is said to have had an affair with Carla Bruni in 1991, the former model and wife of the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Did this fling have anything to do with the first divorce? However, Bruni himself says: "Actually, the whole situation was very vague at the time and it just didn't exist. I was very surprised when he went to the press with it."What is really true about the whole thing remains a secret. What is certain, however, is that Donald Trump two years later, in 1993, was in firm hands again and married his second wife and actress Marla Maples. With her, Trump had a second daughter named Tiffany, who is now 27 years old. Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in 1999 due to financial problems.

Donald and Melania Trump: until happiness do them part?

Today we don't just know her as Donald Trump's wife, but also as the First Lady of the United States. A role they do, however on January 20th to Dr. Jill Biden will give up. Melania Trump (born Knauss) met the businessman, who was married to Marla Maples at the time, in 1998. Both quickly confessed their love and stamped it off with a dream wedding in 2005. A year later, the Slovenian brought their first son was born: Barron Trump.

When Donald Trump was named 45th President of the United States in 2017, Melania moved into the White House with him as first lady. It was only last Monday that she gave her last speech as President's wife and thus said goodbye to the people. Will the marriage continue? After all, rumors circulated every now and then that the 50-year-old was not happy by his side. How does life look like after the impeachment in Florida? It remains exciting.

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