Why are skateboarders so hot

Go skateboarding - no matter how old! No matter what day!

Not standing on the board for a day? This happens to the best! And there are enough excuses: Too warm. Too cold. Too broken. Too old? Everyone has to make the decision for themselves, but we say: Go Skateboarding everyday!


Crisp sunshine. 35 ° C in the shade. The curb is flashing white and piping hot. Somehow beautiful, but not the ideal conditions for skating. Even after the warm-up phase, you are soaking wet and groan from the heat. Two grandmas come cuddled up. The hair as white as the chipped marble of the curb. No trick will work out that well. Especially not when the duo Infernale is watching with a critical eye.

“It won't work”, one of them calls out. Thank you very much too, I think. "Yes, it's tough in the weather," I say in a friendly manner. “Let the children do that,” the second smiles afterwards with a smile. Steep template for grandma # 1: "You are too old for that!" Bam! Right in the face, without remorse. “Never too old for skateboarding!” Thinks my brain. "That's rude, young lady," says my mouth. I showed it to him.

But wait a minute, too old? I? After the last bail, my back feels like it and my knees hurt anyway. Is that really me? Sure, the wild years are over, but when are you too old to skateboard? Admittedly, gaps, handrails, contests - everything is no longer necessarily possible. But skateboarding is much more than that. An attitude, a lifestyle, a love. You can't be too old for that.


Regardless of whether you still take double sets at the age of 40 or prefer to roll comfortably through the city - every day on the skateboard is a day won and that is exactly what we celebrate. Not just on Go Skateboarding Day, but every day. The next time it is clear what I will answer: “Never! Stop! Pushing! ”And now? Grab your board, get out there and just have fun!

If you want to skate with new tricks? With pleasure! Whether you are a beginner, amateur or local park professional - everyone can still learn something with the skatedeluxe trick tips. Click your way through and create a few new skills!

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Too old to skate? - The top 10 over 40 skateboarders

You don't think that you can still tear something when you are over 40? Or do you just need the right motivation? Then just check out our top 10 skateboarders who are still firmly on the board with four decades under their belt:

Guy Mariano | 1976

Anyone who is on Paul Rodriguez's Top 10 list of the best skateboarders at all is definitely on our list. With his parts in Girl Skateboards “Pretty Sweet” and Lakai’s “Fully Flared”, Guy Mariano has definitely made himself immortal, because when it comes to combos on curbs, nobody can fool the 41 year old. Mariano now swears by Nike SB by his feet and doesn't even see the need to hang up the board.

Eric Koston | 1975

Eric Koston = Style! That has always been the trademark of the Nike SB team rider. In addition to a fresh brand called Numbers, nothing has changed after 42 years. Koston remains the consistent skateboarder he always was. And the three-time X-Games winner underpins this with massive footage that makes you think the man is only 20. For the next 40 years!

Daewon Song | 1975

At 42, doing numbers like Daewon Song on a skateboard is unimaginable for many. But Song shows again and again that you don't have to bathe in a fountain of youth for creative skateboarding and hard tricks. The adidas Skateboarding Pro and Brand Co-Owner is meanwhile in adidas Skateboarding shoes, which gives us hope to see even more footage of Song with seemingly impossible manual combos.

Jamie Thomas | 1974

If there's one street skateboarding institution, it's Jamie Thomas. Handrails, giant stair sets and gaps are the preferred terrain for those over 40. Hardly any trick is as well known as the legendary "Leap of Faith" (1997, Thrill of it All) and its Brand Zero Skateboards is both veteran and cult. Even though family and job have become an integral part of everyday life, Thomas insists on skating with the team as often as possible, going on trips and pushing skateboarding to the limit.

Mike Vallely | 1970

Punk rock, rough spots and uncompromising skating. Mike Vallely revolutionized street skateboarding with his style and made the Boneless his trademark. Even today, the 47-year-old is still regularly on the board when he is not at the microphone at Black Flag. It's still fast and tough, but also a bit safer. Because Mike V is on the road with Protection Gear from Triple Eight. Why? So that he can still deliver properly on the skateboard for the next few decades.

Mark Gonzales | 1969

There are few characters in skateboarding as influential as Mark ‘The Gonz’ Gonzales. The 48 year old is a style icon, street skateboarding pioneer and artist. In addition, the American has been continuously active and has significantly shaped the scene. Nowadays Gonz is on the road a lot with the adidas Skateboarding Team. Of course, always with a board under your feet, which mostly comes from his own brand Krooked Skateboards. No end in sight - luckily!

Tony Hawk | 1968

Do you have to say something about Tony Hawk? Sure, he has become immortal with his video game series, but rest on your laurels? Not with Tony Hawk. Even at the age of 49, the man is still an absolute figurehead in skateboarding and rightly so. Every year, the Vert Pro and Birdhouse team driver pulls out fresh footage that makes your ears flicker. Right now that his son Riley Hawk has risen to the pro ranks, it seems to be true for Tony: no half measures.

Rodney Mullen | 1966

Ok, no question about it - Rodney Mullen has absolutely unchallenged legendary status. Almost founder, freestyle pope, inventor of the kickflip and God knows how many other tricks. The 51 year old still has some unmistakable freestyle moves that one or the other can only dream of. The proof is his “Liminal” part from 2016. More of it, please!

Lance Mountain | 1964

Lance Mountain not only finished second at the 2017 Vans Pool Party, he was also on the podium at almost every contest in the 1980s. He was also part of the famous Bones Brigade team and was featured in a total of eight team videos. Including in the cult classic "The Search for Animal Chin" from 1991. Even today, the 53-year-old still has a lot to say on the board and is rightly still under contract with companies such as Flip and Nike SB. Doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon!

Steve Caballero | 1964

At the age of 53, Steve Caballero is one of the oldest skateboarders in our top 10 and is far from finished. It was only this year that the Vans team driver took first place in the Legends League during the Vans Pool Party. Even after half a century, the master of the caballerials has not grown tired of the seven layers of maple. Hang up the board? Only if it is a rare collector's item. Otherwise, the next drop-in is never far.

Wait a minute, aren't there people missing? Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Stacy Peralta, Goeff Rowley? Sure, all of them should also be mentioned. But there are only 10 places in a top 10 and sometimes a selection has to be made. But what always applies: #RespectThePast!