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Travel time: October 2005 - April 2006 | by Juljenka P.

North Goa with scooter

What can I say. Maybe I'll just start with my favorite topic. Transport. After car, motorcycle, train, bus, sleeper bus, rickshaw, trucks, cows (heart), I can now add scooters to my list. Here they are called really cool scooters and they are my new love. It's really fun and is much like riding a bike without pedaling. And after little Julia got used to left-hand traffic, it was really fun. I just say "turn left into the roundabout ...".

This is what it looks like when we work ...

So I grabbed the two cannadians from our camp, Brad and Cab, and we drove off towards the hippist streets, shopping paradises and beach bars. On the northern beaches, the cool Australian surfer, the Thai beauty, the retired couple from England and the yoga teacher from Duesseldorf meet and all group in one of the hundred pubs. Everyone with the obligatory camera, wrapped in brightly colored lace trousers and silk scarfs with Ohm print, they sit philosophizing on the beach and smoke. Finding someone who doesn't have a tattoo is the big exception and most of them talk about when they will continue to Thailand and where they have not already been.
So everything you see here fulfills the cliché of Goa as the most touristic area in India and ... I enjoy it incredibly.

Christina and I are having a good time.

So I lay on the beach in a cool place, bought the typical accessories (fake sunglasses, hippi pants and shoulder bag), drank some ice-cold Bacardi Breezers and chilled into the night in the hippest beach bar with my gang.
So Goa is pretty much the absolute holiday paradise and you can absolutely indulge yourself here. So we showered through palm-lined streets and shamelessly let it go.

Without words


You can't find out-of-the-way corners in Goa, as this small state (really, very small) has been pimped by backpackers since the hippie immigration in the sixties, but rather a horde of like-minded "chillers", bars and restaurants everywhere and the most incredible shops for the best clothes. Unfortunately, both of my male companions got fed up with my excessive shopping tour far too quickly (actually before it became excessive at all). So you can see that I'm fine and when I think about the fact that I would now study in cold Germany, I can't really believe my luck.

Church in Old Goa, modeled on St. Peter's Basilica.

Bacardi Breezer Party ... Dangerous Alcopos on the other side of the world

But from tomorrow we will go back to work. Then we learn and discuss again and hopefully something productive is also done. Otherwise our work still consists of endless discussions about sex and AIDS. Hopefully I'll get back to you soon. julia

What's the matter?:
About tsunami victims, AIDS education and gurus, from south to north and east to west. To travel and work in a country where everything always turns out differently than expected ...
Duration:7 month
Destinations: India